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Labor: And The Organizers Keep Coming

I had a swarm of emails last week about the latest in a series of Organizers meandering around like bulls in a china Hope Gambill Pencilshop.  — That is the entire name on LinkedIn — is the latest in succession of folks whom attempt to Preach The Gospel From The Wilderness; however, simply seem to be tossing messages in empty bottles to float down the East Harlem Reservoir. Gambill’s company, best I can tell, is Foreclosure Cleaning and Preservation which we hyperlinked from a review site; it has no website period in all due candor, and more interestingly we found no file of its existence on Sunbiz which is the Florida Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations. It would appear that Ms Gambill is a Floridian and associated with, or now in charge of Ray Griffin’s Boots on the Ground of America. I thought the same thing, when I researched the Twitter Account, in that, how do you advocate for Labor when your information is hidden. There is a free, WordPress Website, The BOTG. It has an entry from June, 2014 and a comment from Wendy Harker, a bill collector over at CMI.

Foreclosurepedia had reached out to Gambill and Ray Griffin whom runs the Twitter and Blog, as best we can tell, for comment. To date, the only thing we have received was from Gambill whom stated,

Hello Paul, interested to speak with you, but it will be a couple of days.  I will be re-leasing more info soon as far as email and a couple other of things.  Ty for contacting me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. If anyone asks tho, this is a joint movement for labor as a whole.  Not me, not you, not anyone.  🙂

It is worth noting that Gambill is not unknown within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. 

Today, Foreclosurepedia discovered why Gambill was recalcitrant to open the closet and potentially why Griffin’s secretive crew keep even their Twitter accounts hidden,

1538 EDT 28 May 2015: Foreclosurepedia spoke with the City of Clearwater, Florida, with respect to confirm a business license for Hope J Gambill and/or Foreclosure CLG & Preservation. The Permits and Planning Division referred us to an Inspector Dee Shawen. While Ms Shawen was on vacation, her colleague was able to discuss the ongoing investigation with us.

1632 Drew Street, Clearwater, Florida, has an open case and one on hold for back business taxes for the past two years specific to Gambill and Foreclosure Cleaning and Preservation.

Photo of 1632 Drew ST Clearwater, FL, dated March, 2015. --- Credit: Google Earth
Photo of 1632 Drew ST Clearwater, FL, dated March, 2015 — Google Earth

A simple Google Search of Gambill will bring up some fairly questionable information, as well. We reached out, again today, to Ray Griffin for comment with respect to Gambill’s involvement with the Boots on the Ground (BOTG) association which he appears to run, but none was forthcoming. Not a lot is publicly known about Griffin except the fact that he appears to vacillate between a Pro Management and Pro Labor supporter depending upon which way the wind blows.

The fact of the matter is that it comes as no irony that Clearwater is a stone’s throw away from the lightning rod of the Florida Association of Field Service Technicians (FAST). FAST was founded by Bret Douglas, the founder and owner of Ironclad Preservation (Team Ironclad). Douglas is also a Member in Good Standing of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). It should be noted that there is no association between IAFST and FAST.

As a NAMFS Rank and File Member, Douglas has invested countless hours and healthy sums of his own money to create what I believe is the premiere Management – Labor Bridge. Foreclosurepedia attended the inaugural FAST event which brought in nearly 100 people during the height of grass cutting season in Florida last year. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director was accompanied by the NAMFS Vice President Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, as well. This, alone, was a testament to the fact that a Bridge between Management and Labor is possible.

Foreclosurepedia has stood as the Lone Sentinel of Labor for several years now. As a Friend of Labor, Foreclosurepedia has applied the litmus test to both Management and Labor and has never been incorrect. The reality is that Foreclosurepedia has one goal in mind: A semi level landscape for Labor to work with Management. In fact, before the Facebook Groups and Social Media Love Fests, Foreclosurepedia had set the benchmark upon which to measure. There is not a single Social Media Group in existence which does not daily, if not weekly, cite our material. Not a single other Labor Oriented entity is capable of stating it has successfully filed and received Freedom of Information Act Requests to US Government Agencies. More on point, Foreclosurepedia is a media accredited outlet.

Household terms such as Order Mill, Fraudster, Chargeback and NAMFS Offender Member all originate from and exist in the daily vocabulary of the Mortgage Field Services Industry because of Foreclosurepedia.

Like Rush Limbaugh, love Foreclosurepedia or hate us, people still come to our website with a cold bead of sweat. This knowledge stems from the fact that we have bankrupted over $10 Million dollars worth of firms in the past 19 months and toppled the highest ranking Board Members of NAMFS — Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Regime Secretary, is a prime example. We have additionally withstood the nefarious attempts at litigation calculated to infringe upon our First Amendment Rights from NAMFS itself; Heather Berghorst; Assurant and a plethora of other simple minded entities.

Foreclosurepedia supports anyone whom would attempt to become the Beacon of Light which Foreclosurepedia is today. The reality is that we are a Lone Voice in the Wilderness and welcome legitimate colleagues. What we do not support are those whom do not have their affairs in order; we do not support the Self Anointed Propaganda Ministers whom wrap themselves in sheep’s clothing parading around with pompous and unearned titles.

With surgical precision, Foreclosurepedia places those under the microscope to examine that which is percolating in the petri dish. Our rationale is that if one of the self proclaimed messiahs rise to the level of actual viability, the last thing Labor needs is yet another yoke placed upon it implement more unfunded mandates.

Always vigilant, Foreclosurepedia mans the helm of a vessel, the vessel of Labor, which is in treacherous waters. Commander and Master, Foreclosurepedia stands at the ready to defend Labor against potential threats, both foreign and domestic. Should Gambill like to address her issues in Clearwater, Foreclosurepedia would be amicable to rexamining her credibility for Labor; should Griffin be willing to better document his due diligence performed upon his Membership, perhaps there would be a Seat at the Table. Until then, though, the only Association which Foreclosurepedia has given its Five Star Stamp of Approval to is FAST and our hat remains tipped to Bret Douglas and his crew at Team Ironclad!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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