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Aspen Grove’s Background Checks Under Scrutiny – Again!

When Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Service‘s (NAMFS) Executive Director whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES rolled the dice on Background Checks as a way to unjustly enrich third party coffers, he probably never thought about the legal ramifications. In fact, when his good friend, Shari Nott, the washed up hag calling shots at National Field Network Now LLC demanded that Foreclosurepedia submit to a Credit Check and the paperwork labeled it as an Employee Credit Check, she probably was coming off another Valley View, OH, bender. After all, with Chris Crandell playing grab ass all over the office as Mickey Snow was raping underaged, mentally challenged females down in Eden, NC, just wasn’t enough of a rush.

Whole Foods, Home Depot and Wells Fargo are just a few of the big-name companies that have been hammered in the past year by employment class action lawsuits alleging they’ve failed to comply with the technical requirements of the FCRA when running background checks and credit reports on potential and current employees.

More on point, though, the Irish Mob over at Aspen Grove Solutions are adamantly opposed to releasing any statistics with respect to whether or not their SEVEN HUNDRED PERCENT markup Background Checks are doing jack shit. I mean Tom Kalas, the nimwit ambulance chaser over at Five Brothels has had Melissa Shankin on the payroll nearly as long as Joe Bada has been loosing his ability to remember what his name is. Hey Tom, I’m in Michigan for a couple weeks doing an Independent Assessment on your properties and interviewing Contractors, why not stop threatening Labor and give me a call?! My Latin is a bit rusty; however, I am fairly confident I have forgotten more than you will ever learn.

For those of you whom have spent your life on your hands and knees in front of Eric Miller, Shankin is the convicted druggie whom had GRAMS OF COCAINE, TAX LIENS and A CIVIL JUDGEMENT AGAINST HER FROM A FUCKING FUNERAL HOME!

Earlier this month, Philadelphia became the 12th U.S. jurisdiction to make it illegal for employers to obtain or use job applicants’ or current employees’ credit history in order to make hiring and other employment-related decisions, with narrow exceptions. In May, Congresswoman Maxine Waters introduced the Comprehensive Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act of 2016, which would also ban employers from running credit checks except in limited cases.

The reality is that Eric Miller and his impotent cackle of white oligarchs are loosing control of their cesspool of racist discrimination and unjust enrichment. Foreclosurepedia sat down with several #BlackLivesMatter advocates and had a very candid discussion pertaining to Miller and his white croonies. Part of the Interview was released on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast last weekend. The explosive reactions to the fact that Miller and his ALL WHITE NAMFS BOARD OF DIRECTORS never have and never will allow minorities onto the NAMFS Board substantiated a decades long belief that both law enforcement and the financial sector have had the fix in for minorities.

Does this mean that Eric Miller and the rest of his NAMFS Offender Members cum financial terrorists are going to get that 15 minutes of fame they apparently have been wanting for oh so long? Does it mean that, in conjunction with the NAMFS Board of Director’s refusal to file and provide their IRS Form 990 — the NAMFS Tax Return required, under federal law to be made public — that NAMFS Board and Committee Members are going to face civil and societal repercussions for destroying minority lives in assembly line fashion?

What is more on point, though, is the salient fact that John Bravacos has some serious soul searching to do. As legal counsel to the financial terrorists in Colorado Springs, CWIS, one has to ask how in the hell he is allowing a convicted felon to work in the office, let alone around financial records on US Department of Housing and Urban Development contracts. You see, the answer is elementary:  Bravacos is the HUD Backdoor Man. Bravacos, with unfettered access to HUD and the ability to move confidential information with respect to confidential investigations — violating federal law and attorney client privilege in my opinion — is one of the reasons why it will be business as usual under the MM FSM 3.10 Contract this year.

And here is what Eric Miller and his Backdoor Buddy Bravacos are not going to tell you, this sinking ship of pustule laden filth is going down rapidly. Instead of leaving CWIS whistleblowers alone, Bravacos had the gall to threaten and intimidate the potential federal witness. Tell you what John, pull that shit on me. And as you wanted to make everyone’s conversations known — mine and yours released to threaten the witness — I’m going to make your buddy’s financials and his confession that he “…[didn’t] care what anyone said about Mickey Snow. He is a close personal friend.” So, you let me know how that’s working for you Jonnie Boy; you give me a ring in 30 days after I formally lodge the complaints against your PA Bar and American Bar licenses. Do we read each other 5×5 now? Are we crystal clear? Yeah, might want to get a full disclosure because you followed his directions to obtain confidential information from your client, CWIS, pertaining to a confidential internal investigation and then passed it along. How about those good goddamn Canons of Ethics!

Let me clue you in on something there Big Bad Backdoor Man Bravacos, I know you are itching to attempt to force my silence through litigation. You ask your good pal Eric Miller how that worked out! Then, give your good buddy Heather Berghorst a call for the update on how that million dollar fraud scheme went. While you are at it, give her attorney a call. Shit, John, call Assurant’s lawyer for hire — I actually like the guy in full disclosure — and ask him what he meant when he called me prolific in my writing prowess.

In case you didn’t catch the Memo, I neither favor Labor nor Management. I favor legal and ethical business. This is a salient fact Jonnie. And while you may parade around with your pedestrian fear mongering like some Soho pimp slapping the bitch up, I give no more thought to ensuring the American Public — read the US Taxpayer Jonnie — are completely up to speed on a career now spiraling out of control in the Midwest than I do passing salt at the dinner table. The days of you has beens pushing people around are over. And what appears to me to be the clear and calculated flaunting of the law by discriminating against minorities have brought the chickens home to roost.

Pop quiz sport. You are staring down the double barrel of full disclosure. That mortgage is heavy and those side bills are piling up. Your clients are on the ropes based upon their OWN FUCKTARD actions. Not that your Oath as an Officer of the Court meant jack shit, but maybe and I mean JUST MAYBE you might want to read up on F Lee Bailey. This isn’t about Sam Shepherd, Jonnie. This is about debarment and bankruptcy — this is about the legacy you want to leave for your children. You circle around my back and threaten that Source and you think I lay down and lick my nuts? Son, it will be a spit roast that will make porn stars blush.

Do the right thing Jonnie, turn yourself into the proper authorities and beg forgiveness for your sins. With respect to me, I have no forgiveness. I am a Spanish Inquisition man, Jonnie. What your Clients and colleagues have done most recently; when Shari Nott made a Contractor and their family become homeless for refusing to pay over $40,000 and blamed it on HUD, continues to reaffirm that while the first decade of Foreclosurepedia has been informative, the second will be painful. How the minority community chooses to proceed, I venture the guess, will be #Epic. I am merely the Voice in the Wilderness Shining as a Beacon of Light to Labor. After all Jonnie, you remember Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert, don’t you?!

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