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Sue Bunnell: Why St Cecilia’s Soccer Mom Club Isn’t Absolution

Sue Bunnell, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel of Contracts and Technology for Wells Fargo is in a bit of a pickle. You see, on the one hand Counselor Bunnell is representing a financial institution in a world of shit; Counselor Bunnell would appear to be doing her damnedest to keep the dirty, little secrets of her Client hidden from the light of day. Some of these secrets include what appear to me to be clear cut Anti Trust Sherman Act violations and fear mongering through Press Releases by Wells Fargo’s Prime Vendors performing services in the foreclosure sector. You see, Bunnell is well aware after our phone call that Wells Fargo Prime Vendors such as Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and ServiceLink (formerly Lender Processing Services (LPS)) allow ONLY ONE PROVIDER TO CONDUCT BACKGROUND CHECKS. Bunnell is well aware of the fear mongering ongoing in the Media lying about Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Regulations requiring  How do I know? I spoke with her for about an hour and sent several emails to her.

One would think that as the Nominations Committee Chair for the Mother’s Club at St Celilia School in San Francisco, Bunnell would take to heart the tenets of Catholicism. I mean I can kind of understand that strict adherence to the Canons of Ethics a lawyer swears an Oath to are old school; I am able to square how an Officer of the Court is really no different than the Clients they represent for rape, but the tenets of Catholicism — I mean a person is playing with their admission not into the Bar but into Heaven.

Counselor Bunnell has a pretty interesting home over on 21st Avenue in San Francisco. In 1999 the original owners died. In February, 2003, Javier Sanchez and Susan Elizabeth Bunnell bought the home with a Deed of Trust issued to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage INC. In December of 2008, that Deed of Trust shifted from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage INC

over to Wells Fargo NA. In September of 2009, a Subordination Agreement was issued to additionally include AMX Mortgage. On the same day, a new Deed was issued listing Javier Sanchez, Susan Elizabeth Bunnell and Land Home Financial Services. In November, 2011, Sanchez and Bunnell entered yet another Subordination Agreement this time relisting Wells Fargo NA. On the same day a new Deed of Trust was issued listing Javier Sanchez, Susan Elizabeth Bunnell, MERS INC — we all know about MERS — and Suntrust Mortgage Inc. Then within a year, on December, 2012, yet another Deed of Trust was issued this time naming Javier Sanchez, Susan Elizabeth Bunnell and Wells Fargo NA.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), yes that’s the same OCC which Wells Fargo Prime Vendor Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), Pruvan and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) issued Press Releases stating that Background Checks in the Mortgage Field Services Industry were required by, seems to have developed a hard on for Wells Fargo.

HSBC and Wells Fargo face the harshest restrictions of the six. Both are prohibited from increasing the size of their mortgage business by purchasing servicing rights, entering into new contracts to do servicing for other parties and outsourcing additional servicing activities. The other four banks must seek supervisory approval to take such actions. OCC officials said the difference reflects both the number and severity of the outstanding problems at those two banks.

In the updated consent orders released Wednesday, the OCC said Wells Fargo had failed to comply with 15 out of 98 action items and HSBC had failed to comply with 45 out of 98 items.

So, we are going to g ahead and crank out a Complaint against Counselor Bunnell. If you are a Member of Labor whom has been forced to use Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) as the Background Check Provider in order to work upon Wells Fargo foreclosed assets, I would recommend the filing of one as well. As a Public Service, Foreclosurepedia has stored the State Bar of California Complaint Form in our Downloads Section. You may download it FOR FREE!

I want to be very clear on why I came to the conclusion that Bunnell needed to be publicly outed. Counselor Bunnell lied to me. I don’t take well to people whom lie. People whom lie to me are the scum of the earth. Generally speaking, lawyers by in large follow their Canons of Ethics. Bunnell did not. When she stated she was going to reply to my originating email she was a liar as she did not.

People like Bunnell and Tom Goyda, Vice President of Consumer Lending Communications for Wells Fargo, tend to believe that they may simply disrespect people and their organization insulates them. The reality is that they have not climbed the social ladder far enough to become anaesthetized by money to attacks upon one’s ego.

Bunnell and her family will now easily be able to read my opinions on her until hell freezes over. Bunnell, her family, her colleagues, her fellow church members — god himself if she actually believes in the Cloud People. Simply type in Sue Bunnell Wells Fargo and Foreclosurepedia controls half of Page One of Google with only ONE ARTICLE WRITTEN! Simply type in Sue Bunnell and Foreclosurepedia is still on Page One of Google. The same for Tom Goyda, Vice President of Consumer Lending Communications.

Tomorrow, we are going to set up the Boilerplate US Department of Justice Anti Trust Complaints for download to make sure that all Members of Labor whom have been screwed over by Wells Fargo may file their Complaints in an orderly and systematic manner. These Members of Labor whom Bunnell and her two bit PR Boys thought they would just pigeon hole. These Members of Labor whom have been forced to purchase the heavily overpriced Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) Background Check and AGS only. With nearly 40,000 on Wells Fargo alone, Bunnell and Company are going to be hammering out Answers for the next several years.

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