NAMFS Labeled Insecure By Google

Eric Miller Refuses To Protect NAMFS Member Credit Card Information

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Eric Miller and his Merry #Fraudsters appear to finally have hit the end of the road. As predicted by Foreclosurepedia months ago, Google has begun to implement their requirement for HTTPS. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has sent multiple articles to Eric Miller, personally, in a plea to protect hundreds of NAMFS Rank and File Members. To date, Eric Miller has refused to do such. To many, this comes as quite the shock as Miller is out pounding the pavement attempting to sell yet another round of compliance with the bill footed by Minority Females and Labor whom can least afford it. Whether NAMFS merely could care less about its Membership or, as Foreclosurepedia has demonstrated that NAMFS is financially insolvent, the jury is out on. What is clear is that NAMFS, one of two Mortgage Field Services Industry Trade Associations, is demonstrating that it no longer has the wherewithal to guide an already fractured and nearly bankrupt Industry.

And while the error messages currently implemented by Google are low key, by the end of the month we are going to see precisely what is coming down the pike for NAMFS.

Foreclosurepedia, for years, has implemented HTTPS. We not only implement it on the front facing side and upon all of our subsidiaries, we additionally employ a plethora of fail safe encryption technology, secure telecommunications and redundant server backups. And therein lies the irony. A man whom lives in a county with only one stop light is far more sophisticated and technologically advanced than the very criminals, like Eric Miller himself, whom incorrectly believe that they control the Industry. More on point, though, HTTPS; the certificates which employ SSL, are free — YES I SAID FREE! Let’s Encrypt has extremely plain english instructions on how to obtain and deploy these. Of course, though, we all remember that Eric Miller’s Irish pals, Aspen Grove Solutions, could not even deploy the SSL Certificates which had been paid for on the NAMFS Academy.

NAMFS alone, though, is not the only Industry entity which does not deploy HTTPS. Nearly SIXTY PERCENT of all NAMFS Members whom have websites are insecure. Foreclosurepedia will publish a list next week on those along with specific mechanisms which need to be fixed. While this is risky as it will make public to hackers their vulnerabilities, we believe it is both in the public interest and is legal thus it will force compliance. Regardless, NAMFS and its Membership will soon see the label on the right appearing on their websites beginning at the end of the month from Google. I sure would like to see Miller and his #Fraudsters try to force Google to change that!

Assuming Chrome 56 will be released on January 31st, that gives you two weeks starting today to get your site running on 100% SSL to avoid the new “Not secure” message appearing on your login pages. So, the next time Eric Miller comes demanding money for yet more bullshit that NAMFS itself refuses to implement, tell him to suck your dick!

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