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Sue Bunnell: Why St Cecilia’s Soccer Mom Club Isn’t Absolution

Sue Bunnell, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel of Contracts and Technology for Wells Fargo is in a bit of a pickle. You see, on the one hand Counselor Bunnell is representing a financial institution in a world of shit; Counselor Bunnell would appear to be doing her damnedest to keep the dirty, little secrets of her Client hidden from the light of day. Some of these secrets include what appear to me to be clear cut Anti Trust Sherman Act violations and fear mongering through Press Releases by Wells Fargo's Prime Vendors performing services in the foreclosure sector. You see, Bunnell is well aware after our phone call that Wells Fargo Prime Vendors such as Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and ServiceLink (formerly Lender Processing Services (LPS)) allow ONLY ONE PROVIDER TO CONDUCT BACKGROUND CHECKS. Bunnell is well aware of the fear mongering ongoing in the Media lying about Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Regulations requiring  How do I know? I spoke with her for about an hour and sent several emails to her.

One would think that as the Nominations Committee Chair for the Mother's Club at St Celilia School in San Francisco, Bunnell would take to heart the tenets of Catholicism. I mean I can kind of understand that strict adherence to the Canons of Ethics a lawyer swears an Oath to are old school; I am able to square how an Officer of the Court is really no different than the Clients they represent for rape, but the tenets of Catholicism --- I mean a person is playing with their admission not into the Bar but into Heaven.

Counselor Bunnell has a pretty interesting home over on 21st Avenue in San Francisco. In 1999 the original owners died. In February, 2003, Javier Sanchez and Susan Elizabeth Bunnell bought the home with a Deed of Trust issued to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage INC. In December of 2008, that Deed of Trust shifted from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage INC

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