Milan Thompson: The Hatred Of Labor Runs Family Deep

The Prologue to the dirty bag of tricks Milan Thompson has been employing in support of NAMFS.

Recently, a Member of Labor reached out to Foreclosurepedia requesting information with respect to ASONS. As many will recall, Milan Thompson, CEO of ASONS telegraphed to Labor, earlier this year, that not only did he have PHno respect for Labor, but he had no respect for the taxpayers of the State of Indiana. In fact, Thompson stood on a stage playing grab ass with Indiana Governor and Trump Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence preaching the gospel of jobs, community redevelopment and all manner of benefiting the taxpaying citizens of Indiana. And what did Thompson and Pence give those whom were ignorant enough to believe his typical National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) bullshit story? Precisely what Donald Trump has given the American Public: Impotence and lies.

You see, the same lies which Pence’s running mate, Donald Trump is spouting off, so to did Milan to a Member of Labor when discussing why he refused to discuss the human atrocities committed by some of his best friends like Mickey Snow, the purveyor of work to many and the rapist of under aged, handicapped females.

Hit me with a stupid stick, but I have Fannie and Freddie contracts and hope someday to get my foot in the door with Wells Fargo, why in the world would I ever come out against an organization that helped me grow, then allowed me access to contractors across the nation when I grew from a small regional to a national? — Milan Thompson, CEO of ASONS

Milan Thompson is a man whose ego is far more notorious than mine. Going all the way back to his early days of entering into the Mortgage Field Services Industry, Thompson leveraged his first conquest: His friend’s wife. High profile hatred of Labor usually goes hand-in-hand with taking that which is not theirs. Our Series, though, is not about infidelity. If it were, then it would probably end there. Our Series is about revealing the deep, dark and twisted way which many of the Godfathers of the Industry were able to enrich themselves at the cost of Labor.

There is always a commonality of criminal bedfellows, an incestuous intermingling if you will, amongst those at the highest echelons of NAMFS.

To understand the rhetoric emanating from Muncie we must first understand the Regime which is in control of ASONS. Earlier this year, the Drive By Media joined Foreclosurepedia in questioning the legitimacy of Milan Thompson’s money grab, from Indiana taxpayers, with respect to reneging upon guarantees of hundreds of jobs in the Rustbelt in exchange for a Thirty Million Dollar high school for pennies on the dollar. Thompson ascribes his inability to make good on his promises to Indiana taxpayers as being completely the fault of a “pathological liar.” Thompson, in fact, refuses to name this mythical individual whom he states is responsible for all the woes of which ASONS is currently experiencing. In fact, in financial statements released to Foreclosurepedia from Thompson himself, ASONS appears to be on extremely shaky grounds. Those financial statements will be released, later this weekend, for the public to draw their own conclusions.

During Foreclosurepedia’s tour of the ASONS facility in Muncie, we encountered what might only be termed as a Guantanamo Bay internment camp. On every wall and in every cubicle were Thompson’s Bill Well Memedof Demands. This document was a list of demands which were required for employees to continue to be employed. It was reminiscent of brainwashing techniques I have reviewed when studying Dr Joseph Goebbels whom was Adolf Hitler’s Chief Propaganda Minister. It should come as no surprise, though, as Thompson is a former US Army Intelligence contributor and confessed as much during our tour. With photos of he and his staff overlooking ASONS personnel from the walls like a Stalinist gulag, the National Security Agency (NSA) could learn something from Thompson when it comes to the eradication of the human spirit.

When it comes to accepting any type of responsibility, Thompson takes a page from his pal, Pence, whom along with Donald Trump, have categorically refused to play a role. This dystopian environment is a common theme with respect to the Thompson Regime. In email after email to Foreclosurepedia, Thompson blames everything upon others while seemingly attempting to curry sympathy for himself for having to take a hiatus due to illnesses in his family. As you will read below, The Star Press interviewed several current and former ASONS employees whom dared question the Dictator-in-Chief of the ASONS Regime,

Employees or former employees who contacted The Star Press this week expressed concern that the proposed pay cuts were so high that they would jeopardize their own family’s income at the expense of keeping the company operating.

“The group meeting ended with, ‘What if we don’t offer to take enough pay cut, what happens then?’ The answer was, ‘Here’s the door,’” said Eric Laughner, who was terminated as project manager in recent days.

Laughner said he agreed to take a 24 percent pay cut. He said he was fired after raising questions and complaints about the latest in a series of job changes in his two years with the company.

Time and time again, the Thompson Regime has been a failure at that which they have attempted to put forward. Most recently, their onboarding of Carrington Home Solutions (CHS),  has proven to be an abysmal failure. In fact, The Four Stoogesafter being allowed access to the lady appointed over the CHS portfolio, we noticed a commonality with respect ASONS employees: Fear and Abject Depression. The measure of any healthy company is how employees are allowed to interact with both colleagues and visitors. Thompson demands that an employee immediately cease that which they are doing, come to a seemingly rigid attention, announce their name and occupation and stare forward. I was reminded of old newsreel footage of how those departing the Hanoi Hilton, during the Vietnam War, engaged in conversations upon release. Going even further is the terrifying Stalinist technique of secretly embedding Vendor Managers within the pool of rank and file which Thompson bragged, “No one knows whom the Vendor Manager is. I feel that keeps the fox out of the hen house.”

The Thompson Regime’s Muncie Facility is one fraught with contradictions. Thompson, a former computer science student, seemed proud when allowing Foreclosurepedia to tour his computer Crackheadoperations room. As one whom has lengthy experience with both interviewing Anonymous in our #OpISIS Series which was profiled on the Council of Foreign Relations digital magazine Foreign Policy, Foreclosurepedia is fairly well versed in both white and black hat technology. Standing in front of us was a lonely rack with one blade box. The lights, which would normally be blinking much like a Christmas tree appeared to be much like Thompson’s employees, dejected and without purpose. Thompson seemed most proud about having the cool air flowing from the ground up. While perhaps capitalizing upon energy efficiency, my After Action Report (AAR) reviewing the photos was left highly unimpressed. The Thompson Regime’s computer hardware is much akin to their antiquated Simple Office Solutions (SOS) program which fell out of being viable along with Max Headroom and Microsoft’s Disk Operating System (DOS) still utilized by Safeguard Properties.

Cognitive dissonance is a term used, by many, to describe Milan Thompson’s megalomaniac behavior. Over the snow-and-attorniesyears, Thompson has been personally involved with and supportive of Mickey Snow. Snow, owner of Snow Enterprises, whom was an international fugitive arrested in Thailand while on the run with his on again off again wife Somporn Hewitt-Tongsua. Tongsua, is the owner of Tongsua Property Management. Foreclosurepedia ran a Series on Mickey Snow and his flight from justice to avoid the prosecution for the multiple counts of rape of handicapped and under aged girls in the rural North Carolina town of Eden. In fact, it was no Eden for those defenseless girls whom were prostituted by their mother to her former employer, Snow.

Thompson, as many NAMFS Offender Members, paints a markedly different picture of Mickey Snow. In fact, when confronted with not only the reality of Snow’s international manhunt, but also with the fact that a Grand Jury had indicted Snow on multiple counts of rape upon under aged and handicapped girls, had this to say with respect to his personal friend,

I haven’t talked to Mickey in about a year…was a good friend of mine. I’ve been with him personally a dozen times or more. — Milan Thompson, 01 October 2015, to Foreclosurepedia

When confronted with even more damning evidence, Thompson, in typical Regime fashion, doubled down,

[…] I am here to tell you that Mickey was my friend and I’d probably go visit his stupid butt in prison. I have many Mickey Snow stories and  all are positive. — Thompson to Foreclosurepedia

Mickey Snow helped place Milan Thompson and his Muncie Regime on their path to profitability. Neither ashamed by Snow’s alleged involvement in bribery scandals at Harrington Morgan Barksdale, a former US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Contract Awardee, nor Snow’s utilization of his wife, Somporn Tongsua and Tongsua as a front to obtain minority awards and employment by firms such as PK Management, a current HUD M&M Field Service Manager (FSM) Awardee, Thompson had this to say,

Back in 2004 when we were a nat of a company and we decided to try and win a HUD contract we were put in touch with Mickey as someone who could do your [sic] HUD inspections.  He came into our 600sf office and listened to me and my plan and how we would do it.  I will remember his words that actually gave me strength and confidence, he said “Well, I don’t know if you will win or not but you sure know more than most and have an excellent plan that is better than all I work for now who have HUD contracts.  You can count me in, and in fact, I believe that you will someday have a bigger organization that [sic] I do.”

It has become quite apparent to many that Thompson’s meteoric rise within HUD is due, in no small part, to Mickey Snow and those whom skulk in the dark netherworlds of HUD contracting. The Thompson Regime employs one of the most controversial of all consultant cum lawyers, John Bravacos. Bravacos represents both ASONS and the recently investigated Countrywide Inspection Services (CWIS) husband and wife team, Dave and Carolyn Ramagos. Like a moth to the flame, Bravacos recently demonstrated precisely how deep into the gutter he was willing to wade. After a year long investigation into CWIS by Foreclosurepedia — the very same CWIS whom attempted to defraud Foreclosurepedia years ago — Foreclosurepedia ran a podcast interview with respect to the tyrannical measures the Ramagos’ were willing to exert in order to continue unjustly enriching themselves.

Billy Maysonet, a native Puerto Rican, had complained for over a year about the racist and criminal behavior with which he had been rewarded with for his years of dedicated service to HUD, two separate Snow Collage 1HUD M&M FSM Awardees and CWIS. In fact, CWIS has been the object of an ongoing inquiry by the HUD Office of the Inspector General and specifically by Special Agents out of the HUD Tampa Field Offices.

Foreclosurepedia, a Friend of Labor, is proud to announce that Maysonet was paid the nearly One Hundred Thousand dollars owed by Thompson’s friends, Dave and Carol Ramagos. Fighting for nearly a year, CWIS was finally forced to pay that which they owed. Appalling is the direct attacks upon Minorities by CWIS and Thompson stood by, the entire time.

Foreclosurepedia spearheaded the demands calling for probes into the claims by Maysonet. During the course of those investigations, Bravacos had personally involved himself into the process and had this to say when reporting back to Thompson, It is being fixed. — Internal ASONS email from John Bravacos to Milan Thompson. And why would Thompson have such an interest in the outcome of the Ramagos Regime in Colorado Springs? The Thompson Regime were instrumental in establishing Dave and Carolyn Ramagos by and through their assistance with respect to HUD early on. And if you are starting to see a direct correlation between ASONS – CWIS – PK Management and Mickey Snow, then you are spot on.

The attitude of most National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members has always been that they are above reproach; that in conjunction with the supporting of multiple layers of fraud, they will not only financially survive, but thrive, in in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. With Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, whom is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, at the helm, a decade of fraud, waste and abuse has allowed for the fleecing of US Taxpayers out of billions of dollars.

Tomorrow, we are going to begin to drill down upon how Milan Thompson and how his Regime began to worm their way into the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We are going to release taped interviews which have never before been heard before. These interviews are with those whom were privy to the Thompson – CWIS – Snow Enterprises Axis of Evil. Over the weekend, we are going to discuss precisely why the attacks upon Dyn today show precisely how fragile ASONS soft underbelly is and why Carrington and others may want to begin to distance themselves in the coming weeks.

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