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CWIS and Mickey Dale Snow: Anti Trust Violations?

Years ago, when Countrywide Inspection Services (CWIS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) member, got their larger start in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, Milan Thompson, the on again, off again Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for ASONS, partnered with and played a pivotal role as a mentor. In fact, Thompson, whom has been under attack for refusing to release the name of the “…pathological liar…” whom he blames for mandatory fifteen percent pay cuts by ASONS employees and bilking Indiana Taxpayers out of a $29 Million dollar facility for pennies on the dollar, has quite a few hands in the Industry Pot. A longtime friend and confidant of Mickey Snow, the same Mickey Snow whom is pending trial for raping two underaged, handicapped females, multiple times, in Eden, North Carolina, Thompson also has ties to Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

CWIS, a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) FSM Prime Vendor, has been under fire from multiple quarters recently. Billy Maysonet, a native Puerto Rican based in Carolina, PR, alleges they owe him nearly One Hundred Thousand Dollars amongst a litany of criminal accusations leveled at Dave Ramagos, CWIS CEO. During the course of the investigation, as earlier reported by Foreclosurepedia, ASONS attorney, John Bravacos, HUDs Backdoor Man, was able to transmit information pertaining to the confidential Maysonet investigation to personnel whom had no need to know. More on point, though, questions remain how Bravacos, the former HUD Philly HOC Director, was able to access this information and what his statement, “It’s being fixed,” actually meant with respect to the confidential Maysonet Investigation.

The attorney-client privilege is the oldest privilege recognized by Anglo-American jurisprudence. In fact, the principles of the testimonial privilege may be traced all the way back to the Roman Republic, and its use was firmly established in English law as early as the reign of Elizabeth I in the 16th century. — John Bravacos seems to have forgotten this salient point.

Fact of the matter is that Maysonet was only one of multiple Subcontractors whom threatened liens for CWIS refusing to make payments for services rendered upon HUD REO properties. It didn’t stop there, either. Revelations are now coming to light from former CWIS personnel whom have stated to HUD Officials that CWIS was involved in a complex scheme to bilk both HUD and US Taxpayers out of money through a plethora of mechanisms including fraudulent issuance of Demand Letters for Payment.

John Bravacos, HUDs Backdoor Man, is identified as threatening and intimidating at least one potential whistleblower. The source, a former CWIS employee, whom has already spoken with HUD Officials, stated that Bravacos threatened him with respect to bringing forward their allegations of criminality. The source stated this occurred under the auspices of a Non Disclosure Agreement.

An official Foreclosurepedia contacted at HUD stated,

An NDA wouldn’t protect from criminal activity, of which the False Claims Act would be, if the prime knowingly invoiced for services that were not rendered.  The informant certainly wouldn’t need to fear reprisal from this office.  I’m a taxpayer as much as I am a Federal Employee, and while I have positive business relations with our better performing contractors, none would receive protection from myself or my staff when it comes to such allegations.  We would likely try to coordinate through OGC and DOJ, since an AUSA would need to try a False Claims Act case, should the information check out.  It would also be prudent to give the HUD OIG a chance to investigate.

It doesn’t end there, though. For years, there has been such a pervasive level of fraud that a recent lawsuit against Five Brothers and US Bank started the ticker at $100 Million. As we reported then and as is apparent now, the US Department of Justice is easily bought off — especially when your former law firm represented the perpetrator and gave a sweetheart deal to only days before.

There are nearly two thousand articles on Foreclosurepedia which stand as a testament to the corruption and criminality overseen by NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller. Miller, whom receives OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR, CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES AND TWICE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE SALARY FOR HIS POSITION, has served as a surrogate and shelter for the NAMFS Offender Members over the years. And as Safeguard Properties, the former cash cow for NAMFS, is slowly being replaced by Aspen Grove Solutions, a targeted approach against non NAMFS minority members is now underway with respect to forced training of independent contractors. Aspen Grove Solutions, a for profit corporation formed by a foreign national, whom have copyrighted the educational portal and material of the NAMFS Academy, a NAMFS non profit 501(c)(3), stands as a testament to the fact that Miller will stop at nothing to ensure he and his family’s coffers continue to overflow.

Foreclosurepedia wrote an entire series charting how there was no substantiation to Aspen Grove Solution’s claims in HousingWire that they had been in the United States, for years, prior to Jim Taylor, Wells Fargo’s Bagman hitching their sails to NAMFS. Ingenious. The US Government requires no background checks and more on point, though, NAMFS members themselves don’t use Aspen Grove Solutions, by in large. Only minority non NAMFS members have to pay — and pay each and every year for each and every company.

And how about those secret meetings which Eric Miller hosted for Jim Taylor, Wells Fargo, to push Aspen GroveAspen Grove Address Solutions? How about the secret meetings where Aspen Grove Solutions were given the educational command, control and copyright to the NAMFS Academy? Really, though, how about the salient fact that Aspen Grove Solutions is run out of a 3 bedroom, two bath home, built in 1934, listed on Zillow. Ah, yes!

Now, according to Sean C Ryan, Aspen’s CEO, they have been around nearly as long as the earth itself as it would seem. Ryan, when speaking with HousingWire, made it seem that their storied history ranked up with the Declaration of Independence and they appeared to partner with Al Gore in the creation of the internet. These are bald face lies that Eric Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors refuse to investigate — just like refusing to investigate Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Secretary, whom defrauded over a million dollars from Labor.

In early 2013, Miller and Deanna Alfredo, then NAMFS President, orchestrated two calculated conspiracies. First, Miller and Alfredo began to conduct and discuss surveillance upon Foreclosurepedia. NAMFS Board Minutes reveal this. Second, Alfredo and Miller began to engage Jim Taylor, Wells Fargo, to create a mechanism which would both generate revenue for an Association in serious financial jeopardy; enrich the original founders through a highly complex network of both financial and perk orientated schemes; and finally address the desire for bloodletting by the masses — background checks.

Today, class, we are going to walk you through precisely what type of arrogant, fucked up Potato Famine Micks have been screwing you since I first broke the story in 2013.

When Sean C Ryan looks people in the eye and states that Aspen Grove Solutions has been around since 1997, it is a bald faced lie — ealaíontóir con comes to mind. Now, taking into consideration the fact that he is involved with Eric Miller, I understand that this Fresh of the Boat Mick might think he is in protected company, but the fact of the matter is now HousingWire’s credibility is called into question — strike that. HousingWire has no credibility. Fact of the matter is that I actually have the hard copy of that magazine.

Seán Ryan knows his company must adapt in a fast-evolving environment, where the order of the day is compliance. As CEO of property management technology provider Aspen Grove Solutions — a firm he founded in 1997 — he is all too aware of the challenges ahead in the arena of distressed assets.

In fact, HousingWire, itself, knew this to be a lie as Kelly Curran, a writer for HousingWire, ran a piece on 24 NOV 08 in the Tech Roundup attesting to the fact that Sean C Ryan was still hocking his wares at Aspen Grove INC. What Ryan didn’t mention was the fact that 12 days after that he was going to fold up shop and book, yet again. Know where Sean C Ryan went? Glad you asked.

On 07 JAN 09 Sean C Ryan spun up Aspen Grove INC 14618 WATER COMPANY RD, CASCADE, MD through a Registered Agent.  Not missing a beat, Sean C Ryan, along with Ed Buckley whom was the Secretary and Padrag O’Sullivan, whom was the Chief Financial Officer on 13 JAN 09. Their Missouri Operations were based at:  14303 LAKE ROYER DR #140, ST CHARLES, MO. I shit you not! This time, though, he got rid of Horan and Patrick — fucking Americans asking all kinds of inconsiderate questions I would think.

At 1507 EDT on 15 January  2013, Aspen Grove Solutions came to America — literally. Five days later, it finally existed in Ireland on 20 February  2013. These are important dates to remember. Now, Sean C Ryan, the good Mick he is, would leadPaddy Ryan everyone to believe that Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) has been around a blimey long time. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Aspen Grove INC (AG) came to the United States in meaningful fashion — allegedly — on 18 February  1999 in Dover, DE. AG spun up a Foreign Corporation in Boston, MA, on 18 February 1999, as well. Problem is that Sean Ryan was not a meaningful part of Aspen Grove INC. In fact, Ryan was a Board Member whose address was Aspen Workflow, 14 Bridge ST, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. Monica M Horan, 20 West ST, Sharon, MA, was the President and Eric B Patrick, 22652 Leaflock, Lake Forest, CA, was the Secretary. 155,556 shares were issued out of 1,000,000.

Normally, this is Standard Operating Procedure but there was a problem. The Foreign Corporation Certificate signed by Horan and executed in accordance with the General Laws, Chapter 181, Section 4, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which contained the then Secretary of State for the State of Delaware Harriet Smith Windsor’s signature, contradicted the legal incorporation in Delaware as being 27 SEP 01 — Make note of this as it becomes a common theme as we begin to show the failed and collapsed US Companies Ryan spun up and down much like changing socks. Not just Aspen Grove INC, but Datasol and many others we will introduce you to including Ryan’s Pals Sue and Richard Lee down in Florida as our Series continues. Hell, we even introduce Padraig O’Sullivan! It’s like a fucking Potato Famine Reunion with all the Bog Jumpers in attendance!

From 2001 – 2003, Ryan was removed from the AG Board of Directors without explanation. In fact, Horan was listed as President and Board Member and Patrick was listed as Treasurer, Clerk and Board Member. In 2002, Patrick moved from CA to 119 Dorchester ST #9, Boston, MA. Additionally, the official address of AG had changed to 101 Federal ST #1900, Boston, MA; however, no Amended Foreign Corporation Certificate was ever executed. The law abiding citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would have to wait another two years. It should also be noted that in the EXPIRATION OF TERM section all parties were listed as UNTIL SUCCESSORS ARE DULY QUALIFIED AND ELECTED. —This is a common and recurring theme as well.

Even more bizarre is when you submit the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Massachusetts Foreign Corporation Annual Reports to a forensic analysis. In 2001 Patrick is listed in California; in 2002 he is listed in MA and then in 2003 his original California address is listed. On all three year’s Reports, two types of fonts are used with respect to address entries; and a different person processed the writing of Horan’s name in 2001 whereas the same person wrote it on the 2002 and 2003 Reports.

On 18 February 2004, two years after the fact, AG filed an Amended Foreign Corporation Certificate  stating they moved from 220 Reservoir ST #25, Needham, MA, to 101 Federal ST #1900, Boston, MA. That was thoughtful of them; all law abiding and shit, all about due diligence and compliance two years after the fact. On the same Certificate, Sean Ryan makes his return appearance as Treasurer and Secretary; Horan as President and Director. And Eric B Patrick? Well, you know how those ‘ol Micks operate — he just vanished. Patrick was either a confused kid or Ryan and his Team were lying under Penalty of Perjury.

By 2005, Aspen Grove was obviously spiralling downward. The Annual Report for Domestic and Foreign Corporations which they filed was a disaster. Specifically, the Report states FORM MUST BE TYPED. This seemed to be an afterthought to AG. Originally, Horan was listed as the President, Treasurer, Secretary and Director. This is all penned out and Sean C Ryan is penned in with an address of 15 Lioscarraig DR, Cahersale, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. This is yet a new address Ryan has listed.

In October, 2007, yet another Certificate of Amendment is issued which, this time, renames Horan as President and Director and Sean C Ryan as Treasurer and Secretary. The 2007 Annual Report, once again, disregards the FORM MUST BE TYPED and looks like a pen committed suicide. It alters Sean C Ryan’s Cahersale address to NO NUMERICAL ADDRESS, An Coinin, Sackville Ardfert, County Kerry, Ireland. Pay attention to the fact that Line Item 5 lists the corporation’s principal office as:  17 RESEARCH PARK DR, ST CHARLES, MO. Finally, on 05 DEC 2008, Aspen Grove INC ceased to exist in Massachusetts with the filing of a Foreign Certificate of Withdrawal. The final, legal address is listed as:  KERRY TECHNOLOGY PARK, TRALEE, COUNTY KERRY, IRELAND — kinda. You know those Micks, they always have one or three up their sleeves.

Secret meetings between competitors, regardless of what they are said to be discussing, is a serious no-no under U.S. antitrust law. In fact, though, these meetings have been ongoing for over a decade. Mickey Snow was firing up the Christmas Parties for Dave and Carolyn Ramagos, in conjunction with Tongsua Management. PK Management is well aware of precisely what was going on as when Foreclosurepedia initially voiced concerns pertaining to Tongsua Management as a Mickey Snow front, PK Management refused to conduct due diligence. The address wherein both Mickey Snow resided and was arrested was the same as that of Somporn Tongsua of Tongsua Management. This is the same Somporn Tongsua whom accompanied Mickey Snow during the international manhunt which finally detained Snow in Thailand and Foreclosurepedia reported upon. We were the first to report upon his arson; his felony convictions; and finally the age, gender and mental state of the victims he is accused of raping multiple times.

Time and again, Eric Miller’s NAMFS Offender Members are at the scene of the crime. Eric Miller, employed in Stow, OH, is either THE MOST UNLUCKY SON OF A BITCH IN HISTORY in his associations with these folks, or he is being paid one hell of a lot to keep his mouth shut. I personally believe the latter as he is a former LPS hack. And remember, ASONS, as other NAMFS Members, made it a HUGE PRIORITY to hire former LPS Managment whom had access to their score cards. Chuck Sokol, former ASONS C Level Staffer, oversaw scoring on ASONS contracts for LPS and was later given a six figure a year salary by Milan Thompson. Know where Chucky is today? Aspen Grove Solutions!

And if you want to know why the fraud committed against African Americans by NAMFS Offender Members like Safeguard Properties — yes we have the most recent Contractor Statements — is most horrific, here is a statement by Richard Codrary, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB),

It may become difficult even to pass a background check to get a job. Our report last year found that of the consumers who live in low-income neighborhoods, almost 30 percent experience complete credit invisibility and another 15 percent have insufficient credit histories to generate a credit score of the type that lenders typically use.

What this means is that when Eric Miller and his cronies sit down, in secret, to craft actions like back billing and charge backs, those least capable of sustaining this menace are time and again cut off at their knees. Even as National Field Network, a NAMFS Offender Member, demanded credit checks of Foreclosurepedia several years ago for work, Eric Miller and his legal counsel knew that this was a contentious issue. In fact, we now know that it is illegal in 12 jurisdictions, including Philadelphia. Aspen Grove Solution’s comment on this? Silence. And it makes sense as their supporter, Wells Fargo, just settled a multi million dollar class action lawsuit on this very same issue. First Advantage, Aspen Grove Solution’s bullshit OSINT background check provider is still reeling from the class action suits they are facing for botching the background checks they provide to Aspen Grove Solutions!

Eric Miller is starting to resemble Heather Berghorst as she was in 2012. What the Board of Directors need to consider is do they believe that when Foreclosurepedia is done sharpening its pencils, do they have the where with all to withstand the concerted effort to defend against the #ForeclosurepediaNation’s asymmetrical and protracted attacks against both business and personal prestige? Adam Miles is put on Notice that I am personally coming in the coming weeks with respect to the type of OpEds that all have come to privately enjoy!

Stick with Foreclosurepedia as we start kicking in the doors, beating ass and taking names. It’s all aboard the #OpNAMFS train! And Eric Miller and his minority defrauding cronies? All back of the bus and shit!

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