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CitiMortgage Says No To Work On Sunday, Safeguard Says We Don’t Care

CitiMortgage just issued an absolute halt to Inspections and Preservation Services on Sundays throughout the United States. Safeguard Properties (SGP), which is a large CitiMortgage Order Mill, stated that while there may not be a requirement to work, the due dates will not change. Nothing new here and no one expected anything less than an Anti Christian attitude from the High Priests at the Temple in Cleveland.


I am sure that many of you are expecting some long diatribe about how Jews are screwing Christians, yet again. Personally, I believe that one hundred percent as SGP is refusing to adjust the due dates going out which are based on calendar days and not business days. CitiMortgage, though, is getting in gear for the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA). And make no mistake, this will become the norm and not the exception.

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