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This entry is part 11 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud
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Five Brothers: Why Won’t Tom Kalas Present All Bids

This entry is part 11 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

There are two documents displayed below. The first document is a Confidential Internal Email/Memorandum from Tom Kalas, General Counsel of Five Brothers. The second document is a Judicially Sealed – In Camera Insurance Whistle Blower’s Lawsuit. These documents are part of a slew of information Foreclosurepedia has compiled with respect to Five Brothers and what I perceive to be as an ongoing Insurance Fraud. It is my opinion and to date, no law enforcement have substantiated my opinions.

Five Brothers, owned by Joe Badalamenti and a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, knows that higher bids profit Five Brothers more than lower bids. Below you will see the Internal Memorandum from Tom Kalas, General Counsel for Five Brothers. Many may remember Joe Badalamenti as a subsidiary of Five Brothers, ForeRunner, was hacked by Anonymous recently. This Article is more of a Request For Information.

My opinion is that Five Brothers, along with other unknown individuals, defrauded Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Investors and the US Government through a practice of grossly overstating damages and/or facilitated the basis of Claims filed upon erroneous Police Reports orchestrated across state lines purporting to be Vandalism when, in fact, there was no Vandalism. I further believe that Five Brothers and other unknown individuals systematically obtained Insurance Claim Payments; were compensated for all phases and aspects of implementation of all repairs; and then concealed the illegal basis for the institution of these Claims and Repairs from Insurance Companies by use of cut outs at the Insurance Adjuster level.

With respect to Five Brothers‘ Clients, Financial Institutions and the US Government I believe that Five Brothers and unknown individuals submitted or caused to be submitted a series of False Claims and Statements in violation of the False Claims Act and that Five Brothers‘ Clients, Insurance Companies, Investors and the US Government were not afforded the ability to have submitted to them all bids for aforementioned wherein they would be able to make an informed and educated decision with respect to selection of bids thus causing permanent and irreparable financial damages.

Based upon ongoing information Foreclosurepedia is receiving, I believe that Five Brothers is involved in a MASSIVE insurance fraud scheme to boot. For quite some time now, Five Brothers has been performing Insurance Inspections, submitting Insurance Claims, filing Police Reports to support samesaid Claims and then performing the Repairs from which they profit from. The vast majority of the Insurance Claims we are interested in originate from their Client US Bank.

While doing Insurance work is not in and of itself illegal; while immersing oneself into ALL ASPECTS of the Insurance Claims Process is not necessarily illegal, I believe that instructing Contractors to submit Police Reports which attest to the fact that Vandalism is the boilerplate causation of everything from leaking roofs to broken driveways is illegal.

I am neither an Insurance Claims Adjuster nor a Lawyer nor do I play them on TV. I do not pretend to know whether or not US Bank gives a damn about whether or not they are getting the best deal for their money. What US Bank does NOT WANT is to have an army of state and federal regulators opening up a can of worms. I would tend to think that the Underwriter for ANY INSURANCE COMPANY would want to have more than one option and preferably the ability to determine which bids are available. With respect to any US Government Properties I am pretty sure that any knowledge of bids which save the US Government and by proxy myself as I am a taxpayer is to be given to the proper authorities.

From a recently obtained Five Brothers internal email from Tom Kalas, Five Brothers General Counsel to Christina Hankey and Melissa Shankin (the same Melissa Shankin which had both civil and criminal judgement and convictions respectively) it is apparent to me, at least, that Kalas does not agree that Five Brothers has either an ethical or legal obligation to submit all bids to their Clients.

We used to call this Cherry Picking. A General Contractor would Cherry Pick bids wherein they were able to make more on the percentage back end to line their pockets. Now, I do not know whether or not Five Brothers is doing this; what I DO KNOW is what Tom Kalas wrote and I believe it is noteworthy for ALL OF Five Brothers Clients and the US Government to take Notice.

We want to speak with any and all Contractors, Insurance Company(s), Five Brothers employees (former or present), Clients, Financial Institutions and anyone else whom has ever been involved with the Five Brothers Insurance Claims Process. We treat all of our Sources with the highest level of anonymity. We are additionally compiling information on behalf of several Law Firms for anticipated Whistle Blower Litigation (Qui Tam – False Claims Act Action). What this means to you is that you very well may be entitled to a tremendous amount of money for providing information. My belief is that the Scope of the Matter far exceeds ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

This Is The Confidential Internal Memorandum Issued By Tom Kalas With Respect To Cherry Picking Bids

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