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Chronos Solutions: Not Towing NAMFS Party Line

Matt Martin, CEO of Chronos Solutions, formerly known as Matt Martin Real Estate Solutions (MMREM), has publicly done what no other National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member has ever done. In fact, like a slap to the face of a bitch, Chronos Solutions not only sued a NAMFS lackey, they made a HUGE PUBLIC SPECTACLE of it. Caliber Home Loans , owned by Lone Star Funds, has been sued by Chronos Solutions for $3 Million. For the first time in the history of NAMFS, a NAMFS Member is publicly excoriating a Mortgage Field Services Industry Portfolio Holder. And much to the chagrin of Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, it is casting a very bright light and wide lens upon the dark secrets Miller has fought for years to keep hidden.

Eric Miller receives over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Plus Dollars per year. Miller’s salary consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues. Miller’s uncanny ability to exploit Minority females has enabled he and Jim Taylor of Wells Fargo to sell a false bill of goods to an Industry already under fire for racism and fraud. Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) alleges that it maintains a database on Industry personnel and tracks their access to foreclosed properties by and through an ABC Number.

Fact of the matter is that neither Miller, Taylor nor AGS are capable of determining whom is servicing what property as Foreclosurepedia proved last week. When coupled with the pricing, which is ten times that which First Advantage, the AGS background check provider, charges $7.20 for the State of Arizona’s General Contractor License background check as Foreclosurepedia demonstrated last month. First Advantage, named multiple times in federal class action litigation for incorrect background checks, provides the identical background checks and AGS charges nearly ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS and refuses to allow them to be universally used unlike the State of Arizona.

Eric Miller is a white racist, money grubbing hack whom only looks to enrich himself, his NAMFS Board and Committee Members and people like Michael Breese of HomeStar Property Solutions and Heather Berghorst, the now disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary who defrauded over One Million Dollars from Minority Females and Labor.  What did Miller do with respect to his close friend Berghorst? Miller protected and kept the criminal Berghorst as the NAMFS Secretary and REFUSED to ever allow dialogue. As the record clearly reflects, in my opinion, Miller hates Minorities and Labor. Miller, of all people, is worthy of a very close examination by those within the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The reality is that the NAMFS Board of Directors and all NAMFS Committees have NEVER had an African American participant. If this is not categoric racism; if we as an Industry are saying that African Americans are NOT ALLOWED to do anything other than pay NAMFS Member dues, I do not know what is!

While many revile Matt Martin, the fact of the matter is that Martin represents the Industry in thirty six months. In fact, Martin has gone outside of the conventional and stagnated NAMFS Party Line and developed a three prong platform which adopts none of the archaic NAMFS bloated offerings. First, Chronos Solutions has developed its own technology realizing that all current NAMFS supported technology is both ancient and an abysmal failure. Second, Martin and his Team realized that a Cradle-to-Grave (C2G) approach was necessary to meet the new channels which Portfolio Holders demanded. Martin’s C2G approach includes both the Asset Manager (AM) and Field Service Manager (FSM) aspects. Foreclosurepedia reported upon Martin’s C2G approach, last year, when we noticed an aggressive movement into capitalizing upon administrative talent which Industry firms such as M&M Mortgage, Safeguard Properties, Altisource and others allowed to fall by the wayside. Finally, Martin and his Team realized that when fraud is committed, you do not write it off as part of belonging to the Eric Miller Bitch Boi Club. You go to court and you sue.

Foreclosurepedia will closely examine the language which Matt Martin and Chronos Solutions have rolled out against Caliber this weekend. The reason being is that it will become the standard for Minorities and Labor alike to confront those within the all white NAMFS Board of Directors. The all white NAMFS shadow army, which Eric Miller oversees, may very soon, become a thing of the past. Foreclosurepedia stands with Minorities and Labor alike and as a Friend of Labor we will continue to bring forward every possible legal angle to assist the Foreclosurepedia Nation in getting paid!

Foreclosurepedia has been in the Hurricane Matthew disaster areas for nearly two weeks now. We apologize for not getting out as much information as we normally do. Fact of the matter is that while Eric Miller has received daily updates from Foreclosurepedia, including the heart breaking photos of disaster and human suffering, he and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors have refused to even reach out to the NAMFS Rank and File. Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate that they do not care about ANYONE whom is not on their ALL WHITE NAMFS BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

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