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#OpISIS: Why CloudFlare Is Aiding The Enemy

Anonymous is no one and it is everyone. It and I use that phrase metaphorically, is feared as you cannot kill an idea. Killing an idea, though, is ironically what oligarch corporations and the US Government seem hellbent upon doing. Fact of the matter is that while Americans have become domesticated and safely ensconced within their quaint suburban habitats, the reality is that it requires IDEAS to keep the jihadists on the tv screen and not physically in your living room!

I am not going to belabor the fact that I have always politically supported that which I like to call Anonymous. I grew up in the days of the 8088 and many of us meandered around until we found our own little niches in life. Our enemies were well defined — I am a veteran — and our objectives were pretty straight forward growing up.

Today, though, our enemy is not well defined; the battlefields are no longer confined to arid deserts or mountain ranges accessible only by mule train. The reality is that for 20 years Americans were able to view wars from afar much like an X Box presentation: View the war in 3 minute Talking Points Dan Blather would spit out in between cued commercials about Clorox and Depends Diapers for dear old dad. Americans began a spoon fed media diet of well scripted prose prepared by the High Priests of Lockheed and Martin Marietta. Critical thought; the ability to read, write and do arithmetic was replaced with Common Core. Foreign relations became a quagmire of self elevation of firms like Halliburton and the baseless fornication perpetuated by the Clinton Foundation.

With mediocrity the norm in the nuclear, three bedroom two bath ranch style home; with the white picket fence ablaze with a new coat of Sears whitewash, the reality is that many of us knew, far too well, that the deafening silence of revolt was afoot.

From the embers of the collapse of former deities like the Soviet Union and the Arab Spring, there came a most nefarious creature — an Idea. As opposed to most ideas, this one already well understood the Playbook with which the Western Nations would use. Unapologetic; in a manner which made Osama Bin Laden himself blush, these minions from the deepest bowels of hell sprang up like the fluttering of the last warmth of fall succumbing to a most cold and brutal winter. While I am agnostic; while I have seen no proof that there is an omnipotent Being, the fact of the matter is that those whom align themselves with ISIS – ISIL have no other protogenic birth other than from the netherworlds of Hades.

From Google:  ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria because the group’s territory straddles the border between the two counties. ISIL stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The Levant is the historic name given to the entire region east of the Mediterranean from Egypt, east to Iran and to Turkey.

Snacking the Caliphate Down like the Bitch Boi it is!
Snacking the Caliphate Down like the Bitch Boi it is!

It should come as no shock that the United States was as prepared for the asymmetrical and protracted conflict ISIS had to offer as a freshman prom date was for his first excursion in the back seat of daddy’s car with the lights out. Fact of the matter is the Beltway has been playing a limp dick game of reach around with technology for half a century. Without boring the Foreclosurepedia Nation with the entire history of Anonymous, the reality is these autonomous cells of rational thought — sans the lulz — are probably the best and brightest chance we have not only of defeating ISIS, but of muddling through the 21st Century without blowing our collective dicks off the face of the earth.

#OpISIS is a Twitter Hashtag which is proverbially keeping score. That is the layman’s version. The reality is that while the largest intelligence agencies on the face of the earth — ney, in human history — are fucking around pilfering through your wife’s orders of dildos on Amazon, #OpISIS is taking down some of the most nefarious motherfuckers in the history of mankind!

I want to backtrack, just a little bit, to set the stage. So, there are two kinds of the internet. First, you have what most of you call Google, or the front facing internet. That probably accounts for — and I am not a scientist and do not have time to research it as I want to blast this out — about 3 – 10 percent of all information (databases, records, photos, videos, etc.). Underneath that you have what many call the Darknet — simply read up on the TOR Onion Project or Deep Dot Web has some great entries and they introduce GRAMS which is the Google version of Google on Darknet.

So, how are the Intel wonks thanking our ladies and gentlemen out there in the cyber trenches doing what the fucking multi billion dollar Inspektor Gadgets are supposed to be doing? Glad you asked. They are fucking these patriots straight up the ass! No other PC term for it and by now you all are used to my colorful adjectives.

Ghost Security (GhostSec) is a household term in modern #OpISIS parlance. I don’t want to get to afar and publish shit that is going to make anyone’s life more difficult that it is now, so I am not going to name names or get too deep — besides, the Foreclosurepedia Nation has a brain of its own after all the #Ops we have run over here. 😉 What I want to drill down upon, in this first of many articles, is precisely how the oligarchs are fucking the Citizens of the Earth on the front end and the back end. Enter CloudFare.

A simple Google Search of CloudFare Supporting ISIS will reveal thousands of articles. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed; however, I would think that if the NSA can hack my wife’s webcam and watch her masturbate at will, then perhaps they have the same legal authority TO INVOKE NATIONAL SECURITY PROTOCOLS to end CloudFlare’s caching of ISIS website material as a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Need I say more?
Need I say more?

Foreclosurepedia ran CloudFlare until we realized the duality in its utilization. Look, I have a need to cache my shit because I am not trying to deal with some needle dick at my hosting provider sweating me. Frankly, I have not a clue about whom actually does hosting decently anymore — hint, hint I need a WordPress provider SOON! What I also knew, was that CloudFlare was potentially rendering aid and comfort to the enemy. Repeat those last eight words with me, class. So, I did what any inquisitive motherfucker would do and I reached out to GhostSec and asked whom was not helping the enemy crawl into my living room!

Within MINUTES the #OpISIS Community Got Foreclosurepedia A New CDN Recommendation!

So, the reason I think this is important is because we do not simply have some folks running around with their proverbial dicks in their hand — I apologize as I should also say vaginal lips too because there are some GREAT LADIES HELPING on #OpISIS. Within minutes of my tweet asking whom to look at as a CDN, the answer was there! I am going to use a bit of fancy language here: This indicates Command, Control and Communications (C3). Thank the Gods at least someone is looking out for us!

Folks, the time is NOW to reach out to those in the #OpISIS Movement under the Command and Control of GhostSec. Matter of fact, DO NOT FINISH READING until you Donate TODAY!

So, this is Part One of I have no fucking idea how many articles we are going to roll out. I can damn sure tell you this, it is going to be a weekly feature on Foreclosurepedia. I am also going to ask those of you in the Foreclosurepedia Nation to drop some coinage to these folks. Look, you’re going to drop $10 in gas spilt on the ground cutting lawns for yet more oligarchs in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And I will put my money where my mouth is. Send me a screenshot like below showing your name donating and I will give you SIX MONTHS of Industry Insider! That’s a FIFTY DOLLAR PROFIT! These folks are doing it EVERYDAY; there are no holidays for GhostSec! Let’s get behind this and do it now!

Help #OpISIS help YOU! For the price of a cup of coffee, keep the Caliphate at bay!
Help #OpISIS help YOU! For the price of a cup of coffee, keep the Caliphate at bay!

From GhostSec:

Ghost Security is an internationally based nonprofit counterterrorism organization that specializes in combating terrorism on the digital frontlines of today utilizing the internet and social media as a platform for change. Our operations consist of collecting real time threat intelligence, reporting of potential terror attacks against governments and citizens, slowing the online recruitment of future terrorists and silencing the spread of propaganda and hate.

To date our operations have met with resounding success. We have terminated over 45,000 Islamic State social media accounts that were used for recruitment purposes and transmission of threats against life and property. Our team has also detected numerous dangerous terror plots and responded accordingly. Additionally we have located and shut down over 100 Islamic State websites that were used heavily to circulate propaganda and plan attacks against civilized nations but with the help of people just like you we can achieve so much more.

Our small dedicated nonprofit team works 16 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to protect the lives of innocent people who have been displaced from their homes, persecuted for their religious beliefs and brutally murdered for exercising the right to free speech. In order to continue and expand our fight for the people we are in need of funding for additional computers, servers and monthly maintenance costs.

We believe in the people and their right to freedom without fear of judgment or persecution and we ask that you believe in us. Together with your help we can save the lives of many and impact profound change. Support us and together we can change the world.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Off Grid Linux Junkie and Always a Friend of Labor!


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