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This entry is part 29 of 69 in the series All The Usual Suspects
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NAMFS Creates New Compliance Requirements … As Usual

This entry is part 29 of 69 in the series All The Usual Suspects

CWIS LLC HUD 3.8 Awardee’s Son

Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, knocked the dust off his pom poms and rolled out yet more requirements for Labor yesterday. Amazing. And coming on the heels of Miller’s refusal to remove NAMFS Associate Member InsuranceTek, whom is under criminal investigation by the State of Washington’s Insurance Commissioner, the dye is cast with respect to Miller and his crew. I mean when you hide from your own membership the salient fact that you know their insurance provider is  under criminal investigation, what little credibility left has been swept away. We all knew that; everyone whom reads Foreclosurepedia knew full well that Miller is as corrupt as they come, caring only about his $120,220 annual salary which now consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues.

Compliance. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean NAMFS has a lot of gall in light of Shari Nott’s Coast-to-Coast fraud spree topping above that of the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary Heather Berghorst.

Don McPherson JR

It gets better, though. Eric Miller’s pal Don McPherson had a huge homecoming event. You see, McPherson’s son whom strangled a 15 year old girl to death and his semen was found in her body, just got out of jail on the 10th. And Foreclosurepedia has been speaking with the victim’s family. Foreclosurepedia has begun compiling a database on the criminals which Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) have been harboring. Just a few months ago, Carolyn Ramagos’ son, Wesley D Carrier was released from prison in Colorado. Ramagos and her husband own CWIS LLC and were awarded the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.8 contract. CWIS was also under investigation by the HUD Office of the Inspector General for fraud, waste and abuse. Not to be outdone, though, is Shane Buczek, son of Dan Buczek. Shane went on a fraud induced spree which landed him in a federal penitentiary. After his release and after Foreclosurepedia’s reporting, we received death threats originating from the router in the Buczek residence.

Time and again, Eric Miller does his best to pass off his inexperience and greed as technical proficiency as the NAMFS ED — Erectile Dysfunction not Executive Director in my opinion. I mean I have met a lot of incompetent assholes in my career and none and I mean NONE OF THEM can hold a candle to Miller. Time and again he’s in there like a washed up carnie hocking something new. I mean you have to give him some credit. Miller, the NAMFS degenerate that he is, continues to believe that the Circus Circus sideshow of Las Vegas is finally going to land for him. And you know, maybe it will. Maybe when he’s wearing that brand new orange jumpsuit from some forlorn, backwater county jail, he will get that gift that keeps on giving.

You see, with all things NAMFS, you never have to wait too long for the Next Big Thing. Take clear boarding, for example. You want to talk about some Jewish Mafia kind of election rigging shit? Take a read through Robert Klein’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of political donations using every address and job title — including self employed I shit you not — known to man. You know, some things go beyond the pale of simple greed. This is a religious and institutional move in that Klein continues to believe that no one will fuck with him because the Nazis murdered Jews in Germany. Fuck that shit. When you exploit this misguided belief that because you are a Jew your are owed something fuck that and fuck Klein! And apparently I am not the only one whom believes it.

You see, Robert Klein read a Chapter out of Joseph Goebbels playbook. If you tell a big enough lie long enough it will soon be believed. SecureView is nothing but bullshit. Their patents are bullshit as the process was created by HUD for the installation of the product. More on point, though, polycarbonate was pioneered by DuPont — yeah, irony there! No one and I MEAN NO ONE, can give you a technical specification sheet. Shit, even Fannie Mae doesn’t know what in the fuck is going on. In fact, nowhere in the 1156 pages of Fannie Mae’s Servicing Guide, do they define clear boarding. So, to recap, Eric Miller’s pal, Robert Klein, controls a market which cannot even be defined, as yet. In fact, the feather in his hat, Ohio House Bill 463 is nothing more than a prepubescent wet dream as Ohio Governor John Kasich’s office refused to say what could be used besides plywood. And the reality is that Miller is out whoring around trying to scrape every penny together that he can and clear boarding is just another one of his tricks without any forethought. Five years of active warfare with Foreclosurepedia has bankrupted NAMFS whom do not even have enough cash on hand to pay his annual salary.

The very fact that both Ohio Governor Kasich and Assurant Field Asset Services are refusing to require SecureView, whom recently blocked Foreclosurepedia on Twitter for negative reporting upon their product, goes to show that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is in free fall. And if you think it is going to get any better, you are sadly mistaken. Moreover, Foreclosurepedia stands by its prediction that by the third quarter of this year, not only will we have seen yet more bankruptcies of NAMFS Members, but the US Economy will be entering into yet another free fall.

Here, take a read through Assurant Field Asset Services guidelines released today in a proprietary and confidential memo to vendors,

As seen, a new defined expense limit for Clear Boarding has been issued and requires your immediate attention.

Clear Boarding is an alternative to traditional boarding. It is the installation of a clear, polycarbonate board-up system and gives appearance of traditional windows, yet secures and allows in natural light. Clear Boarding secures the property without readily revealing its vacancy.

Assurant’s policy on clear boarding will follow that of FNMA, in that only polycarbonate material is approved. Other materials, such as acrylic or Plexi Glass, are disallowed. Assurant’s Field QC Team will be performing on-site quality checks of completed clear board ups to ensure compliance with FNMA required materials and installation.

Assurant does not require vendors to purchase from any specific provider of materials for clear board ups. Vendors are free to purchase materials from any provider of choice, just so long as the materials used meet FNMA guidelines. Vendors are welcome (but not required) to explore options available through common industry providers such as Secureview and Invisiboard.

Miller: Property of Foreclosurepedia

So, how about that latest round of NAMFS Compliance? AllyConnect alleges that they are the be all end all. I don’t know. I mean we heard this same old line of shit when Aspen Grove Solutions came along and Miller sold everyone down the creek with a nearly One Hundred Million dollar a year sewage standpipe. So, where are we going on this ride? While Miller will never return emails nor phone calls, the reality is that if AllyConnect is going to hang its shingle, they must be both transparent and distance themselves from NAMFS lest the appearance of being yet another money grab persists. See, that’s the deal at the end of the day. The stench of NAMFS and its crony Board Members; the need for AllyConnect to assiduously demonstrate its independence, will be a razor’s edge to walk most assuredly.

One thing is for sure. No matter which way the wind blows, Miller is a washed up carnival hack. The Fat Lady has retired, NAMFS is all but bankrupted, and Foreclosurepedia owns Miller’s fucking balls. Granted, the emasculation of someone whom thought that they would destroy me is not a pretty sight, the reality is that Foreclosurepedia is magnanimous. Foreclosurepedia, always a Friend of Labor, is the last line of defense which the Mortgage Field Services Industry has. Like a beacon of light, shining in through the wilderness of corruption and fraud, Foreclosurepedia draws the line in the sand so that Minority Females and Labor always have a safe haven from the treachery of NAMFS Offender Members.

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