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NAMFS President Justis Smith Suing Foreclosurepedia For Reporting Upon Debt

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) President, Justis Smith, informed Foreclosurepedia today that she is going to sue Foreclosurepedia. Smith, also the CEO of Rowe Enterprises, built upon a heated exchange on LinkedIn wherein she challenged debt owed to a misclassified employee upon Wells Fargo contracts. There is a tremendous amount of backstory on Smith including Foreclosurepedia’s recent pointing out that their website was listed as NOT SECURE by Google. Building upon that, a Member of the Foreclosurepedia Nation reached out to us presenting an issue with respect to Justis Smith refusing to pay him on orders going all the way back to July, 2018.

Yesterday, Justis Smith wrote directly to Foreclosurepedia threatening to sue us and a potential federal whistleblower, for reporting upon the struggling contractor’s inability to wait, nearly a year, to be paid.

I suggest you review the contract between Property 1 and Rowe Enterprises, Inc. before you resort to defamation.  I will be turning all of this over to my attorney and let him handle you and Tim Stymus for he is now in breached contract.  Funny how you talk out both sides of your mouth calling Stewart asking her to hire your suggested vendors while continually bashing us on social media.  Have a blessed day.

Contracts. Really? Contracts which allow for the Client to terminate accounts with debt owed to Contractors, at their leisure, and never pay upon them? Contracts which appear not to comport with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and are most assuredly the quintessential definition of moral hazard? More to the point, though, Rowe Enterprises forces misclassified employees to use Rowe Enterprises’ personal system. What this means is that when Rowe Enterprises tires of paying misclassified employees, they simply turn off access to the ENTIRETY of contractor’s data which is used to substantiate their claims submitted for debt. And make no mistake that this is a common practice supported by Property Preservation Wizard (PPW).  What is PPW? Glad you asked,

PPW is a convoluted bootstrapping of Excel upon the back of Open Source PHP. And while I am all for the adoption of open source computer languages, the problem with PPW — and all of the Industry’s pillaging — is the simple and salient fact that they do not return to core advancements achieved. Moreover, though, PPW’s support of NAMFS members continually locking out Minority Females and Labor from the data that they have provided is a cartel move.

The reason that I object to PPW allowing NAMFS members to alienate Minority Females and Labor from their data is that while NAMFS members state that they own the data, this is, in fact, not true. That data is owned by the Contractor until such a time as the NAMFS member pays for it. Further, though, the copyright to the photos are EXCLUSIVELY the property of the Contractor in perpetuity. With that said, Foreclosurepedia has every intention in mounting a class action lawsuit against PPW for tacitly creating a Safe Harbor with respect to the financial terrorists whom purposefully defraud Minority Females and Labor within this and other Industries. With respect to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR EU) 2016/679, in the current version of the OJ L 119, 04.05.2016; cor. OJ L 127, 23.5.2018, Foreclosurepedia has EVERY INTENTION in bringing not just PPW, but the entirety of NAMFS, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

I digress. With respect to Rowe Enterprises, on FHA Loans, which are paid under the FHA Form 27011 — an insurance form — it appears that everyone has been paid except Labor. Let’s take 109 Ernst, Rochester, New York, which is one of many which Rowe Enterprises issued out to their pool of misclassified employees. This is a Fannie Mae HomePath property and I want to emphasize that Fannie Mae is a Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) currently under US government conservatorship. This asset had a grass cut performed upon it by the Contractor and billed to Rowe Enterprises. The asset, listed by RE/MAX, is now under contract — Open the link as it will sell in a matter of days. So, Rowe Enterprises apparently had entered into an agreement with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM) to provide services upon distressed assets of which the aforementioned was one. WFHM, in turn, appears to have a relationship with Fannie Mae. A work order was issued upon the asset which was, in turn, issued to a potential federal whistleblower whom performed a Recurring Grass Cut upon the asset on 19 July 2018. This is according to documents exclusively obtained from Rowe Enterprises. Nearly a year later, Rowe Enterprises is stating that Wells Fargo has not paid them. The potential federal whistleblower has no recourse to inspect Rowe Enterprises’ ledger; they are not allowed to contact WFHM; they are not allowed to petition for redress of grievance — in essence, the potential federal whistleblower is a modern day slave.

Now, I am not a lawyer; however, I tend to think that the allegations of this first contractor rise to protected status as a federal whistleblower and I have encouraged him to file accordingly with the US Department of Housing and Development (HUD), Fannie Mae, and their Inspector General’s respectively.

And there are multiple occasions of this. The potential federal whistleblower is not unique in their claims. Here is yet another Contractor, whom Foreclosurepedia spoke with on the phone earlier today, confirming that there were multiple problems with being paid upon Rowe Enterprises and WFHM assets in a separate jurisdiction.

When Foreclosurepedia reached out to other Industry professionals, this was the typical response,

Wells Fargo needs to go down hard.  And I bank with those fuckers.  But I will never accept another Wells Fargo property again.  They put MCS, Servicelink and MSI in a bind and now they have essentially put Rowe out of business.  I think Rowe lost  their national clients when they got the Wells Fargo contract.  Now Wells is fucking them.  I don’t know how they continue to get away with it.  [Redacted] and [Redacted over there [Wells Fargo] are cool.  I like them a lot.  But I won’t accept a Wells Fargo order from any of my clients if they get that account.  I don’t know why it isn’t a phone call away to get this kind of shit taken care of.

And as if taking a cue from how the tide is turning, a highly placed Rowe Enterprises’ employee stated that Wells Fargo is not paying and that Rowe Enterprises has every intention of severing the relationship. I mean how can Wells Fargo pay if you are dropping them?! Whether or not the parting comes to fruition is immaterial. What is material is that the contract proffered by Rowe Enterprises is not only defective, it is patently misleading. Contractors and misclassified employees are merely vassal surfs held hostage to the whims of a tyrannical Caligula whose thirst for blood is only satiated by the defraudment of Minority Females and Labor.

Let me lay this out in only the way in which a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing. Justis Smith has proverbial fleas and it is everyone else’s fault. Pay when paid is only as valid as your ability to inspect Rowe Enterprises’ ledgers. Let me repeat that, Pay when paid is only as valid as your ability to inspect Rowe Enterprises’ ledgers. And there is NO WAY IN HELL Justis Smith will turn her books over to you! Moreover, though, I am curious precisely how it is that Wells Fargo, in this case, is capable of signing off on all of the passthrough expenses and issuing a clean title, if all bills have not been paid? To that point, we just demonstrated that the assets are being sold. And as Justis Smith would like to remind everyone, there is no Doctrine of Privity between misclassified employee and Wells Fargo. Ergo, the shit stops at her desk!

Who and what exactly is Rowe Enterprises? Glad you asked. Yesterday, Foreclosurepedia reached out to the Bradford County Telegraph and asked permission to republish the below picture from their 15 May 2014 article about Rowe Enterprises,

And while the above photo may look down home, the next graphic demonstrates the length and breadth of the footprint in which Rowe Enterprises — Justis Smith — truly occupies.

Fact of the matter is that Justis Smith is tightly integrated with a sprawling infrastructure. It would appear that the Rowe’s, with Justis Smith at the helm, have enormous financial interests in asset control. Now, whether or not the assets which are being maintained by Rowe Enterprises, on the Mortgage Field Services side, are intersecting Moccasin Creek Properties LLC or Southland Realty & Management Company, we do not know — at least for now. What is known is that each and every one of those listed in the above graphic are going to get some healthy scrutiny by Foreclosurepedia in the coming days.

Let’s go a bit deeper, though. Foreclosurepedia has always been a proponent of completely documenting an asset to ensure that spurious chargebacks do not occur. It would appear that Rowe Enterprises is not a fan of this. In fact, here is what a Contractor had to say about Rowe Enterprises threatening to FINE you if you submit TOO MANY photos,

The statements above demonstrate Justis Smith’s preordination of the ability to profit not only from the work; not only for the ability to chargeback, but also to profit upon a Contractor’s attempts to proactively protect their liberty interests as well as the health of the portfolio holder’s assets.

The sad postscript on Rowe Enterprises is twofold: Justis Smith refused to listen to direction from Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, when he told her not to feed the bears. Smith’s junior high mentality is poised to destroy not only her own career — and she will not remain NAMFS President — and Rowe Enterprises. The second part of the failing equation was not understanding margin calls. To the first point, each and every NAMFS member whom has threatened to sue Foreclosurepedia have gone down in flames. Eric Miller, with approval of the NAMFS Board of Directors, hired Ryan A Kuchmaner of Black McCuskey Souers & Arbaugh to threaten and intimidate Foreclosurepedia in order to have a chilling effect upon free speech. Kuchmaner delivered a letter to Foreclosurepedia on 26 April 2013 threatening to have us imprisoned. Miller and Kuchmaner were bitch slapped for their presumptuous beliefs that simply because Foreclosurepedia is based out of a rural Tennessee county with one stoplight, we were not well apprised of our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights under the 1st and 14th Amendments. Heather Berghorst, the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary and longtime NAMFS Board Member, hired Brett R Schlender, formerly of Buckman MacDonald Bauer & Brown, to threaten and intimidate Foreclosurepedia in order to have a chilling effect upon free speech. Schlender delivered a letter to Foreclosurepedia on 04 December 2013 threatening to have us imprisoned. Berghorst filed her second bankruptcy and was court ordered to pay part of the outstanding debt back and Schlender is no longer employed by his law firm. Assurant Field Asset Services (Assurant) hired Jason Rosenberg of Alston & Byrd to threaten and intimidate Foreclosurepedia and have a chilling effect upon free speech. Rosenberg delivered a letter to Foreclosurepedia on 04 October 2013 threatened to have us imprisoned. The result was that we were compensated for monies owed.

The Rosenberg matter deserves a deeper dive. Rosenberg was also hired to represent Assurant on one of the most massive data breaches in the modern history of the Industry and commonly referred to as the Ashley Bowers Affair. Once contact was made, Rosenberg was a cordial gentleman and I respect him as a worthy opponent.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the latest foray into the judicial realm with respect to our forcing of the Involuntary Bankruptcy of National Field Network (NFN). Foreclosurepedia had chronicled this ill fated hostile takeover of Buczek Enterprises going all the way back to late 2012. While the lawyers and accountants have bled over a hundred thousand dollars out of funds owed to Minority Females and Labor, Foreclosurepedia filed suit to obtain the depositions which Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa voluntarily gave. Both lawyers for the victims and defendants refuse to release them. The reality is that the behavior of Justis Smith and Rowe Enterprises has become the norm. It is a page out of the NAMFS proverbial handbook. If you owe money and anyone challenges you, threaten to sue them. Blame anyone other than yourself and offload all liability upon the shoulders of Minority Females and Labor.

While many people take statements, like those of Justis Smith and Counselor David Shaver, with a grain of salt, Foreclosurepedia does not. After all of the death threats and threatening letters launched by lawyers upon myself and Foreclosurepedia, it is personal and a fight to the proverbial death. If you are going to threaten me for reporting upon the fraud, waste, and abuse of US taxpayer money — of which some is mine as I pay taxes — then there is no measure of the length nor breadth of legal defense I will bring to the proverbial doorsteps of those whom would actively attempt to have a chilling effect upon free speech.

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