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NAMFS Is Following The Feds Same Mistakes

On the 30th of November, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors voted 5 – 0  to approve a new rule that was required under the 2010 Dodd – Frank financial reform legislation to address the type of vast secret and below market rate lending which occurred during the 2007 – 2010 financial crisis.  This is the same financial crisis which the Mortgage Field Services Industry ramped up to address.

The United States is undergoing unprecedented wealth inequality. Within the Industry, go no further than the Klein and Jaffa families whom control Safeguard Properties; Eduardo San Roman and his illegal Assero monopoly — Think twice before you allow that Miami refugee attitude to play out son as I will have your fag on the stand in a Discovery Roast which will be #EPIC side by side with Craig Karnes — or the more insidious cabal of NAMFS Members whom profited from the Tongsua Management – Snow Enterprises arrangements which eventually oversaw the rape of two mentally challenged and underage females in North Carolina.

Rather than address the bullshit the Fed was passing off as sound fiscal policy, they seems to have gone out of its way to emphasize that has the power to make loans to persons not financial firms who is a liquidity my pose a threat to the nations overall financial stability and in the same pattern cut from the same cloth the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime seems poised to follow in parallel direction.

Fact of the matter is that in similar criminal enterprise fashion, both the Fed and NAMFS live in worlds which are unattainable by normal people and engender an exclusion to the core of the firms which built the Industry. Take for example this statement from a slide SGP Vice President of Vendor Management Joe Iafigliola threw out at the recent SGP State of the Network Conference,

SGP State of the Network Slide
Safeguard Properties Recent General Session State of the Network Slide Obtained Exclusively By Foreclosurepedia
I want that slide to sink in for a minute. The same Jewish Mafia whom steal from and rape Labor are patting each other on the back with respect to buying personal aircraft; the modern day Das Draitzental no longer call 13 Leszno Street in Warsaw home, but rather have relocated to 7887 Hub Parkway, Cleveland, OH. And for those of you whom feel unclean about calling these fake Jews the financial terrorists that they truly are, why not suck some dick with the Chabad Mafia to assuage your concerns.
So, what is the answer, if any; what should the proper response be to an obvious oligarch march upon the rights of ma and pa Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. If you ask me; if you ask precisely what Foreclosurepedia would recommend, Foreclosurepedia would recommend an immediate, protracted and asymmetrical campaign against Safeguard Properties, Assero and those whom provide aid and comfort to Robert Klein and Alan Jaffa and specifically have assisted Edwardo San Roman. I believe they and others whom I have not yet mentioned pose a clear and present danger to the very economic foundations which buttress our economy.
Today, the sad reality is, that many of the stalwart companies whom originally entered into the arena are gone. Those Ma and Pa firms which were started from the ground up are no longer with us and what legacy firms that are still present have lost the guiding influence and vision of their founding patriarchs. Both avarice and greed are propelling a tidal wave of horrific proportions and the fact of the matter is that Labor no longer exists in any meaningful fashion. It is no longer en vogue to open one’s mouth in support of protecting the US Taxpayer or the homeowner, when proper. The Jew boys in Ohio proceed unchallenged and unfettered and will ensure that in the same way Congress has usurped the Constitution of the United States in a for profit scheme, so to will the Jewish Mongrels of Ohio create a genocide amongst Labor. The Mortgage Field Services Industry will never be held again by Ma and Pa contractors whom were the very ones bled dry by the Jew boys in Ohio to build the Golden Calves which are so worshiped by Eric Miller and those whom proverbially suck his pustule covered dick. Miller, the Labor hating hack whom receives a Temple Tax of over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, fears nothing from Labor as with the click of his fingers Contracts are diverted away should his Party Line not be toted.
I sit here, this evening, speaking to you from Area 51 Nevada. As I prepare my memoirs I am deeply troubled and concerned; I am deeply troubled by the fact that many of you today still reach out to me requesting assistance and yet you do not want to go public. I recently had a gentleman down in Florida who reached out and told me how horrific it was that Tongsua Management was really an extension of Snow Enterprises. That gentleman spoke to me about the crimes being committed by baby raper Mickey Snow and his son Russ; by Katrina Mickey’s daughter of a different marriage. He discussed a criminal enterprise, crossing state lines, using electronic means in the furtherance of an artifice and scheme and yet he was upset by the fact that his discussions with me was made public. His concern was not for bringing the knowledge of the rape of the 13 and 15 year old girls to the forefront, but rather that he would no longer profit from his relationship with the Snows and Porn Tongsua. 
I tell you this: I have lost everything bringing to light the criminality of this Industry; I have nothing to loose now. No longer does the fear of a lost meal or the sound of my son trouble or concern me. There is a kind of peace that accompanies a martyr as they traverse in between the world of the mere mortal and the realms of Thoth. Make no mistake whatsoever that for every dollar which is defrauded from Labor I will ensure that 3 are taken from Management. I have reinstated my CFPB Campaign and for those firms out West whom believe they are untouchable, the Altisource Campaigns have been reignited. No longer is Foreclosurepedia guided by the compass of what is provincial within Labor. Starting today, Foreclosurepedia declares open war upon the vassal lords of real estate whom utilize Labor as their down payment.

Foreclosurepedia is moving forward. We are going to ensure that those whom have tip toed through the wars over the past three years either begin to support Labor or are publicly exposed for the shams which they are. Neither California nor Arizona are exempted any longer. The time is nigh for Labor to fully understand precisely which Firms pose a clear and present danger to Labor and which Firms are sympathetic to Ma and Pa. If you honestly believe that you are insulated, I highly recommend that you review your email archives. I think no more about collapsing your firm than I do passing salt at the dinner table. Harsh? I contend not. For where were you when Labor needed you most? No, the time to rebalance the California Equation has come and the environment is ripe.

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