Another NAMFS Associate Member Linked To Fraud

Eric Miller Hid NAMFS Associate Member Insurance Fraud For Months!

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Times are getting hard for National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members like Verde Building verdeSolutions. Verde is out hiking up their skirts in an attempt to get Labor to come dance with them. Verde, ran by Ron Staley, is one of those folks whom is a real piece of work. Matter of fact, just type Verde Building Solutions into Google and you will see the Foreclosurepedia Article at Position Two on Page One of Google. They owe quite a few folks money and have never seemed willing to accept their responsibility, like most NAMFS Offender Members, to pay Minorities and Labor what they are owed. You can see their offer for free gas, on the right, if you will get on your knees and take one for #TeamRegime as published on LinkedIn. It is simply yet another tragic display of how bad things have become in the Mortgage Field Services Industry under the leadership — or lack thereof — of Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director.

The reality is that internet continues to increase Foreclosurepedia’s ability to connect the dots of NAMFS Offender Member fraud within the Industry. We are now better situated to closely scrutinize these connections by visualizing them as Semantic Data. We are far more capable to better leverage this big data and push out relevant, actionable intelligence in a real time setting today in formats like our #FireWire xml framework. You would be surprised to realize precisely whom subscribes to these feeds — FireWire is a service to run OSINT investigations on Labor and Management.

One of the interesting things that came up on the radar was the nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS of fraud perpetrated insurance-tekagainst the Industry by and through InsuranceTek, a NAMFS Associate Member. Eric Miller was forced to make a special NAMFS Newsletter release when Miller and Company could not figure out how to clean up the mess. InsuranceTek, ran by Vicki Boser an Insurance Producer — An Insurance Mill. Vicki Boser is also NAMFS Associate Member! Here is their Insurance Commission file. I have written to both Eric Miller and Brian Carney, Cochrane Agency’s Executive Vice President to get a better understanding of the length and breadth of the fraud perpetrated by Boser. Cochrane is the firm whom took over responsibility for the fraudulent insurance policies, Boser was pushing out. For a period of time, yet undetermined, anyone whom had insurance through InsuranceTek, had no insurance at all. I want that to sink in for a moment. In essence, anyone whom stated they had insurance lied. When NAMFS Order Mills bumped that work upstream to the financial institutions, they lied when they stated that the work was insured. When the financial institutions submitted, for payment, to the US Government that the work was insured, that too was a lie. In the latter statement, it is most serious, as potentially financial institutions became a Conduit of Fraud and submitted False Claims in violation of the False Claims Act.

I had the opportunity to speak with Carney several minutes ago. Carney is a very amicable gentleman and struck me as both honest and cordial. He was a pleasant man with a mess on his hands. Carney stated that Eric Miller was informed of the problems three months ago and that the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s office has been conducting an investigation pertaining to Boser and InsuranceTek for the past several months. In fact, Carney referred us to the Special Agent in Charge whose name we will not disclose today until we speak with him.

At the time of reporting, I found it ironic that not a single case had been opened up against InsuranceTek or Boser on the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s website. What is more important, though, is the simple fact that Eric Miller and the entire NAMFS Board of Directors and its Officers knew three months ago about what their fellow NAMFS Associate Member, Vickie Boser, was up to.

I want to be clear that Cochrane Agency has a problem on their hands; however, it isn’t their fault — to a point. Due diligence is something which new firms like AllyConnect might be able to head off at the pass. Steve Salimbas, proprietor of AllyConnect appears to be onto something. While Salimbas has not returned any requests for further information, I am cautiously optimistic that the New Year might actually allow for a candid discussion as Compliance helps everyone — Not just Eric Miller and Company.

This is the first time Foreclosurepedia is able to directly associate Miller and Company with criminality. Miller had knowledge of consumer harm ongoing and sat on that evidence for several months; Miller and the NAMFS Officers. I the-beginning-is-nearhonestly believe that they have done this to protect Boser, a NAMFS Associate Member. It is always the same: Joe Hummel, Heather Berghorst and the list goes on. The NAMFS Newsletter which was signed on behalf of all NAMFS Officers, originated from his email address on 06 December 2016. At no time whatsoever did Miller and Company choose to inform the NAMFS Rank and File of the true reasons of why Cochrane Agency decided to pick up the bag of shit that they did from Insurance Tek. More on point, though, this is a repeat of another NAMFS Board Member, Heather Berghorst. Berghorst, the now disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary, defrauded over One Million Dollars from Minority Females and Labor. When both she and Eric Miller launched unsuccessful attempts to sue Foreclosurepedia, Berghorst filed bankruptcy. Her bankruptcy, though, was even called into question by both Fifth Third Bank, whom Foreclosurepedia assisted in investigations, and also the bankruptcy court itself whom refused to grant a total bankruptcy.

So, Milan Thompson, while you sit up in that mansion paid for by Labor whom you fired while your pal John Bravacos got up on that Trump Swamp Tromp, you ask yourself this: How many more emails does Paul Williams have and when is he going to release them?! I am publicly coming for those on the LPS Blacklist, my man! While you may have the luxury of religion; while you believe that cancer is cured by your god, money, Labor believes in Foreclosurepedia, Always a Friend of Labor!

Folks, if you are a NAMFS Member and do not push for the NAMFS Board of Directors to launch an investigation, you are as criminal as Eric Miller. You have the legal right to demand such in accordance with the NAMFS By Laws. I know that you believe that by remaining silent you are going to keep your work, but look, NAMFS is already teetering on bankruptcy! I never have and I never will go to bat for those whom remain silent to make a buck. You folks know what is right and wrong. You have the opportunity to vocally inquire and bring accountability. I am telling you tonight that either the right foot is put forward or you will all hold the Bag of Shit Eric Miller has paraded around as roses!

Editor’s Note:  Foreclosurepedia Incorrectly identified Vicke Boser as a NAMFS Board Member. Boser is a NAMFS Associate Member. Foreclosurepedia apologizes for promoting Ms Boser to that level. The below was sent from Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS, to myself and Washington State Insurance Commission Investigators, moments ago, with typical bluster,

As a point of importance, Ms. Boser is/has not held a position on the NAMFS Board of Directors. InsuranceTek has been an Associate Member of NAMFS for several years but that is all.

 Foreclosurepedia’s reply to Miller and the Investigators is as follows,

Let’s make sure we are all on the same page Eric. The 100% patently false is bullshit. I reached out to you and you buried your head. Whether you were scared or on a NAMFS sponsored junket I do not know nor care. NAMFS, according to its IRS 990 is financially insolvent. You refused calls and emails. Not exactly the role of an Executive Director. I mean why not come clean to these investigators on precisely EVERYTHING NAMFS knows?! And that tracking pixel trick your pal Carney planted? Bet.
More on point, though, would you like to discuss Heather Berghorst, NAMFS former and disgraced Secretary whom defrauded nearly $1 Million from Minorities and Labor? That is in the bankruptcy records and you knew about that for over a year and refused to do anything. Altisource’s General Counsel went on the record in that case and in the case of your promotion of Jay Goscinski whom you pushed through and defrauded yet another $1 Million. You possess the forged federal mold inspections on that case as well! How about the $1.5 Million SEAS defrauded or the nearly $2 Million Buczek Enterprises defrauded? I digress though as you are nothing more glamorous than a washed up carnie. Perhaps stop hiding behind your Board and answer a question for the media on occasion. My phone works. You have my address and yet NAMFS refuses to make public its address — unheard of in the history of non profit organizations.
Regardless, you and your Board knew for months about this. You put the entire integrity of the FHA 27011 and the foreclosure process itself in jeopardy in not announcing such and by keeping this woman in NAMFS. But you did that with Berghorst, Goscinski, Boyd, Buczeks … the list is long and distinguished.
I published a retraction as I was incorrect on the title of the woman. You want something more on point, feel free to let me know as we both have opinions and I will gladly publish upon yours. Problem is that for nearly 5 years NAMFS has refused to speak. Ironic, as I fund your #FraudFest as a US Taxpayer. Let us not bullshit around and try to spin this on me, though. Be a man for once; grow a pair, and protect consumers.
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