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Jay Goscinski: Eric Miller’s Pet Defrauds Mechanic In Michigan

Jay Goscinski, owner of Michigan Realty Solutions and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Golden Boy whom was hand picked by Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Miller BoxDirector whom is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, expanded his nefarious fraud to now impact non Mortgage Field Services Industry personnel. In an exclusive interview with Foreclosurepedia, Keith Evola owner of Evola Service in Mt Clemons, Michigan, lays out precisely how Eric Miller’s Golden Boy committed theft of services; fraud; and potentially grand theft auto below. Evola Service has some of the Highest Customer Reviews on Google as seen in their Google Chrome Listing. What we are witnessing is the wholesale rape not only of Labor which is being condoned by Eric Miller, but now Goscinski’s predatory behavior is injuring innocent US Taxpayers. Eric Miller and his family’s unjust enrichment, by and through his refusal to publicly warn unsuspecting Americans, is yet another example of why Miller and all whom support him, must go. There will be NO PEACE until Miller and his fanatic supporters are removed from their ability to continue to harm innocent and unsuspecting Americans. In light of the recent Mickey Dale Snow rapes, the question presents whether or not NAMFS will eventually be named in potential liability suits going forward.

Here is the exclusive on how Jonothan Gay Jay Goscinski defrauded EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS from a Mt Clemons, Michigan, ASE Certified Proprietor, Thanks again Eric Miller!

My name is Keith Evola, owner and operator of Keith Evola Service. Mr. Jonathan “Jay” Goscinski, came to my repair facility; Keith Evola Service, the second week of September, 2015. Jay dropped off his 2002 Gulfstream Sun Voyage RV with a large list of items in need of attention and/or repair. Jay also provided Evola’s with information and paperwork regarding an aftermarket warranty that Jay had purchased for his RV.

When Jay dropped off his RV the second week of September, one of the main issues he wanted addressed was his generator. Jay stressed to Evola’s the importance of having his generator repaired as soon as possible, due to Jay having a planned camping trip within the next week, that wouldn’t have available electricity on site. Jay mentioned to Evola’s that his generator was burning an excessive amount of oil prior to it failing. Jay also informed Evola’s that about a year ago an out of state shop performed an extensive amount of repair’s on his generator. Jay was told by Evola’s based upon what he was telling us, he would most likely have substantial amount out of pocket expense. Evola’s told Jay that his out of pocket expense would be due to contract deductibles and some of Jay’s service requests we’re maintenance items. Jay was also informed to anticipate additional out of pocket cost due to possible upgrades to systems that most warranty companies do not cover. Jay was informed of an obsolete part replacement prevision in the contract stating that the warranty company does not pay to replace entire components regardless if the parts are obsolete. Jay was also explained as to the warranty company’s policy is that they will only authorize the repair of a covered component, even if the component is not repairable and/or the parts are unavailable. This may sound ridiculous but this is the warranty company’s policy not Evola Services. Jay gave Evola Service a signed, blank check to cover the overages since he was supposedly going to be out of town.

Gay Jay Goscinski's NSF Check To Evola Service in Michigan --- Thanks Eric Miller!
Gay Jay Goscinski’s NSF Check To Evola Service in Michigan — Thanks Eric Miller!

After Jay dropped off his RV, Evola Service gave the generator a visual inspection. This generator is thirteen years old and is not even the correct generator for an RV, regardless of the fact that it may or may not be the one that the RV came with. The inspection revealed a catastrophic failure of the generator. Based on the visual damage and the fact that Jay had stated that the generator was burning oil prior to the catastrophic failure. Also taking into consideration the fact that an out of state shop performed an extensive amount of repair’s on his generator prior to us getting involved and we had no way of knowing the extent of repairs performed to the generator and furthermore, whether the repairs were performed properly. Our recommendation of repair would be to replace the generator rather than repair it. Jay was called and informed in great detail as to what our recommendation was and what his warranty company is most likely willing to pay for and what they’re likely, not willing to pay for. Evola Service is very familiar to the verbiage of these warranties having many years in the automotive repair business. Jay was then informed that the warranty company’s policy is that the customer must authorize the necessary diagnosis and disassembly prior to any repair authorization will be made. The warranty company’s policy is that they have to see the cause of failure. This is the warranty company’s policy, not Evola Services policy. Jay was also informed explicitly that he would be responsible for a substantial amount of out of pocket expense prior performing any repairs; including a $500.00 deductible per visit, which Evola’s has no control over. Evola’s then told Jay that we at Evola Service will work for him, not the warranty company and we will do everything in our power to get as much covered by the warranty company as possible without compromising quality and longevity of the repair. At this point we have not performed any hands on diagnostics or tear down and Jay was told that we feel strongly about our recommendation, based upon experience. Jay was told that there may possibly be another shop that might give him the option of repairing this generator but we will not take a chance on repairing an old thirteen year old unit with an unknown history and a second catastrophic failure. At this time, Jay had the option to get a second opinion. Jay chose against getting a second opinion. After having the above conversation with Jay, he gave Evola Service permission to proceed. Jay said that it had to be fixed and to do whatever was necessary. He also told Evola Service that he allegedly knew the CEO of the warranty company and he had some sort of inside pull with them.

Evola Service went ahead and called the warranty company. As Evola’s anticipated the warranty company insisted that Mr. Goscinski authorize removal and disassembly of his generator to verify the cause of generator failure. Per the verbiage of Warranty Company the customer is responsible for the necessary disassembly and diagnosing, prior to any decision and/or approval of repairs would be made. If our diagnosis reveals that the cause failure is a covered item, the warranty company will pay out a contracted amount for the requested repair and disassembly and/or diagnosing. This is AS PER THE VERBAGE OF THE CONTRACT.

Even though it was not practical to repair the generator in this case, the generator still had to be torn down per the warranty company’s policy, not Evola Services. Jay gave Keith Evola Service permission to proceed with the necessary tear down time in preparation for Warranty Company’s inspection. And again was told that he would have out of pocket expense and that will most likely be substantial.

We disassembled and diagnosed the generator issues and among others, we verified one critical part; known as the flywheel, was in need of replacement and was obsolete. Due to the oil burning it was determined that the piston rings would need to be replaced, this is an item that is clearly not covered in the warranty’s verbiage. We also confirmed that even if the flywheel was available, the additional parts needed were at least one week away.

We contacted the warranty company with our findings and hypothetical estimate to repair the generator per there request. All we could get the warranty company to pay towards the generator failure was $4657.47 the cost to replace the generator, with a brand new one, was $9532.00. The warranty company also charged jay two deductible because there were two visits due to Jay’s planned trip. Evola service had no control over this. We contacted Jay and explained the same as earlier, it is not possible or cost effective to repair this generator reliably and still be able to provide a warranty. This comment is further validated within the verbiage of Jay’s warranty “will not pay for the piston ring replacement” and the flywheel is an obsolete part. We told Jay what his balance would be to have a new generator installed. Per Jay’s request, knowing our time before his trip and for repair was limited, Jay requested we replace the generator first (so he can use it for his trip) and he would bring it back after his trip for the rest of agreed upon repairs. So as agreed we installed a new generator into his RV. We accomplished exactly what Jay asked for and we were able satisfy his vital request of having a generator for his planned “rural” camping trip. Jay told us that he was confident that he would be able to get the warranty company to pay an additional amount towards the generator claim. He said that he would talk with his friend at the warranty company.

Jay returned with his RV for the other repairs and to have the new generators first oil change performed, due to the new generator passing the break in period on his trip. He also adding quite a few additional things to the list of items to be repaired on his return visit.

We contacted the warranty company with the additional items that were added to the list, the warranty company sent another inspector out. The second inspection went well. One of the items was a microwave that needed to be replaced. This was another obsolete part and the warranty company would not pay the amount it cost to find a new-old stock microwave, per the obsolete part replacement prevision on the contract. That additional amount was around $350.00, Jay agreed to pay that because he wanted the exact microwave and again Jay said that his friend at the warranty company would authorize it.

One of the other items was a very slight leak at the hydraulic pump. This was a minor leak and we gave him the option to apply the amount of around $1900.00 to repair the leaking pump towards the upgrade cost of the generator. Of which he had no problem with. This may sound unorthodox but it was done in an attempt to relive some of the out of pocket cost from Jay.

After the repairs were completed on 9-19 we left numerous messages as to the amount due and that I was going to run that check through with no response. Before I ran the check I contacted the warranty company to see if there was going to be any additional compensation on this claim. I also informed them of the chain of events that have taking place regarding this claim including applying the approved amount of the hypothetical generator repair towards the replacement of a new one and applying of the money approved for a covered repair to be used towards another uncovered repair. According to them this was a gray area but they said as long as the customer was on board they were not concerned. Also according to the warranty company the claim was closed and the policy was also cancelled. They also told me that they did receive a call from him and they returned it twice and he did not call them back as of 10-10-15

We attempted to deposit Jay’s check and check was returned NSF. Jay was contacted and he did respond. When he was informed about the NSF check he said that if I would have informed him as to when the check was to be put through he would have transferred the money. We told him that we tried numerous times to contact him with no success, he did not respond. He then said again that he was going to contact his alleged buddy at the warranty company.

Around a week went by and he was again contacted, he again responded and said that he would be in tomorrow afternoon to make good on the check. I then sent him a text stating that I wanted cash. This was the last correspondence that we had with him.

On 10-13-15 we texted him that this matter needed to be resolved, storage charges have started and I plain on starting a garage keepers lien. That weekend he entered my property after hours and took his RV. Shortly after he made a post to the better business bureau stating, amongst other things that he “tried to work it out with me”. What a liar! He never once told us that he did not understand the chain of events and never expressed any issues with the way the chain of events transpired.

I have contacted the warranty company for their opinion as to the chain of events. Also informing them that us and the customer are in a dispute. They informed me that that don’t see anything wrong with the way we handled it and that it sounds like the customer had buyer’s remorse.

Mr. Goscinski’s reasoning for not paying will most likely be that he was allegedly told by someone at the warranty company that according to the inspection report his generator could be repaired. All the report stats is the damage to the generator. His other reasoning will most likely be that we billed the warranty for something that we did not do. My answer to that is if he wants us to refund that amount to the warranty company, we will, but it will only increase the amount he owes Evola service.

At this point Mr. Goscinski has not paid one red cent towards the repairs to his RV.

There will be no more plea bargains with those whom support Eric Miller. No longer will the status quo be maintained amongst those riding the fence. We are going to publicly withhold who you people are and we are going to ensure, financially, that there is a price to pay. The public power of the purse will speak if you continue to support Miller whom poses a clear and present danger to the economic foundations of the real estate sector and the innocent men and women of the United States.

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