#Antifa Poised To Evict Themselves As Message Buried In The Noise

Neither #Antifa Nor The Klan Will Win Their Battles As Mainstream America Despises Both.

I am a Bernie Sanders guy. I am a socialist, through and through. If I could tap the money supply from the oligarchy which bleeds our Nation dry, I would give no more thought to it than passing salt at the dinner table. With that said, Trump is my Commander-in-Chief and as a military man, we do not mince words about the how or why Presidents become President. Clinton didn’t have her A Game and wanted to blame everyone else for it. If she had won, I would have respected her, just the same as I did Obama and every other President there has been since I enlisted at the age of 17 when I graduated a year early. To this point, though, I rarely wade out into the abyss of the racial divide which has become the United States. The main reason is that neither polarized side has a voice of reason. In the same way that I called out US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Economic Hitman, Craig Karnes, for his self enrichment at the expense of Minority Females and Labor, I am going to take the plunge here. First and foremost, the irony is that the only reason that #Antifa even has the ability to demonstrate is because the Whitey they so hate has created enough disposable income, accessible to all, to finance samesaid demonstrations. I will drill down on that, in a moment. First, though, I want to talk about how the exclusivity of #Antifa has actually come back to bite it in the ass — a predominately WHITE ass! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE whom honestly believes that any of these white, bourgeois, 20 something kids understand a word of the drivel they are spewing out, is sadly mistaken. And anyone whom does not believe that the funding, the REAL FUNDING, isn’t originating from Vladimir Putin, has obviously never worked in or around the Intelligence Community.

Getting back to the point of my article, recently #Antifa demanded that Whitey and anything associated with Whitey like relics of the Civil War, be removed. Poof. It was done. And when it was done, #Antifa had a problem which goes back fundamentally to my belief that this rag tag group of low brow, white privileged kids whom wear Chinese hoodies manufactured in sweatshops and sold by, no less, than Wal Mart, truly had no fucking idea what they were involved with.

#Antifa got a victory and the problem was that they had no idea what the fuck to do with it. Much like hopped up crowds whom are paid to protest — and dear ‘ol Vlad is most assuredly paying the #Antifa shot callers — after toppling historical relics, #Antifa began to set their sights on the Italians. Over the past several days, #Antifa has been mounting a campaign to destroy anything related to a man whom has been dead over 500 years. Ironic, as Christopher Columbus wasn’t white. And while #Antifa was at it they decided to go for the gold — or the brown depending on how you feel about color — and pledged that only indigenous people had the right to be in the United States.

Forgive me for being the ignorant hillbilly in Tennessee, but if #Antifa wants everyone gone except the indigenous people, where are they going to invade to live? See, that is the problem, at the end of the day, when you have a herd mentality.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. No matter how you dissect whom lives where, the reality is that to the Victor goes the Spoils. And it is here that I really begin to question the legitimacy of not simply the #Antifa Movement, but virtually everything that is preached by the Left. First, Whitey did not introduce warfare to the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere. They were warring amongst themselves for eons. And if we really want to get out in the weeds about it, what everyone is pissed off about is that Whitey mastered the art of warfare at an earlier and far more effective level than other Tribes. And that is precisely what we all are, at the end of the day. DNA clearly establishes this in science. Terms like American or Canadian; terms like Jew or Muslim, are just that:  demographic assignments.

Before we get all Line in the Sand about what is a fairly basic issue, I want to discuss how both the Far Right and the Far Left rationalize their insanity. The Far Right says that they have the legal right to assemble and preach their hatred of the Left and I agree. The Far Left says they have the legal right to assemble and preach their hatred of the Right and I agree. Where shit truly hits the fan is when either the Far Right or the Far Left take matters into their own hands and attempt to disrupt either side.

It is on these two points that as a resident of extremely rural Appalachia, that I am completely content with allowing both sides to kill off each other. I mean that. While you war amongst yourselves, the oligarchy of the world, supplies the munitions. A hundred shootings or three hundred destroyed Starbuck’s Coffee joints isn’t going to matter when it comes time for me to sow seed in my fields. Our dentist up the road whom just pulled one of my molars for $75 dollars (great guy) could give two shits what your color is so long as that color is green when you pay him. And most importantly, when you stupid motherfuckers get done kicking the shit out of each other, nothing and I mean ABSO – FUCKING – LUTELY nothing is going to change.

There is not a damn thing that is going to change in this Country without the expressed consent of those in power within the Beltway. And I have news for #Antifa and the fucking Klansmen that neither are going to like. As a Nation, we have seen far worse than anything that both of your groups can throw. I mean there was this pesky thing called the American Revolution. Then, we kicked the shit out of the Chinese and Irish, whom we imported by the boatloads. Don’t hear them bitching too much, though. You want to talk about bloodbaths? Then, we became preoccupied with the Civil War. We got bored killing our own and took on the Mexicans and the Spanish. We played a huge role in WWI and then took on the King of Killers, Hitler. Last I remember, we were all united in that. Vietnam and the Middle East were when we began to have problems because we allowed snot nosed, hoodie wearing fucks to talk trash on Old Glory.

It is always One Upmanship. The problem, overall, in America today, is that too many kids have nothing better to do than lay around on XBox while soaking up welfare or mommy and daddy’s inheritance. It isn’t a white or black thing. It is a Progressive Thing. If you start to deteriorate the discipline and fabric that keeps the goddamn oil and power flowing in a Nation, and you have real problems, not this boogeyman bullshit the Klan and #Antifa are raging against today. Fighting the good fight for social redemption is no different than that Greatest of all Tales, religion. And if anyone thinks that Dear ‘ol God gives two fucking shits, the simple math is that more people have died in the name of some fucked up, imaginary cloud being, than in all wars in history combined!

What San Francisco or Baltimore wants to do, with respect to their constituents, is up to those communities. Being a US Citizen is a privilege. And it is a privilege which may be revoked. The Pledge of Allegiance is a requirement for those whom wish to benefit from the way of life we have in the United States. Do you like running water that isn’t brought to you through buckets in the Nile or UN Peacekeepers? I certainly do. How about pumping gas at nearly the cheapest prices, per gallon, on earth? I do and #Antifa should remember it requires fuel to get to those Oh So Important riots they like to wage. Do you like a safe, secure, and inexpensive food supply which allows even the homeless to eat far more than even the richest of kings only a century ago? Yeah, I thought so. Same goes to bat with respect to those pretty fucking signs everyone is finding so en vogue to carry around at the riots. Fucking idiots! Where are the tree huggers on that? The amount of carbon footprinting created, for a typical demonstration, makes a coal plant look like a botanical garden, for real! And that nice Prius most of the #Antifa drive up in with that Oh So Nifty Clinton Sticker on the back? Why don’t you take a look at Sudbury, Canada, and do a little research on how those batteries are actually built! Here, I know you are too lazy to do the research, so read what the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has to say,

Building a Toyota Prius causes more environmental damage than a Hummer that is on the road for three times longer than a Prius. As already noted, the Prius is partly driven by a battery which contains nickel. The nickel is mined and smelted at a plant in Sudbury, Ontario. This plant has caused so much environmental damage to the surrounding environment that NASA has used the ‘dead zone’ around the plant to test moon rovers. The area around the plant is devoid of any life for miles.

#Antifa hates virtually everything that the United States represents. Many would ask why is it that #Antifa is still here? If the belief is that tomorrow morning the military is going to close up shop; that President Trump is going to resign; and that Whitey is going to turn over their property and bank accounts as reparations, #Antifa has not wandered far beyond their safe enclaves of metropolitan city limits. #Antifa is demanding that illegal aliens — and that is what the fuck they are ILLEGAL ALIENS — and not undocumented workers, magically become US Citizens. If I go into Mexico, illegally, it is a five year prison sentence. Didn’t see the protests over that. And that is another thing. Shouldn’t Mexico be kicked the fuck off the map? Last time I checked the Spanish colonized there? Not that I remember Cortez or anything. I mean, I read, write, and speak Spanish, along with four other languages, fluently. With that said, I continue to see the fringe movements demanding the repatriation of Texas, et al., to Mexico. Let me get this straight. First, aren’t these the bad ass hombres whom preach the doctrine of Tenochtitlán? Fundamentally, wars were fought and there were winners and losers. And if anyone, and I mean ANYONE believes that the United States is going to hand over lands won in wars including Florida and Puerto Rico, I want in on that bet. Get over it. Asses were kicked hundreds of years ago and it’s not going to change.

If #Antifa wants to see what true anarchy will bring them, go no further than Syria. And that is were I both laugh and cry. Syria is a humanitarian crisis. What I don’t see is #Antifa loading up, by the droves, to head over there and save lives.

#Antifa loves to blur the lines and that is why their message has become so diluted that it is nothing but a sea of — and wait for the irony — white noise. #Antifa has turned their own backyards into debris littered wastelands. And even though many of these spoiled, white kids believe that they are striking a mighty blow for the Black Man when they break windows out of businesses on the avenue, the sad reality is that the very underpaid minorities they hope to help simply do not have a job to show up at in the morning. More importantly, those very same underpaid minorities are going to take yet another hit, in the wallet when the owners have to repair the damages. And when the insurance companies step in — and they ALWAYS do — even the insurance policies of #Antifa members are raised ever so slightly.

I have a newsflash for all of those #Antifa folks whom believe some new and improved Clintonesque uprising is coming down the pike. Moreover, if you are a Klucker and really believe that we are going back to slavery or even that the white race is some kind of non diluted race, the only thing diluted is your fucking brain! If either faction believes that your bandanas or bedsheets are keeping you hidden, it is obvious that you were never in the military. If any of you honestly believe that you are paying some kind of penance as a dissociative, white kid embarrassed that your dad makes too much money because he has a MBA, or you are going to be some kind of white savior leading the masses, then your you rank right up there with Tom Cruise and fundamentally represent why #OpChanology originally got underway. If you even remotely think that your brief time AFK, in combination with your perverted sense of self castigation is going to translate into some kind of leadership role in an Indigenous People’s Government or in the real world Turner Diaries, neither of which are coming down the pike, I recommend all of you study up on how that worked out for those in the Arab Spring.

I personally do not pay much attention to #Antifa, where I live, as they are virtually non existent. The Klan is even more of a joke. Living in Tennessee requires that you have a full time job and pay your bills. It requires working with ALL RACES instead of allowing a few, select few, determine what is best for those who, well, already know what is best for themselves. The vast majority of the #Antifa demonstrations occur in a handful of states which consume nearly half of all welfare benefits. As for the Klan, we keep most of them in Georgia and the rest of the Dirty South. Most importantly, though, living in Tennessee requires having a pair. And while I have no statistics to back this, I would make a wager that if you pulled the police reports on the vast majority of those #Antifa arrested, they would list unemployed as their vocation. With respect to the Klan, that line listing their relatives having the same name means far more than you think! And look, if Left Wing metropolitan communities want to allow a bunch of snot nosed, white privileged kids with pants hanging down past their asses burn their towns down, more power to them. Whom am I to stand in the way of the innocent victims whom suffer, more often than not, from the madness inflicted by both of these worthless sacks of shit.

What is going on is a propagandist’s wet dream. Trust me, I know. And all the while that our Nation is divided by this Circus of Bacchian proportions, the real rape and plunder is underway and headed up not by Trump and his Bannonites, but by Congress. If any of these 3rd grade drop outs ever took the time to read the Constitution, they would realize that other than Executive Order, the President can do little other than dirty the sheets at 1600 Penn Avenue.

China had it right, back in the 80’s, when they lined up their Politburo and executed many of them. They were even more on point when they sent the bill for the ammunition to the decedent’s family. If #Antifa was a legitimate, non Russian backed movement, the reality is that they would have taken advantage of the roll they were on when it came to the +1 on the removal of the civil war relics. Right or wrong, that had traction. What #Antifa has done, now, is communicate that they are coming for everything, including anything related to our Founding Fathers. And while there is a lot that most Americans will stand for — free speech and all the bullshit — the reality is that even the NFL is backing down from the Kaepernick hype I wrote about, last week. And that is what happens when you shove too much bullshit down the throats of people whom have had it when it comes to getting the shit kicked out of them, day in and day out.

Neither Kaepernick and his Merry Band of #Fucktard NFL Players nor #Antifa have done a single fucking thing to financially help those they profess to help. Simply tossing on an #Anonymous mask and a hoodie does not make one a #FreedomFighter.

While I do not entirely support each and every facet of #BlackLivesMatter, I will give them credit for becoming politically savvy. And you know what? The many of they that I know realize that political clout is what changes things. They have Position Papers and at least have some folks whom engage in dialogue with the media. At the end of the day, if you want Public Support, your only claim to fame cannot be burning towns to the ground. I mean I am curious, does #Antifa even know what they want? I certainly have not been able to identify any type of coherent agenda. If it is out there, please send me a copy of it! I mean, if we are to deport everyone except the indigenous folk, who is going to pick up the slack that the Shriner’s Hospitals handle whom have helped over 1.3 million children WITHOUT regard to race, religion, or sexual orientation? Should we go ahead and blow up the water treatment facilities and burn to the ground the Catholic Charities? I guarantee you that Catholic Charities are paying the utilities on more than one of the #Antifa and you may bet your fucking bottom dollar that both the Klan and #Antifa are drinking clean water! Should be deport former President Barak Obama and his wife, Michelle? I mean if we are going to get pure about the Movement, they are not indigenous people! See, it’s that confusion that drowns out what might be, at best, a novel idea.

The optics of #Antifa’s All or Nothing campaign has done nothing other than get themselves labeled as domestic terrorists. And that has been their own undoing. Oh, you are going to have some of camouflaged whiteys still lighting trash cans on fire and breaking out windows, no doubt. And it is on that point that I am most surprised about. One would think that if indigenous people were so frightened; if African Americans were so terrified, why hide behind the vegans whom still have not figured out how to hide their retinas from Big Brother?! It is touching that #Antifa advocates for the returning back to nature; the return to how the peaceful, indigenous peoples co-habitated amongst themselves and frolicked with the deer — yeah, right — has anyone contemplated who in the fuck is going to pay the bills after everyone leaves?!

#Antifa is a half baked, UC Bezerkly idea, on acid. It got very ugly and got there very fast. I challenge any of those out there whom are #Antifa Members to publicly debate with me the entire concept of getting rid of everyone except indigenous people. I am easy enough to get ahold of. After all, I wrote a 14 Part Series on #Anonymous and their war most refer to as #OpISIS.

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