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On The Road Update: Not Just Foreclosurepedia Trying To Find Eric Miller

Short missive (yes I am still on the road and back at Foreclosurepedia GHQ Monday with HUGE, HARD HITTING UPDATES) on Carol Boyd, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, and a letter about her fraud and deception of and against firemen and disabled veterans which was sent to Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. The same Eric Miller whom receives over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR AND ALMOST SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES to never respond to the atrocities his Members commit.

Good evening Mr. Miller,
We are a small husband and wife team who run a property preservation company and we provide quality work to a few companies. We did a huge initial trash out/clean/ and lawn care job in July for a VA foreclosed house for Boyd Property Preservation. We went over and beyond a routine trash out and even removed a 1500 gallon Koi Pond and liner and hauled in over 7 cyds of dirt for no additional fees. We were to be paid in Sept 1st.
We received an over-nited check number 1619 on the 17th of September for services we performed on 206 Fawn Ridge Drive, Medina, TN. The amount was $560 (and this did not include the 3 follow up trips to take care of the routine lawn and inside sales clean. The check that was sent to us personally by Carol Boyd  was not signed and after multiple emails, and calls, Jerry Lenard told me to put CBoyd on the check and apologized for her lack of attention (she did promise to ‘drive it to me’ in an earlier email since it was supposed to be mailed on Sept 1st). We deposited the check on that Friday. On Monday my bank called and sent the check back to us. We incurred almost $300 in overdraft fees as a result of this mess.
I was instructed to call Holly Kindrick (I think that was her last name) at Wells Fargo and was told it was a ‘Wells Fargo issue’, yet when I spoke to Holly I was told there was no money in Boyd’s account numerous times for over a week. Jerry then told me to redeposit the check and said he was sorry for the mistake and said not to hold it against the company and said Carol Boyd was a control freak and wouldn’t allow employees to do their jobs and she had to have her hand in every aspect of the job and he promised it would get better. Then the check bounced yet again. I again called and called and left messages and even spoke to Jerry, Sheila and Jerry’s assistant. Jerry promised me numerous times that we were on the ‘top of his list’ and not only would we be paid for the bounced check, but he asked for the amount of overdraft fees from the bank (I forwarded the bank letter to Carol Boyd, Jerry Lenard, and Sheila in accounting) and was also promised the amount owed to us for the other lawn care and inside cleaning we performed. That was over 4 weeks ago.
I have called hundreds of times and no one answers. I’ve read where she has blamed accountants and employees for not turning in invoices, but I spoke to Carol personally on this matter. Shelia sent me all my invoices for work completed, I sent in over 2000 pictures on our initial trash out/clean and was even asked to not send in as many photos.
I just want to be paid. And I would like to know what my options are when dealing with an issue like this?. My lawyer recommended filing both in Tennessee and Georgia for the bounced check and if I don’t get a response from Carol Boyd by Friday, I will do just that. We need $560 for the bounced check, $288 for my fees and $80 for the 3 additional trips we made to do additional mows. Can you please help us in resolving this issue? I know Carol Boyd has a contract with the VA for her to issue jobs, so she must have been paid for the services we provided. All we want is to be compensated without that payment bouncing out of our account. We are a small husband and wife team and this has caused a huge hardship on our business.
Thank you for your time and help on filing a formal complaint against Carol Boyd and Boyd Property Preservation.
Miller never responded. It would appear he is of the same caliber that the rest of the fraudsters are at Boyd Property Preservation. Hey Julian Smith at VRM, we are going to help out with the Lien Process! Pro Bono amigo! 😉

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