Queens Is Closed For Business As Justis Smith Picks Battles On LinkedIn

Foreclosurepedia Forces MCS To Pay Client In Under Three Minutes!

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) decided to stick it to her constituents in Queens, New York, she picked the perfect Paper Tiger — Amazon. Amazon was thrown under the bus with myopic precision only exhibited by libtards and the proselytes of Climatology. Placating the masses with one hand while sticking the other hand into someone else’s pocket. It is a classic case-in-point of precisely what is going on in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. What I mean is that National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members have, for quite some time, conducted business within a hyper vacillating echo chamber. Take people like Justis Smith, NAMFS President and CEO of Rowe Enterprises. Smith decided to get into a pitched battle on LinkedIn with Foreclosurepedia and a misclassified employee she owes money to. The claims brought forth by a Foreclosurepedia Nation member against Smith and Rowe Enterprises is well founded. Almost the entirety of debt owed was for recurring grass cuts. And let’s keep the shit real:  Either you cut the grass our you didn’t. Word on the street is that Rowe Enterprises and Wells Fargo are parting ways. It isn’t simply that there is a problem if the NAMFS President herself cannot get paid. Day in and day out, NAMFS members are hiring order mills whom they know have no ability to pay people. Take MSI and Primestar. Here is a map on how Altisource began cranking up the fraud with these two NAMFS members — the link takes you directly to the Card Files including financial institutions and homeowners names. Bear in mind that this is the first of 204 spreadsheets.


It is all the usual suspects. Many will remember when Altisource defrauded millions of dollars from Minority Females and Labor. And here they are back again with the same scriptbook. Many remember Lee Mertins, the former book rigger at Asset Management Specialists (AMS) whom now runs Assero. Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) jumped up on the same bandwagon as well. Same fraud modus operandi learned from years within NAMFS. Simply take a look through this map,

And while volumes are at historic lows, there is an anomaly present within the Industry. Default inspections are increasing at nearly 357% in some metropolitan regions. BuildFax issued the following information in their BuildFax Housing Health Report (BHHR) for January, 2019,

  • Single-family housing authorizations decreased 3.48 percent year over year.
  • Existing housing maintenance volume decreased 6.47 percent year over year.
  • Existing housing remodel volume decreased 10.85 percent year over year.
  • Maintenance and remodel activity were also down year over year.

I want that to sink in for just a moment. For those of you in the Foreclosurepedia Nation whom are subscribing to the Industry Insider, you know that these are all indicators of a recession on the horizon. You also know that they were all predicted, along with the mergers and bankruptcies, nearly 16 months ago. And for those of you whom are not subscribed, let me give you a quote from one of my Clients about Grant Donnelly, whom Guardian Asset Management (GAM) had decided to transfer work to without consulting with the Oracle of Knoxville,

A couple weeks ago you asked me about Grant Donnelly.


One of my guys in New York does business with him and he stiffed him some money.  When questioned Grant said he had to declare bankruptcy…….unreal.

You are a prophet my friend.

That is the deal at the end of the day. With volumes at historical lows, business intelligence and technological sophistication are the only equalizers. Foreclosurepedia provides both. Five years ago, it was possible to simply throw work orders into a funnel and they would eventually be handled when they came out the other end much like how food is digested. Today, though, there are a finite amount of order mills and communications are in real time.

There is not a single NAMFS member left unscaythed by the collapse of Alliance, MSI, and Primestar. When combined with the second Chapter 11 filed by Ditech in 14 months and the initial Chapter 11 filed by Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS), what little work there is has been marooned as NAMFS members feign concern over the plight of Minority Females and Labor.

Quid quo pro. And many of the heavy hitters from NAMFS are leaving — not just NAMFS, but the Industry. The NAMFS IRS tax returns for FY 2018 are poised to look like Custer’s Last Stand as Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director continues to collect his ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND PLUS DOLLAR ANNUAL SALARY.

To say that NAMFS is financially insolvent is an understatement. So, for those whom want to preach to doctrine of budgets, how about you justify this! Here are the numbers at a glance:

  • NAMFS posted a NEGATIVE $47,283 as revenue for Fiscal Year 2015
  • NAMFS earned $493,036 and spent $540,319 — That is $47,283 more than they earned
  • NAMFS provided $84,000 in compensation to “…disqualified persons as defined under section 4958(f)(1) and persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”
  • NAMFS Membership Revenue declined by $41,340
  • NAMFS Program Service Revenue, their lifeblood, dropped by $71,365
  • NAMFS Total Assets dropped another $56,661 — NAMFS Cash On Hand is now $27,403

Eric Miller’s salary now consumes OVER SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES. Now, let’s talk a little bit about how Eric Miller and his Committees, such as the NAMFS Government Relations Committee, are spending what few dollars are left like drunken sailors,

  • Legal fees cost NAMFS $3,830 — Gotta wonder what NAMFS needed a lawyer for
  • Michael J Busta, NAMFS CPA cost them $6,223 — Yeah, gotta love Busta doing a spin on TurboTax
  • Other — no shit, other and you gotta love that term — cost NAMFS $16,500
  • Advertising cost NAMFS $33,160  — perhaps advertising to get some new fish in to finance the Ponzi Scheme
  • Office Expenses cost NAMFS $3,067 — Ironic as NAMFS refuses to release their physical address and as everyone knows the Aspen Grove Solutions address is simply a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on Zillow.
  • Information Technology cost NAMFS $2,287 — Love it especially when NAMFS has been hacked 3 times and were incapable of paying their https certificate for nearly three months!
  • Hotels For Miller and Unknown Party(s) cost NAMFS $14,835 — Stripper Pole Not Included.
  • Travel For Miller and Unknown Party(s) cost NAMFS $7,534 — G5 baby, G5!

The backstory on NAMFS is one of sadness; the story is one of the dying carnival workers whom are hocking everything including the tent itself in hopes that no one will realize that the painted clown is not sad due to the makeup, but due to their insignificance in the modern world today. Dating all the way back to the fateful day when Eric Miller had his initial phone call with me and treated me like his NAMFS Offender Members treat Minorities and Females — the typical white, male, chauvinist two step — his days were numbered. When Eric Miller stated that he would never enforce the Bylaws against NAMFS Offender Members whom committed fraud, I swore I would bankrupt he and NAMFS. If anyone has any doubts, let’s take a walk with the NAMFS Tax Returns since FY 2012.

  • FY 2012 NAMFS reported a $16,465 loss and began tapping into their cash reserves. $183,965 in NAMFS Membership Dues were paid into the Ponzi Scheme. And NAMFS had $269,085 in cash on hand. That year, Eric Miller took an $8,171 pay raise based, in part, upon inferences he could defeat Foreclosurepedia. NAMFSanon-politicsincreased their Advertising budget to $25,103 hoping to stave off the dissent growing after a year of #OpNAMFS being waged against their Ivory Tower.
  • FY 2013 NAMFS reported a $50,787 loss and continued tapping into their cash reserves. $192,210 in NAMFS Membership Dues were paid into the Ponzi Scheme. NAMFS cash on hand had plummeted to $48,945 by the end of the year. In response to the enormous cyber landscape Foreclosurepedia now occupied, NAMFS increased their Advertising budget to a mind boggling$54,279.
  • FY 2014 NAMFS reported a $4,795 gain. It did little to offset the over ten thousand dollar drop in NAMFS Membership dues paid into the Ponzi Scheme which came in at $181,304. NAMFS, once again, doubled down on Advertising to counter Foreclosurepedia and spent $46,794. Eric Miller and NAMFS Secretary Heather Berghorst also doubled down and attempted to sue Foreclosurepedia. Foreclosurepedia had begun to expose Miller’s extremely close relationship with the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary Heather Berghorst whom defrauded well over One Million Dollars from Minorities, Females and Labor. Both Miller and Berghorst’s lawyers backed down and Berghorst’s lawyer has been permanently removed from committing atrocities against humanity.
  • FY 2015 NAMFS reported yet another $47,283 loss with NAMFS Membership dues paid dropping to an all time low of $159,874.

The one NAMFS Committee which people need to pay particular attention to is the NAMFS Government Relations Committee (GRC).  After reviewing months worth of NAMFS GRC minutes, a very clear picture has been painted. NAMFS has every intention of attempting to force a revenue ploy, second only to its illegal Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) background checks. NAMFS is in the works of creating a mandatory certification which will be required to perform services upon Wells Fargo properties. For those whom do not believe that such has been discussed, simply read up on how Jim Taylor, Wells Fargo, and Eric Miller brought you the AGS $100+ background check which does not work. In fact, not only do the background checks not work and are about thirty three times more expensive than those in the real world, it is impossible for AGS to even determine whom is at what property at any given time!

And you know what? The NAMFS GRC does not care. Why? Not a single one of them are Labor. All are either Order Mills or work for Order Mills. Simply do a check on their names. Better yet, why not write each of them and ask they why in the hell it is their business to take up to FORTY FIVE PERCENT of all monies from a work order to do nothing more than use Property Preservation Wizard (PPW)! Why not take a look at their addresses and find me one of these folks whom even has a legal office space!

You see, that is the deal. These fly-by-night NAMFS Order Mills whom gather round the burning embers, which Eric Miller has left NAMFS in after John Ward’s death, are hoping and praying. They are worshiping at the feet of Miller and his racist, all white NAMFS Board of Directors will be able to cook the books long enough until the next best thing comes along to stick Labor with the bill!

Stick around, ladies and gentlemen. The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to a town near you soon! And for those of you whom believe that you should continue to keep your mouth shut and further the financial terrorism impacting Minority Females and Labor, simply take a read through the below,


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