Safeguard Properties: On Relations With ANYONE But Labor

Author Jeremy Barrick is the director of open orders at Safeguard Properties, the largest mortgage field services company in the U.S. He can be reached at jeremy.barrick@safeguardproperties.comBarrick’s quotes are taken directly from the DS News Article we cite below.

DS News, a fairly reputable publication whom subscribes to Foreclosurepedia’s Twitter Feed, ran a Safeguard Properties (SGP) Cheerleader Article a couple days ago which epitomizes precisely why Safeguard Properties (SGP) needs to be drummed out as rapidly as possible. It opens up with some relatively typical SGP rhetoric used to predominately lull both the US Taxpayer and Homeowner into a false sense of safety.

In business, the key to success is the ability to provide great customer service. Building a good rapport with customers or clients can launch a company ahead of its competition in no time, but that is not the only relationship that needs grooming. Establishing good connections with internal employees and third-party vendors can be equally, if not more important in some industries. — Jeremy Barrick, Safeguard Properties Director of Open Orders

Now, the Foreclosurepedia Nation has been aware of the latest Nazi, Herr Barrick, to hit the Front lines as we sent out alerts during the beginning of May, 2015. Alan Jaffa and Robert Klein, the largest exporters of Nazism I have ever witnessed within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, took it a step further, though, with their Dog and Pony Show hosted by the Head Nazi In Charge, Joe Iafigliola VP of Vendor Management. All the Nazis were in attendance including, but not limited to: SGP COO Michael Greenbaum, Russ Klein — no real title, simply an asslicker as I see it, and a couple of hack females to make the Nazi books look legit. Fact of the matter is that Barrick is telegraphing the inroads SGP is making with other firms vis-a-vis his LinkedIn Profile.

Barrick continued to lay out the Nazi Goosestepping swoon as follows,

These relationships are critical in the mortgage field services industry. National companies rely heavily on their partnerships with third-party vendors who serve as the boots on the ground network in the field. They provide a first-hand look into properties across the country, allowing field services companies to relay accurate and timely property information to their mortgage servicing clients. These third-party vendors, or inspectors and contractors, are the vital backbone of this industry. It is important for field services companies to maintain healthy relationships with that particular network. — Barrick on the alleged respect SGP has for Third Party Service Providers (TPSP). — Remember that term as it will cause great consternation in 2016 as it already has for Wells Fargo!

Now I’m not going to bore the reader with a detailed assessment of precisely what Barrick and his Nazi Jew Masters have in mind for the American public or the US Taxpayer — a simple viewing of the recent internal communications between several US Government Agencies and the letters transmitted thereto is enough. Make no mistake whatsoever that time in and time out Klein and his Merry Band of Fascist Jew Nazis have held their filthy lucre higher in accord than their own Torah.

The tables are turning, now. Uncle Sam and the rest of the Beltway Actuaries are taking note of the fact that the Temple Tax has not been paid and that the treyf actions ongoing at SGP are in need of atonement. I predict that Solomon’s Throne is now in jeopardy. I am rarely wrong for Thoth and I kick it on the weekends. 😉

What everybody didn’t expect was that a simple blogger in a county with one stoplight could topple the largest and most corrupt Trade Association, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Eric Miller, the fat boy hack whom collects over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, is in a world of hurt today. And here is a freebie, Eric: The hurt has not even yet begun. You see, we finally seeded both the Board and Committees with Patriots. 2016, as we predicted, is the year in which NAMFS becomes subservient to the People. And the travel vouchers, Eric? Yeah, we now know. So, for those whom thought that Foreclosurepedia was on the ropes; for those whom elected to believe that they truly knew what the fuck was going on, I submit that the Voice in the Wilderness has finally completed its 40 days and now is bringing forth that which the Mongrels so desperately feared.

Stay tuned this week as we begin to roll out the Mickey Snow Articles which were kept on ice due to what I perceive to be as undue governmental interference upon the media. Can you here me now Russ and Katrina?!

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  1. Aaron Aveiro  December 2, 2015 at 20:26

    What a ride this is going to be….E Ticket all the way!!!!

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