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NAMFS: If Our Members Screw You Oh Well

Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, has been working overtime in an attempt to protect Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation. Contractor after Contractor have been reaching out to Eric Miller in an attempt not to get paid, but to have the National Association of Mortgage Field Services apply the same set of standards against its Membership as it is demanding be applied against Contractors.

As a taxpayer, I personally foot the bill for what appears to be an organization of criminals. Now, I am not that current on the law; however, I do not recall any provisions wherein Internal Revenue Services Non Profit Status is conveyed upon an Association to assist in Ponzi Schemes. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services is an IRS 501(c)(6); a non profit business association.

Boyd Property Preservation is simply the most recent case of a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member accused of defrauding Contractors, committing Insurance Fraud and Federal Racketeering.

Eric Miller has done a good job of insulating himself and key Members of the Board of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Miller has refused to answer a single media inquiry sent to him with respect to any of the material we cover pertaining to the Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by National Association of Mortgage Field Services against Homeowners and Contractors.

Eric Miller receives WELL OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH IS NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES to do nothing other than protect the guilty within his Association. Truth be known, Miller is only doing what he was taught by his previous employers.

I find it odd when I think of folks like Milan Thompson of ASONS whom I did a by line on several months ago. While I was hopeful that there were several Order Mills whom were honest, the reality is that any Member of any Association whom chooses to co mingle with criminals is no better than the criminals themselves. Knowingly sending checks with insufficient funds across state lines and then refusing to make good on them is criminal.

Thompson’s opinion is that there is nothing he can do. Really? So, if you have your child in Boy Scouts and the Troop Leader is molesting them is that your opinion as well? Is there not a set of By Laws wherein law abiding Members are able to lodge a Complaint against offending Members? Oh, my bad. Eric Miller is the Gatekeeper.

My advice to Contractors currently working for ASONS: Get out while you can. We know that many of you rely upon us for information; I would begin to taper my work loads and begin seeking a new Client by Q1 of 2014.

That Statement is not off the cuff. When I emailed Chuck Sokol, Chairman of the Membership Committee of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and Vice President of ASONS, it was immediately sent to Eric Miller. Miller became both enraged and paranoid because of the language I used.

The reality is that Chuck Sokol was instrumental in streamlining MULTIPLE issues for ASONS while still employed at Lender Processing Services. In the same way that Eric Miller paid his dues on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and now receives almost every penny that its Membership pays in Dues, so Chuck Sokol greased the wheels on the back end at Lender Processing Services — take a long, hard look at where Contracts went and how they were awarded if you think I bluff — now he sits on the front end in a posh job at ASONS and has access to each and every Membership file which flows in and out of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

To expand upon this just a bit, everyone remembers the debacle within the National Property Preservation Guild when Board of Directors were alleged to have utilized Membership information to enrich themselves by and through Order Milling. You see, the story never changes, just the actors.

For those National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members whom are sitting on the side lines, we want to ensure that everyone gets equal reporting time. We want to ensure that as everyone at the National Association of Mortgage Field Services seem to be supportive of the defraudment of Contractors; that as it appears that cheating Firemen and Disabled Veterans working upon US Department of Veterans Affairs Contracts held by Vendor Resource Management (VRM) out of their pay is en vogue, we are going to help everyone associate themselves with this reprehensible behavior.

Your Company’s Good Name associated with Anti Veteran and Anti Firemen. That will go a long ways in helping you Public Image. And here is the kicker: Nothing you can do unless you state publicly that your fellow Member’s behavior is wrong. The legal term isacquiescence. You agree, through your silence, that you condone Carol Boyd’s defraudment of single mothers, firemen and disabled veterans whom served during wartime.

So, I’m working through a bunch of email right now; some email from Eric Miller to Contractors stating, in essence, that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services has no issues with what is going on; business as usual I guess. The bottom line is that Eric Miller is a prime example of what is wrong not only with the Property Preservation Industry, but with the United States. Any human being whom would allow Members under his Executive Directorship to defraud anyone let alone disabled veterans whom served during wartime is a disgrace to humanity.

Miller’s inaction represent to me that he and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are Anti Veteran; Miller’s inaction is indicative of being against single mothers, firemen and in essence against the 99%.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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