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John Bravacos: HUDs Backdoor Man Take Two

John Bravacos, former US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Philly HOC Director, has been making a name for himself for the past decade opening doors and consulting upon the HUD Management and Marketing portfolio. And as Foreclosurepedia has been reporting upon for the past several months, Bravacos has been moonlighting as an Enforcer for Countrywide Inspection Services (CWIS), a HUD Prime Vendor. Dave and Carol Ramagos, the CEO and real shot caller of CWIS respectively, have been embroiled in scandal after scandal ever since we aired our interview with Billy Maysonet of L&B Management down in Puerto Rico. That is the same Carolyn Ramagos whose little boy is doing state time in Colorado while CWIS defrauds minorities like Maysonet.

Bravacos has been the center of attention in several social media circles with respect to what level of access by private citizens constitutes a violation of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). More on point, though, is the salient point that CWIS, Bravacos’ client, is allowing for the movement of former personnel relieved after fraud investigations back into the fray. And with respect to use of HUD C Number access into the P260? It’s a free for all!

And like it or not, Mickey Snow, the man whom raped two underaged, handicapped girls in Eden, NC, was the Christmas Party provider for the Ramagos’ down in sunny Florida. The question which presents is whether or not Bravacos knew Snow was raping the girls and whether he turned a blind eye as he has to the prolific fraud ongoing at the Colorado Lovenasium.

And how precisely does Carol Ramagos feel with respect to HUD investigating CWIS? Here, let her put it in her own words, the very same attitude which Milan Thompson, ASONS on again, off again CEO helped originally mentor,

Even if you plan to call HUD again, we have handled that situation the first time you did and we can handle it again. — Carolyn Ramagos to potential federal witness in Florida.

We have been speaking with Five Brothers personnel whom preach a very similar gospel. It is well known within the Five Brothels camp that Melissa Shankin, the convicted drug felon and tax evader, has had continued unfettered access to the HUD P260 by and through a shadowy interwoven web of shared P260 access. And the reality is that with only minimal investigation the HUD Inspector General could easily identify this pattern and practice. A close backtracking of the paperwork through semantic searches would potentially reveal the mother lode. And coming on the heels of hiring the Queen of Robo signing Erla Carter-Shaw by Five Brothers as, get this, Compliance Manager, Tom Kalas must believe he is untouchable.

Fact of the matter is that for years Melissa Shankin, Vendor and Operations Manager (depending upon which emails you read) for Five Brothers, is a convicted drug offender. She has a felony record for possessing under 25 grams of cocaine. With a tax lien for nearly EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and multiple judgments against her, including one from JARZEMBOWSKI FUNERAL HOME INC, one has to wonder precisely where Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), stands. I mean are we saying that Aspen Grove Background Checks for NAMFS Members are never to be conducted? Miller’s full scale assault upon Labor, with mark ups at seventy times the market rate for identical background checks, stands as a testament that it is business as usual on HUD Contracts. In fact, the HUD Departmental Security Policy which is horrifically failing, has not been updated since 1973. In a scathing 62 page HUD OIG report released in March of this year, it was revealed that, HUD could not ensure that acquisitions staff effectively implemented personnel security processes for contractor employees — a term used to describe firms like Five Brothers and other Third Party Service Providers including Prime Vendor Awardees.

That is reassuring, though, to others like Amy Edgil and Erla Carter-Shaw  — the same Erla Carter-Shaw whom was Executive Vice President, at Taylor, Bean and Whitaker. The same Erla Carter Shaw whose proliferation of signatures are legend in robo signing circles. Carter-Shaw, whose boss, Lee Farkas, defrauded $2.9 Billion dollars and was convicted on 19 April 2011, and profiled on American Greed. In a statement ot Farkas’ sentencing judge, the Honorable Brenkema, Five Brothers Compliance Director, Erla Carter Shaw had this to say about Farkas,

I have known Lee Farkas for the last 10 years. Mr. Farkas has been my employer since 2000. He has also been my mentor and sounding board. During this time I have found Mr. Farkas to be a kind and generous person.

Going hand-in-hand with yesterday’s bombshell article about the fraudulent spin up of Aspen Grove Solutions and their being based out of a 1934 three bedroom, two bath house listed on Zillow, one really must begin to inquire precisely whom is being background checked. More on point though, Eric Miller, Executive Director, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has been lying along with his cronie over at Wells Fargo, Jim Taylor, whom both conspired to defraud minority, non NAMFS members of Labor. The smoke and mirrors which Miller, whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year which consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues, made even the most hardened Credit Derivative veterans shudder. In fact, while Miller lied to both NAMFS Membership and minorities comprising the most vulnerable segment of Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, he and Taylor concocted a scheme which they almost pulled off, by stating that Wells Fargo demanded these background checks — and that only Aspen Grove Solutions, at seventy times the national average cost could provide them!

When Sue Bunnell, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, Senior General Counsel for Contracts and Technology left the backdoor open, we posed the question as to whether what Miller and her colleague at Wells Fargo were lying. Not only did Bunnell state that the average contractor was not required to have a background check, she additionally was unable to clarify where in any federal law any background check was required for Labor — yes, that included Regulation Z and all of Dodd Frank; the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the rest of the financial alphabet soup agencies to boot.

We then reached out to HUD and posited the same, identical question, in an attempt to figure out how Tom Kalas, Five Brothers, was able to employee a hardened drug felon and tax evader,

The short answer is that there is not an absolute prohibition on convicted criminals, and even felons, from being employed by either the prime contractor or subcontractors, assuming they have completed their sentenced time.  Mandatory background checks are required for any individuals requesting access to HUD systems, and would most likely fail the PIV clearance process (depends on nature and severity of the crime), if they required such access.  However, HUD does not mandate background checks for non-PIV’ed employees or subcontractors.  The prime contractors have the authority to require it of their employees and subcontractors, but it’s an internal decision, and they would still have to ensure compliance with EEOC (applying the practice consistently across all protected groups).

So, now we have a very serious problem. You have those convicted of embezzlement at CWIS working in the office as stated by a potential federal whistleblower whom John Bravacos, HUDs Backdoor Man, is threatening and you have convicted drug felons — not refer mind you, but cocaine which is used as a cash cow by terrorists and drug lords — employed by Tom Kalas at Five Brothers. They are swapping access to HUDs coveted P260 like freshman swapping spit at the first football kegger of the year. And you really, really gotta ask yourself this pertinent question:  Is HUD capable of policing the very contracts which it puts up for bid? More on point, though, do they want to?

Foreclosurepedia isn’t the only one whom feels that Joe Bada’s Gang Rape of Labor is over. Fact of the matter is that Bada is gone. His once proud company lies in ruin; his technology he harped about in his 2013 blowhard article not even worthy of a byline in the annals of n00bism. Bada’s harpooned daughter, under the thumb of Kalas, have been steadily running shit into the ground for awhile now. More on point, though, we are hearing rumblings that the $100 Million lawsuit filed as a Qui Tam against Bada and US Bank for defrauding the US Government by and through the False Claims Act is gaining some new traction much to the angst of the former law firm whom sold the original Relator up the creek and slapped each other on the back.  I mean take a read on how Tom Kalas blatantly states that neither the banks nor the US Government are entitled to the best bid!

Fuck Tom Kalas! I am a taxpayer and Kalas, you can suck my dick! Your refusal to allow for the US Taxpayer — that’s me Captain Fucktardia Kalas — is par for the course at the Eleven Mile Cesspool!

I think HUD is coming around to the simple fact that the National Order Mill dinosaurs have outlived their usefulness. And while those out in Arizona honestly believe that by double teaming up on the scraps left over by Thompson and the boys, much like High Fiving Gang Rape, is the answer, the reality is that for nearly a decade now, Foreclosurepedia has been putting together dossier after dossier crammed full of audio recordings, emails and documents.

And it may not be a moment too soon. In fact, my colleagues over at Wall Street on Parade just ran a piece on Citigroup cranking up the Credit Derivative Swap (CDS) mills again.

In total derivatives, as of the end of the first quarter of this year, the OCC reports that at the bank holding company level, Citigroup has now eclipsed even JPMorgan. Citigroup now holds $55.6 trillion in notional amount of all types of derivatives versus JPMorgan’s $52.3 trillion.

That article came on the heels of this,

Deutsche Bank is starting to resemble the financial basket case that Citigroup became in 2008, leading to Citigroup’s partial ownership by the U.S. government for a time and the bank requiring the largest taxpayer bailout in U.S. financial history. Citigroup’s teetering condition and its interconnectedness to other mega banks played a critical role in the Wall Street crash and collapse of the U.S. economy.

Deutsche Bank stock is down sixty four percent since last year, this time. More on point, though, Deutsche is heavily leveraged and spinning out of control. Here is what I mean,

$17.32 billion in equity capital versus a portfolio of derivatives coming in just south of $50 trillion notional.

Now remember class and let me break this down in only the way a trained media specialist like myself is capable of doing,

We are mopping up the FHA disaster right now. As Foreclosurepedia earlier reported, FHA insured notes are a thing of the past since 2014. FannieMae is in a position of heavy liquidity. We have moved over to the 3/620 home loans where the home buyer has no skin in the game as mommy can cough up the 3 percent; and in an election cycle where no matter whom wins the markets will tank like a bad day after Brexit hangover.

So, the volumes, in ever cyclic fashion, are getting ready to register on the Richter Scale again. And you know what? The fraud, waste and abuse which Eric Miller and his cronies heap upon hard working minorities is beginning to wear thin. In fact, I have yet to see a statistic that shows Aspen Grove Solutions background checks conclusively have made the Industry more safe. I have yet to see the statistics which reflect the fact that back charges are down — as well they should be. Most on point, though, is the simple fact that Aspen Grove Solutions has no idea whom in the fuck is even working on any jobsite.

You see, Foreclosurepedia spent several months working undercover utilizing multiple check ins for the Aspen Grove Solutions – Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) system. Both systems are categoric bullshit. They are both cash cows for Eric Miller and his family, though. Fuck PPW and fuck the Potato Famine White Trash Micks! We report upon that later this month and you won’t believe the bullshit these fucktards are selling.

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