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#OpISIS: American Appeasement In An Apocalyptic Environment

Currently, there is a global war ongoing for the hearts and minds of disenfranchised. That statement, alone, is not earth shattering. Every generation has its confluence of conspiracists, ne’er–do–wells and religious freaks. The current battle underway by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is unlike any the modern world has ever witnessed. The reality is that the United States and the vast majority of the civilized world are unprepared to address ISIS from a technological point-of-view, let alone understand it. Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat alNusra and ISIS, were all founded by people who, at that time, were members of al-Qaeda.

In a war weary United States, the rich keep getting richer and the poor continue to loose all. Those of you in the Foreclosurepedia Nation know, all to well, the fact that Foreclosurepedia has fought its war against the multi million dollar fraud operation known as the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). So, not only are the poor getting poorer, Eric Miller and his thugs at NAMFS are helping them along just that much quicker. The fact of the matter is that Eric Miller, Adriana Farelo-Fernandez and David Dolan are the equivalent to ISIS in the financial sector vis-a-vis their Leadership and Recruitment Capacities at NAMFS. NAMFS is a financial terrorist organization in the most literal sense as I have documented and clearly believe.

In light of the highest level of income inequality in the combined history of mankind, the simple fact is that many people have simply given up hope. And whereas the poor in the Western World believe they have it rough, people have absolutely no clue what poverty is by way of comparison to those in Third World Countries.

The data on widening inequality are remarkably and disturbingly clear. The Congressional Budget Office has found that between 1979 and 2007, the onset of the Great Recession, the gap in income—after federal taxes and transfer payments—more than tripled between the top 1 percent of the population and everyone else. The after-tax, after-transfer income of the top 1 percent increased by 275 percent, while it increased less than 40 percent for the middle three quintiles of the population and only 18 percent for the bottom quintile.

Two things are necessary for any type of heinous entity to exist whether it be NAMFS or ISIS. The first is that there must be an environment conducive to exist within; a landscape within which to thrive. We have that today. Globally, there is an undercurrent ripe for the fomenting of rebellion against the predominately white, conservative power structures. Second, there must be a delivery vehicle which both captivates the audience and gives the aspirant something to believe in. Propaganda and psychological warfare served up Joseph Goebbels style.

So, what precisely do we know about the cyber operations of ISIS? Nothing, really, unless it originates from a handful of brave Anonymous operatives. Collectively known as Ghost Security (Ghost Sec), they have been waging what is known on Twitter as #OpISIS — to be clear there are hundreds of folks contributing to #OpISIS, GhostSec is simply what I perceive to have emerged as the spearhead. And why, precisely is it that the largest and most well funded intelligence organizations on earth seem to be playing reach around with each other on the Sunday talk shows when it comes to the cyber battle zone? Truth of the matter is that they really have no clue whatsoever what is going on.

Many of you out there are probably scratching your collective heads wondering why I am even writing about #OpISIS. The main reason is that based upon the sophistication of their media and internet campaigns, I venture the guess that they are actively engaging in financial sector hacking as well. Actually, I am confident that they are. What do I mean by a sophisticated media and internet campaign? Glad you asked. Let me walk you through just a little bit,

trio of Colorado girls of Somali and Sudanese descent, aged 16, 17, and 18, who stole their passports and $2,000 in cash from their parents, skipped class, and boarded a flight to Turkey by way of Germany, where they were met by FBI officials after their parents discovered they were missing.

Caliphate Jane
Shannon “Caliphate Jane” Conley thought she would be one of the 72 Virgins. To bad she will be muff diving in Federal Prison — or maybe lucky for her to finally get laid?!

In April, 2014, Coming on the heels of a suburban Chicago teen, Mohammed Khan being arrested at O’Hare International Airport, 19-year-old American convert to Islam Shannon Jihadi Jane Conley got popped at the Denver International Airport attempting to board a flight to Turkey  where she was to marry an ISIS member.

Propaganda: Win Their Minds and you will Win Their Hearts. To best demonstrate the lure of ISIS in a post XBox society, go no further than Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun. This is a video of theirs which I am not going to link to as I do not want to assist in their SEO nor their advertising campaign. It is a chilling Hollywood trailer-style video which best exemplifies the fact that ISIS did not come to the Game unarmed. While many believe that modern warfare is won with bombs, the reality is that Goebbels demonstrated best the impact of Propaganda both upon those Within as well as those Without.

French authorities categorize volunteers from France as disaffected, aimless and lacking a sense of identity or belonging. This appears to be common across most nationalities and fits with the high number of converts, presumably people who are seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Indeed, the Islamist narrative of Syria as a land of ‘jihad’ features prominently in the propaganda of extremist groups on both sides of the war, just as it does in the social media comments of their foreign recruits.

ISIS has an entire media company backing its video production and distribution, the Al Hayat Media Center (AHMC), which was established in May. AHMC also produces an online English-language magazine called Dabiq. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Middle Eastern networks like Dawn are permeating every level of Social Media existence and the reality is that the former Lone Wolf strategies of strapping a bomb to a man, pregnant woman or child have become sideshows, at best. ISIS kicked it up a notch with their Twitter app that syncs and streams data across the internet and allows ISIS to tweet from users’ personal accounts. The advantage to this is self evident and fuck the violation of Terms of Service (ToS) as it would be nearly impossible to ever deal with structurally.

Just like Caliphate Jane above, ISIS is in the Whore business. As opposed to the mail order bride industry, it would appear that the Caliphate has an impotency problem — fact of the matter is that the vast majority of those currently squaring off against GhostSec appear to to be eunuchs as well.

Like a page out of the surreal, ISIS has opened up its own #FuckAJihadist brothel agency in al-Bab. Preaching the litany of that which they offer the newlywed jihadist couples, their honeymoon begins in Raqqa, infamous for the recent stoning of two Muslim women for alleged adultery. I mean nothing gets the juices flowing in a jihadi whore like the thought of getting stoned to death.

Thought the Caliphate was all about jihad and killing the capitalists? Think again. The newlywed tours cost money, but in fairness, both bride and groom are separated during the tour, men in front and women in back, which rolls around in a hooptie bus blaring out Soviet era militant music adorned with an ISIS flag.

While reports are still unconfirmed, we are of the understanding that at the end of the tour Caliphate Jane gets some quality time as Strap On Jane. Hey, whom said it was all beheadings and gore at the Caliphate?! Maybe there is hope yet!

Butt Hurt Cream

So, while the stereotypes of Anonymous which were predominately laid out by the Church of Scientology and theBBAnon droves of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas District Attorney Convention attending hacks painting a picture of pimple faced, obese geeks living in their parents basement have been proven quite the opposite as seen on the right. It appears that  the cave dwelling jihadist portrait is one which hasn’t changed for several millennia now. And while it may seem that publicly Jihadi Strap On Jane and her Take One In The Ass For Allah goat herders are prevailing, the salient fact is that they are not — at least not in cyberspace. Whereas, the Butt Plug Boyz are well financed — precisely by whom might surprise a lot of folks — and whereas Western firms such as CloudFlare are rendering aid and comfort to the ISIS enemy by continuing to provide caching as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for known ISIS jihadists and sympathizers.

An #OpISIS Campaign Foreclosurepedia Stands Behind --- Lacks all the stoning and gore of Caliphate Jane.

An #OpISIS Campaign Foreclosurepedia Stands Behind — Lacks the stoning and gore of Caliphate Jane.

While GhostSec has been logging the countless hours, taking down ISIS site after ISIS site, the only attention which the US Government appears to be focusing is attacking GhostSec as opposed to ISIS itself. In fact, in a strange twist of irony, even Armed Motorcycle Gangs have gotten in on the action, taking #OpISIS to the streets, while Uncle Sam is hitting a lick with what is rapidly appearing to be his Butt Plug Goat Herding Buddies in the Sandbox!

What began as an anti-Islam rally for gun-wielding bikers Friday evening quickly transformed into a shouting match as counterprotesters flocked to the targeted Phoenix mosque.

About 250 people toting pistols, American flags and cartoon drawings of the Prophet Mohammad, which are considered blasphemous by many Muslims, were met by an equally-sized group chanting peaceful songs and preaching love at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

Between them stood a police line.

Uncle Sam's minions mulling around.
Uncle Sam’s Minions, Phoenix

What stands out in my mind is the fact that like it or not, those in Phoenix had a legal right to demonstrate, to peacefully assemble, and that right should have been respected. It wasn’t, though. In fact, Phoenix Law Enforcement Officers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mounted cameras on telephone poles to record the entire event. So, I am at a real loss to figure out precisely where it is that Americans are being protected. Herein lies the paradox: On the one hand, the Muslim community is remaining predominately silent with respect to any type of meaningful renunciation of radical Islam or ISIS in general. This is pretty unwise in that it is like how NAMFS Regime Rank and File publicly state they are innocent while their C Level personnel are actively overseeing those convicted of financial crimes being seated on the NAMFS Financial and Membership Committees. Overall, I believe we are going to see a hell of a lot more street level, AWK Actions similar to how #OpChanology came into existence.

Anonymous has been doing what it has done best for years: Hunting its prey and taking it down. Fact of the matter is that the American Spooks would do well by taking notes. If their belief is that it makes more sense to keep ISIS on the public social media spectrum where intel gathered is most assuredly subjective rather than forcing them onto the microwave spectrum where the information is going to be both operations related and logistically identifiable, the Spooks have lost their minds.

What GhostSec and the overall #OpISIS movement has done is nothing short of amazing. How they do it I have not a clue as their energy is limitless. The fact of the matter, though, is that people have bills. I don’t care if it’s coffee to drink at the wi fi hub or a Grilled Cheese at the Waffle House. #OpISIS needs your support TODAY!

One of the best ways to directly help #OpISIS is to Donate at their CroudRise Page. Don’t put it off; don’t site on the sidelines, reach out TODAY and donate what you can!

This coming week, Foreclosurepedia is going to begin to sit down and closely examine the #OpISIS Campaign. Anyone wanting to voice an opinion or communicate directly, feel free to reach out. I believe that far too little media attention is being focused on what is happening in the cyber arena and virtually zero attention or assistance is being focused on those stepping to the plate to help out!

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