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Why Property Preservation Could Get You Killed In My County

East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia and Northern North Carolina have always been War Zones for Contractors in the Property Preservation Industry. Everyone out here is armed and generally armed to the teeth. We are Mountain Folk and generally have a disdain for Outsiders. Recently, the community I live in, an extremely rural community, has experienced a high level of breaking and entering. This, coupled with the fact that our sheriff has been missing for almost a year and three recent escapes from the Grainger County Jail, makes where I live a very dangerous place to come to if you have license tags from out of the area.

I normally do not discuss a whole lot about where I live other than the fact that it is rural and we do not like Outsiders. There is one stop light in the entire county and that is the way I like it. The moonshine is good and issues are generally handled outside of the Courts.

I generally know when Safeguard Properties, Five Brothers, Mortgage Contract Services and others send in their thugs. Joe Badalemnti has a house up the road from me over on Central Point. We actually got a call when Badalamenti’s people rolled in as I keep heavy tabs on Five Brothers. Why? Because a lot of these Outsiders like to loot and pillage out here rurally. Are they doing it now is the primary question.

I am bringing this up for folks whom operate out here as it is a SERIOUS SECURITY ISSUE now. People are on edge out here in Grainger County. Law enforcement response time is about an hour on a good day. This isn’t a pissing match with Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Eric likes to sick the lawyers on people like me for Exercising Free Speech. This is a Notification to Outsiders that you need to be very careful out here until the break ins are solved. If you have an out of county or out of state tag you will probably be confronted by locals. Let’s not bullshit around, when you roll up to a house and start drilling out locks it looks like precisely what it is: Breaking and Entering. These folks out here will shoot first and ask questions later.

I have no vested interest in helping Robert Klein, Joe Badalamenti or Carolyn Reeves; however, I do not want any Contractors hurt because Klein, Badalamenti and Reeves would keep this type of information Confidential if they have it. If they DO NOT HAVE IT they are highly incompetent in my opinion. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you contact the Grainger County Sheriff’s Department if you are performing Recurring Services or are going to perform any Initial Services for the next couple of months.

We have had people targeted in a systematic manner; the elderly, widows, people whom work during the day. In a county on edge, that phone call could keep you alive. Foreclosurepedia Has Your Six and that is why I am publicly issuing a Notification for Grainger County, Tennessee, as a Hazardous Duty Environment.

This post is not intended to discourage anyone from working out here. It is simply a heads up; it is unfiltered communication which more Contractors should make available with respect to where there are problems as their Masters like Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services could care less whether or not you live or die. You are replaceable. Otherwise, they would have publicly released this information.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I no longer work in the Property Preservation Industry. I primarily Consult and Write these days. Whom Services Grainger County is of no concern to me; their Safety and Security is.

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