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#OpISIS: The Guardians Of The Grail

As long as there has been a belief in a One True God, there has been killing in his Name. No longer, though, are we observing history. The fact of the matter is that we are history in the making. The core problem which we are experiencing, at the end of the day, is is a dick waiving contest with each side believing that their god has a larger cock. It is misogyny on an Epic Scale. I am an agnostic. While I do not currently believe in god, it does not mean that if presented with empirical evidence that I would refuse to believe. I like to think, though, that if there is a god out there it could not be a woman as only a man is capable of creating such a pure and unadulterated fucked up situation as that which our male orientated governments have orchestrated since the beginning of civilization. I am no feminist; I am not a tree hugger, I had a girlfriend and have a son. I am simply one whom understands the dick waiving mentality of men drunk on power whom will sacrifice anyone and anything around them to ensure that they have power and control over those they rule over.

Before I address the insanity of a war waged based upon the beliefs of man; before we talk about the true irony of a war based upon a misunderstood set of metaphysical and philosophical beliefs, we first need to understand that the battlefield has shifted from armament and ammunition to one of binary formularies and electrical impulses. We need to have an honest and frank discussion on precisely how the United States’ policy of kicking ass and taking names in its spread of Christianity camouflaged as democracy, created the mess I am talking about in this Series.

The Arabic name for Towel Headed Jihadists is Al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham, whose acronym DAIISH has never been used in the English speaking media. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the English rendition. ISIS and its belief that they are a legitimate entity with rights to a homeland is as old as the stories in of god in antiquity. It is one of those misguided beliefs that ranks up there with a belief that Israel is situated in a Holy Land or that the United States is guided by some kind of Divine Manifest. In fact any religion; the belief that transubstantiation for example — the conversion of bread and wine into human flesh and blood and there is a fucking insane cannibalistic ritual — is by definition, a mental disorder. The belief that some extraterrestrial entity waves a proverbial wand and allocates not only land, but the ability to suppress one race or gender is antithetical to humanity, itself. This belief; this quintessential concept that somehow through either the Qur’an and Torah; Sharia Law and Halakhah, grants some kind of transcendental power upon those whom submit to it or those whom subject others to it is the epitome of sheer madness. Do not even get me started on Christianity. As it turns out, ISIS simply kicked it up a notch; ISIS capitalized upon a world weary from economic austerity and reruns of 24, and for now the other worshippers of the Cloud People are on the back burner.

Our story begins like most religious stories begin: Some Camel Jockeys had been out in the sun too long and their turbans didn’t fit right. So, as opposed to spending the money Uncle Sam was pumping in on air conditioning and a new XBox, the fanatics decided they would invest it in rudimentary technology and propaganda. And Uncle Sam being the incompetent derelict that he was concerned himself with bowing down to oligarchs and never believing that outside of the Beltway there might be those domestically and internationally whom had both grown weary of being raped by Corporate America and others whom had come illegally and had no intentions of integration.

Like Anonymous or hate them, the fact of the matter is that you cannot kill an idea. I am loathe to draw distinctions within Anonymous; I hesitate to point out one flavor over the other, but the reality is that after #OpChanology cyberspace had changed forever. When the #IRCs morphed into human form, united against Tom Cruise, the seeds had been planted for an evolutionary experience. What I mean is this: The 4Chan lulz put forward by the skiddies was beginning to evolve on multiple fronts. Ironically, while the US Government waged wars on behalf of their oligarch masters against both Anonymous and humanity at large, it would be those very same skiddies whom had evolved whom would present the best hope the US Government had in cyberspace.

ISIS hit the cyberscene with a bang. There were no tweets requesting folks to friend up or invitations to a vBulletin private forum. ISIS came out swinging with the beheading of Foley in a penultimate finality. What everyone did not seem to key to, though, was that the demands appeared to be both pointless and disjointed. First a demand for cash which is replaced by a demand to stop the bombing in Iraq. I am going to key upon that later in my Series; I am going to link this to what I believe was an original black bag job gone bad.

James W Foley was a freelance videographer and reporter for GlobalPost and Agence France-Presse. Foley had come under fire in Afghanistan and had been kidnapped a year earlier in Libya. Foley had been documenting Syria’s downward spiral into civil war before ISIS snatched him and ultimately executed him. A question which remains both unasked and unanswered is whether or not Foley had stumbled upon something which neither Syria or even the United States wanted out in the public view.

ISIS is a group that learned rapidly Nazi Propaganda with a 21st Century spin. Their video quality is Hollywood grade with a progression  designed to deliver an on point message. Everything builds upon its predecessor in the video. In the same way that Goebbels ensured that Nazi Propaganda delivered a specific idea, so to the ISIS productions do the same.

While Western Governments were still scratching their heads, several Members of Anonymous began to step up to the plate. Flying under the banner of Ghost Security and rallying around the hashtag of #OpISIS, yet another morphing of Anonymous had occurred. Different from the smash and grab mentality we witnessed several years prior, GhostSec had the well lubricated feel of a precision operation. In fact, GhostSec has a very well defined hierarchy implemented.

So, let’s introduce GhostSec’s front line operators. The following information comes directly from Ghost Security’s website,

DigitaShadow is in charge of Operations — Responsible for organization and logistics of offensive activities. TorReaper is in charge of Weapons — Responsible for the creation and management of GhostSec websites, chat tools and weapons. GhostSecPI is in charge of Intel — Responsible for identifying and verifying Islamic extremist targets before they are targeted by our operations teams. WauchulaGhost is in charge of SpecOps — Responsible for launching and managing specialist operations such as @OpCloudFlare to further the cause. ComediAnon is in charge of Public Relations — Responsible for public outreach with many magazines and radio stations.  |GS|Galion is in charge of Operations — Responsible for social media outreach and ensuring the GhostSec message is heard as strongly as possible. ISHuntingClub is in charge of the QRF —  Quick Response Force is responsible for reacting quickly to new threats and the launch of new content on a moment’s notice.  CtrlSec: Mikro is in charge of the Radar — Responsible for all social media operations including the identification and removal of target social media accounts. CtrlSec: Spatt is in charge of the Radar —  Responsible for all social media operations including the identification and removal of target social media accounts.

When Foreclosurepedia sat down to continue the #OpISIS Series, we felt it was important to speak with DigitaShadow about what was important to convey from GhostSec’s point of view. In response to Foreclosurepedia’s inquiry, the following was sent to us,

Thank you for your continued support and offering to help further our cause. The majority of what we do can be found on our website at ghostsec.org Currently we are trying to promote awareness of what it is that we do and to inform people that they can be involved in the process through the promotion of our sites at ghostsec.org and crowdrise.com/operationisis

Our work seems to be paying off and causing damage to the enemy through a reduction in their recruitment and disrupting their communication systems to a large extent.

Through individuals reporting websites and twitter accounts we are able to crowd source information to deal with the threat at hand and through our crowd funding we are able to collect funds to purchase additional physical equipment to combat the enemy. Overall we feel we are having a damaging effect on them and showing people that they do not have to rely on their our governments because the power to fight lies within their hands.


Ghost Security
We are the ghosts that you have created.

I want to make sure that we are all on the same page, though. If ISIS was simply a rouge band of Camel Jockeys it would be well and good. If ISIS were simply the extension of some mullahs wet dream much like Osama bin Laden (OBL) was daddy’s boy capitalizing upon the surplus cash of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), we could call it a day — tap the oil, pave the desert for parking and put in sun tanning booths. The problem is that ISIS, albeit the wet dream of someone; the wet dream of an out of control intelligence community, is now most assuredly running on auto pilot. In fact, a redacted Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) dated 12 August 2012 sheds some peculiar light upon the Salifists (a hybrid of Wahhabism), the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) — AQI is the predecessor to ISIS.

In fact, a concise interpretation of the aforementioned hyperlinked document — make no mistake whatsoever that I specialize in information — the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the Islamic State as a direct consequence of the strategy, and warned that it could destabilize Iraq.

You always have to have a boogeyman to keep the peasants in line. We realized that early on and OBL gave rise to our lack of one after the Cold War ended. While OBL created our version of Vietnam as payback to the Russians, no one gave any thought to the fact that you do not make deals with the devil and turn your back on him. Let us also not forget about the fact that the US Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has been blowing up Nations whose only crime is that they are non white for nearly two centuries — MIC gets paid on the front end for the bombs and equipment and then on the back end to rebuild that which they blew up to begin with. Fuck, you really have to hand it to these Economic Hitmen!

So, what strategy am I talking about? Glad you asked.

The US Government had a hard on for Bashir al-Assad. Western governments deliberately allied with AQI early on and with other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad — keep the US involvement at a minimum and let the Camel Jockeys kill themselves. In coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally put on the proverbial payroll violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, and it should come as no surprise that they desired a Salafist Principality in Syria to box in al-Assad.

The problem with such a strategy, as any intelligence professional will tell you, is that there were far too many moving parts. First, the US would need to curb Iran’s power and influence in the Gulf by encouraging traditional Sunni regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan. At the same time, the US needed to maintain a good relationship with the Iraqi Shiite government even though they were in bed with Iran. The reality is that in a lame duck administration, jack shit gets done. More on point, though, the US is still reeling from the economic crisis which its oligarchs created; its foreclosure rates are ramping up due to sticker shock on the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) resetting and dear old Greece simply refuses to break its addiction as a welfare state with the European Union as her nanny.

In the wake of the rise of ISIS, new Draconian measures to combat extremism including mass surveillance, Big Brother’s latest round up of quasi ISIS terrorist cells in the US and UK and even plans to enable government censorship of broadcasters, are underway on both sides of the Pond. It is not unfair to say that these Orwellian actions are specifically targeting journalists, activists and especially those within the Anonymous splinter cells such as GhostSec.

In Iraq, where ISIS was founded, AQI grabbed infidels like shopping in a local bazaar. Their only reason for kidnapping  was to kill their victims. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, AQI shot caller, was eventually called the Sheikh of the Slaughterers because he handled the cutting off of the heads personally. His own execution style of clothing the victims in orange jumpsuits was a direct message being sent pertaining to his disapproval of Camp Zebra at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where the US kept their prisoners so dressed. The second in command of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri, wrote to Zarqawi ordering him to quit the graphic executions and just shoot them. Zarqawi’s AQI reassembled in Syria in 2011, sans Zarqawi as he was killed in 2006, where they eventually became ISIS. In an ironic twist of fate, Al Qaeda formally expelled ISIS from the terror network later that year. I say ironic as Al Qaeda was queasy over Zarqawi and that simple fact alone should have telegraphed that we were in for a world of shit.

Later today, we are going to continue to dig into both the mindset and financing of ISIS and its predecessors. Al-Qaeda’s ideology was born in the 1970s. Abdullah Azzam, OBL’s Palestinian mentor, orchestrated the protracted, low-intensity war by creating mujahideen cells. We are going to track the money and then we are going to demonstrate precisely why virtually every intelligence agency on the face of the earth has reason to fear GhostSec. The reality is that ISIS is a black bag operation gone bad and no one wants to pick up the pieces.

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