NAMFS: Fraud In The Inducement

Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, broke the Cardinal Rule yesterday. He implied that speaking to the media, speaking to Foreclosurepedia, would suffer penalty. Who do you think you are Miller to threaten Contractors with respect to talking to the Media?! Believe me, if you threaten me or my family I will not be as cordial.

Miller to Contractor: It has come to my attention that the information you provided to NAMFS, including the unsigned check which provides routing and account numbers, is now posted on a website called Foreclosurepedia.  It also appears that some of our personal correspondence has also been included which is unfortunate.

Miller, really?! Is the National Association of Mortgage Field Services really so terrified that it would rattle sabers in an obvious attempt to have a chilling effect upon Free Speech? Look Eric, back off the Obama Administration Talking Points for a bit and maybe wrap your few remaining brain cells around the fact that under your Leadership (or lack thereof) there has been more light shed upon the Netherworld of your corrupt Membership than in the entire 25 years it has been around. You, Miller, have single handedly brought down even the innocent Members of NAMFS to a level that they will never be able to remove the stain from their Names on Google.

Fraud In The Inducement: the use of deceit or trick to cause someone to act to his/her disadvantage, such as signing an agreement. The heart of this type of fraud is misleading the other party as to the facts upon which he/she will base his/her decision to act. Example: Stating that you will receive pay for work you perform.

So, I feel pretty safe here stating that each and every Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services I have reported upon are Guilty of Fraud In The Inducement. I additionally feel that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, its Board of Directors, its Officers and all Members whom are associated with the By Laws of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are Guilty of Fraud In The Inducement.

From the NAMFS IRS Form 990: The National Association of Mortgage Field Services, Inc. was established to encourage sound and ethical business practices in the mortgage field service industry.

So, I guess I am at an obvious loss to understand why it is that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services allows its Membership to defraud Contractors and illegally break into obviously occupied dwellings and steal homeowner’s possessions. I mean I would love to ask Eric Miller; the same Eric Miller whom receives WELL OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH YEAR AND NEARLY SEVERNTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES, but Eric Miller seems to be preoccupied with his chilling effects upon Contractor’s Free Speech than on whether or not his Membership is committing crimes.

NAMFS Foundation status is Pending

Mission Statement:
The NAMFS Foundation, Inc. is committed to educate, inform, and improve practices within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Vision Statement:
To develop and implement positive, cohesive industry standards, through education and certification, that will impact the Mortgage Field Services Industry long term, bringing the community together.

Cooperate with public and private agencies in the establishment of sound field service practices encouraging ethical business practices, and developing and implementing Best Practice Guidelines for the industry.

Now, as if helping their Corrupt Members Stash their Cash wasn’t enough, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is forming the NAMFS Foundation. That is where I draw the line. As a taxpayer I believe that one corrupt non profit is enough in the Property Preservation Industry. Enough is enough.

You really, REALLY have to wonder how much of a kickback Carol Boyd is paying Eric Miller and the newly spun up front organization the NAMFS Foundation. Hell, if the Mafia had it down like this they never would have been dismantled by the US Government!

The reality is that Eric Miller is a washed up, two bit hack; an Industry thug, whom couldn’t make it in the Industry. Nothing more glamorous. Miller and his Membership are indicative of why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is going to bring change. Contractors and Financial Institutions whom patronize the National Association of Mortgage Field Services would do well to take out stock in a good Public Relations firm. With Vendor Resource Management (VRM) and Julian Smith ensuring that disabled veterans are discriminated against while being defrauded, the American Public has had about enough of the sycophant behavior which seems to be the epitome of the bottom dweller class.



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