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Former NAMFS Secretary Hit For Another $100K

It is hard to keep a straight face when Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) whom siphons off more than ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUALLY, CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES states that NAMFS is an honest Association. In fact, when Foreclosurepedia first began to expose the levels of corruption within NAMFS, Miller’s response was to sue Foreclosurepedia in an attempt to infringe upon my First Amendment rights.

Heather Berghorst, the former and disgraced NAMFS Secretary, is back in the news again. For over a year, Foreclosurepedia advised Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors that Berghorst was financially insolvent and committing fraud. Miller, in typical NAMFS fashion, refused to listen. In fact, even after Berghorst filed her SECOND BANKRUPTCY, Miller refused to remove Berghorst as a NAMFS Member in Good Standing.

On 14 May 2015, yet another Consent Decree was handed down against Heather Berghorst by a US Federal Judge ordering money to be paid to Labor. Foreclosurepedia had, early on, advised Members of Labor to sue Berghorst as not all of her debt could be discharged under Bankruptcy. Labor, though, in its typical fashion skulked over in the Facebook Groups and listened to the very Order Mill Contractors strutting around like whores in the Bowery District. Those same whores told them to keep their mouths shut and Altisource, whom was Berghorst’s Paymaster, would make things alright. JTK Restoration LLC didn’t listen to the Virginia 7.

US Bankruptcy Court 14-80227
US Bankruptcy Court 14-80227











Fact of the matter is that I can come to no other conclusion other than Miller has been receiving an inordinate amount of compensation to make issues like these and those of Jay Goscinski of Michigan Realty Solutions; SEAS LLC and their $10,000 bounced checks; Adam and Amanda Buczek of Buczek Enterprises and the rest of the criminals Miller oversees daily, go away. In fact, we are now putting into Series Format the entire sordid history of the Miller Regime for easier access by both prosecutors and the media, both of which have recently made information requests.

On that note, Foreclosurepedia has now expanded its investigations to include Members of the NAMFS Committees. Over the weekend, we will report upon Elspeth Spransy of Mortgage Contracting Service (MCS) infamy. We have begun to receive troubling reports that Contracts along the East Coast are receiving partial treatment by MCS employees with specificity to a select group of Order Mills. More on point, though, her serving upon the same NAMFS Membership Committee as Joe Hummel whom has been convicted of financial crimes is bad enough. When you couple that with information which Foreclosurepedia has in its possession alleging that Hummel is receiving confidential and proprietary MCS information pertaining to other MCS Vendors creating an unfair economic advantage crosses the line. I am not sure how the July due date for Spransy’s pregnancy will work out; I am not sure how Miguel and the crew will cope in the hot Florida sun. What I do know for an absolute fact is that Spransy’s child will be able to read about its mother for years to come.

Speaking of Spransy, for those of you whom find me to be such a vile asshole, perhaps ask her about the Bailey Foundation and my redaction thereto. While you people may find me to be grotesque and incomprehensible, the fact of the matter is that the ruining of Spransy’s credit even though I fully believe that she and MCS have destroyed multiple lives up and down the East Coast, is not warranted with a child on the way.

The ISTAR Clear Base is ever vigilant and a repository of the magnitude which would make J Edgar Hoover roll over in his grave from jealousy.

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