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Google Lists NAMFS Academy As Unsafe

The NAMFS Academy — we omitted the link to protect our readers — is now unsafe according to Google. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), led by Executive Director Eric Miller, forgot to pay the bill for the https certificate. Miller, whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year; Miller’s pay which consumes over Seventy Percent of all NAMFS Member Dues and is twice the national average for his position, is in a tough spot. It is worthy to note that the subdomain used for the NAMFS Academy is owned, copyrighted and operated by Aspen Grove Solutions. You see, internal NAMFS Government Relations Committee minutes state that NAMFS is going to bring their failed NAMFS Academy onto mainline and attempt to have it Certified. In addition, sources close to the discussions stated that they are going to attempt to have Wells Fargo demand specific, NAMFS Academy Certifications to perform services upon properties. Ironic, really, when Jim Taylor, Wells Fargo, brought the failed Aspen Grove Background Check Model which miserably failed in the Mark F Spietz theft of property from the scene of a double homicide in Oneida County, WI. More on that later.


We reached out to Miller in an attempt to determine how the NAMFS Academy was going to properly instruct Labor on how to perform tasks within the Mortgage Field Services Industry when it had allowed its payments and security protocols to lapse by thirty two days at the time of this publication. As usual, Miller had not replied at the time of publication. Might be a good question to ask at the NAMFS #FraudFest 2016.

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