NAMFS Influence Peddlers Circling The Wagons

Aspen Grove Solutions now owns copyright upon the NAMFS Academy.

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The precarious position of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) #FraudFest 2016 is starting to become evident throughout the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In fact, there are many whom are now publicly vocalizing their opinions with respect to the fattening of Eric Miller’s coffers while some of the oldest and largest NAMFS Members are spiraling into bankruptcy. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR. This is nearly twice the national average pay for his position as seen by the graphic in our sidebar. Miller’s pay CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES which have many, including IRS Officials, questioning whether or not NAMFS is a legitimate non profit association and perhaps should be audited.

Any audit, though, would not impact Cityside Corporation. Cityside, a New Hampshire based Property Management provider, threw in the towel several weeks ago. In fact, Foreclosurepedia was the first and only media outlet to report upon their demise. Founded in 1998 by Chris Dolloff, Cityside’s operations, had grown to cover 45 states and to manage over 100,000 properties including the award of a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contract.

It is a fact that the NAMFS #FraudFest 2016 remains unfunded by SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS with only a month until it begins. And notably missing from the roster of sponsors are the bulk of the NAMFS Rank and File. The ONLY folks whom are coughing up the cash are the Influence Peddlers — the NAMFS Offender Member All Stars. It reads as a Who’s Who of #FuckLabor and slaps the face of minorities whom time and time again are the victims of fraud perpetrated upon they by White NAMFS Offender Members. And it gets worse. At a time when the Industry should be focusing on transparency and preparing for the next mega crisis which Foreclosurepedia predicts will hit full force around Q3 FY2017, people like John Bravacos, the HUD Backdoor Man whom is granted exclusive access to confidential HUD Investigations, are parading around like whores in Soho on a busy Friday night. Pricing Options

What we are witnessing is not dissimilar to that which is ongoing in the Presidential Race in the United States. Take a look at the graphic to the right side which lists the going rate for Special Interest Groups unfettered access to DNC Conference Insiders. This was taken from a recent article on The Intercept whom gleaned the image from The Hill. When you compare the access granted for Special Interest Groups to DNC Insiders and the Presidential Contender, Hillary Clinton, the NAMFS Conference Sponsorship is really no different. What I am driving at is the salient point that Adam Miles, NAMFS President for years running now, has been able to create enough capital to sponsor a Network Luncheon at the NAMFS #FraudFest 2016. As there is ZERO transparency with respect to precisely what data he has access to in his powerful position, it is impossible to discount the fact that his company has become unjustly enriched vis-a-vis this access. Both he and Miller have refused to allow for the NAFMS Income Tax Returns — the IRS 990 — to be filed and made available to the media as required under federal law.NAMFS Sponsors

The List to the right is taken from the website hosting the announcements and registration for the NAMFS #FraudFest 2016. There is not a single firm listed whom actually performs a single service in the field. And with only two exceptions with respect to Order Mills — M&M Mortgage Services and Precision Property Management — all have had multiple claims of fraud leveled against they by multiple minority business owners. ASONS, is probably one of the most prolific of the NAMFS Offender Members as their recent actions profited they a $29 Million dollar facility for $2 Million while refusing to hire Indiana Hoosiers as promised. In fact, Milan Thompson, the on again off again CEO of ASONS demanded a FIFTEEN PERCENT PAY CUT from his employees and fired those asking questions why. More on point, though, Thompson blamed all of his actions upon a mysterious “…pathological liar…” whom Thompson refuses to name.

Thompson said ASONS, founded in 1999, was put in jeopardy by a former company official, described by Thompson as a “pathological liar,” who falsified contracts for work that didn’t exist. By the time the falsified contracts were discovered, ASONS had committed to growth, hiring employees and moving into the former Wilson building.

Business as usual. While Milan Thompson is out screwing Indiana Taxpayers, hand-in-hand with Indiana Governor cum Trump For President Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence; while ASONS employees were required to take FIFTEEN PERCENT PAY CUTS, Thompson and ASONS are lining the pockets of Eric Miller as a NAMFS #FraudFest 2016 Sponsor. Thompson is providing the Conference Attendee Badges to the tune of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS — that is what is publicly known.

It doesn’t end there, though. In confidential internal NAMFS Government Committee Meeting Minutes obtained by Foreclosurepedia, it was revealed that NAMFS is repackaging their demands that Labor foot the bill for their failed education program. The Educational Modules, which were unjustly derived from Rob Preston, founder of Stallion, have been on a perpetual FORTY PERCENT PRICE REDUCTION and are a bone of contention with both Labor and the IRS. It is difficult to demand that Independent Contractors be required to pay for Training to NAMFS when they are neither NAMFS Members and are to remain W9 Contractors.

We saw, earlier this year, that the NAMFS Website began requiring new NAMFS Members take EVERY SINGLE EDUCATIONAL MODULE to become a full NAMFS Member if they were under the two year mark. To drive home the point of precisely how corrupt Eric Miller has become go no further than Aspen Grove Solutions. When Jim Taylor, SVP, Property Preservation, Wells Fargo Home Lending, shoved Aspen Grove Solutions down the throats of Labor, even those seated on the NAMFS Background Check Committee knew that it was a bad idea. The criminal infrastructure of Aspen Grove Solutions was well documented by Foreclosurepedia. In fact, Aspen Grove Solutions black listed our email address after we reported upon their activities.

NAMFS created the IRS 501(c)(3) NAMFS Academy several years ago as an educational entity. This means that any purchases and funds moving in and out of the NAMFS Academy are NEVER TAXED. Recently, though, Aspen Grove Solutions took over and copyrighted the entirety of the NAMFS Academy educational platform. This is becoming a far too cozy relationship with respect to how Wells Fargo has begun to take over both the Industry itself and NAMFS as a Trade Association by and through its proxy, Aspen Grove Solutions.

For the first time we are beginning to witness the great lengths to which Eric Miller has begun to intricately intertwine an incestuous network calculated to defraud minority, non NAMFS Members under the cloak and mantle of government auspices. Fact of the matter is that when HUD was contacted pertaining to whether or not the US Government requires background checks for Contractors whom perform services, the answer was a resounding NO! What this means is that Eric Miller and his cronies lied and continue to lie. In fact, now we have Sue Bunnell, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel for Contracts and Technology at Wells Fargo in San Francisco, stating there is no requirement from Wells Fargo to have background checks performed and now HUD states the same.

This was HUDs reply,

The short answer is that there is not an absolute prohibition on convicted criminals, and even felons, from being employed by either the prime contractor or subcontractors, assuming they have completed their sentenced time.  Mandatory background checks are required for any individuals requesting access to HUD systems, and would most likely fail the PIV clearance process (depends on nature and severity of the crime), if they required such access.  However, HUD does not mandate background checks for non-PIV’ed employees or subcontractors.  The prime contractors have the authority to require it of their employees and subcontractors, but it’s an internal decision, and they would still have to ensure compliance with EEOC (applying the practice consistently across all protected groups).

At the center of each and every one of these skimming schemes by white, privileged NAMFS Offender Members perpetrated upon minority non NAMFS Members, are the Irish Financial Terrorists, Aspen Grove Solutions. And mark my words, this is just the tip of the iceberg as NAMFS continues to spiral into insolvency.

Time and again, Eric Miller has laid his financial failures as an Executive Director upon the shoulders of minority, non NAMFS Members. Miller, in conjunction with with his Regime led by Adam Miles of Miles Preservation, have orchestrated one of the most prolific, grave threats upon the Industry that has ever reared its ugly head. Foreclosurepedia has already begun the process of filing an IRS 13909 Complaint against NAMFS for allowing a for profit Corporation to own, copyright and profit from the non profit protections afforded by the NAMFS Academy. And only with the approval of the NAMFS Board of Directors could this have taken place.


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