On The Road: Boyd Property Preservation Update

As many of you know, I am on the road throughout the Southeast this week doing Interviews and a bit of work. I will be back at Foreclosurepedia GHQ Saturday and get my Postings back up-to-date. I wanted to give you a reply from dear ‘ol Carol Boyd to 100 Percent Service Connected Disabled Veterans and Firemen with respect to her owing them money. Also, everyone needs to remember that Carol Boyd is a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services was contacted by most of these Contractors and would appear to be supportive of Boyd’s defraudment as he has taken no actions, to date, to prevent them nor bring her in front of the Association under a Section 2.6 Proceeding.

Below is Carol Boyd’s first (of multiple) letters I do not have time to put all into print,

I haven’t ever refused to speak with you, and yes I moved my office, I went for 6000 SF, to 22000 SF, so I am not running, because I haven’t done anything wrong.  I will not try to defend myself to you or anyone else, I know what I have done and what I haven’t.  I will tell you that the employees that have called you or you called, (Donna Yeager), sat in my office with all the others for 4 months and received a paycheck for doing nothing, and when it came time to work, they
couldn’t handle it.  After them leaving we found invoices thrown under desk that had never been sent to the accounting department.  Now I have had to take time and go through each one, and view the photos to see who did the work, and in 3 months I paid out $297,000, to vendors, who once viewing the work, didn’t do it.  And do you really think I would have purposely sent you a check that wouldn’t clear, I sent a $100 check to show how sorry I was for your trouble, do you really think I would have sent you one for your pay that wouldn’t clear.  I had signed checks for the accountant, that wasn’t suppose to be mailed, but they were, so it made yours return.  I would never intentionally hurt any living breathing thing on this earth.  And by the way, I drive a 1998 nissan, and I haven’t purchased anything, or taking one penny that has came through this company, my biggest mistake is felling sorry for people and given them a job, when I
shouldn’t have.  I will have your $1700 pay wired to you Friday.

Have a BLESSED Day!!!
Carol Boyd
CEO/Boyd Property Preservation LLC
Toll Free: 1-800-736-0548/ Fax: 706-529-5311

Carol, if you don’t even have $1,700 in your account to cover a simple check, it would appear to be a Ponzi Scheme! Perhaps all of your Clients should take note that you are in extreme financial straights. If I were a bank; if I were Julian Smith over at VRM, I would pull the account before Foreclosurepedia begins to open up a file on VRM!

I went by Boyd Property Preservation this morning. I listed the address wrong. It is 681 N  Varnell RD Tunnel Hill, GA. She denied saying she was going to pay me as well as ever receiving my last e-mail. She became very hateful and angry quickly and made a comment about me posting with people on the Internet about her. She then said we will let the courts settle it.

I will have heavy updates out when I get home. VRMs position would appear to be if you are a veteran you are screwed. We are reaching out to Washington, DC, to bring pressure down upon their ability to run the VA Contract. Julian Smith at VRM needs to be relieved of command. More on that this weekend as well.

Sorry so short, but I am in and out of signal and having to do jobs along the way as well.


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