IMMEDIATE BLACK LIST ALERT: Accelerated Business Solutions NJ

Gregory Ball is a man whom has been screwing Minorities and Labor for months now. Ball, whom owns Accelerated Business Solutions or ABS went on a defrauding scheme which boggled the mind. Funneling tens of thousands of work orders, on behalf of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members, Ball was rolling in the cash. Problem was that like most NAMFS Offender Members, Ball didn’t want to pay for the services which Minorities and Labor were performing. So, Ball took a page out of the NAMFS Playbook and created a new company called, and you are going to love its acronym, Asset Service Solutions (ASS). So, BS and ASS have been defrauding unsuspecting Minorities and Labor to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for months now. For a guy whom owns websites such as G Baller Party, I am not sure what anyone was expecting to begin with.

Mortgage Horror actually ran a piece on Ball and his Altisource bagging operation. Folks should reach out to Pat McTaggart at Altisource if they are hoping to get a penny. Reality is, though, that Birdsey Group is trolling around in similar manner and we are gearing up for a whole new wave of Heather Berghorst type fraud. Berghorst is the now disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary whom Miller refused to prevent from causing over ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN FRAUD perpetrated against Minorities and Labor. Here, let me put it in the words of a lady whom is dealing with Greg and his fraud,

My inquiry the other day about Asset Service Solutions got me to do some checking, which I wish I would have done before doing a bunch of work from them.  I found out that Asset Service Solutions is owned by the same person as Accelerated Business Solutions or ABS.  ABS just screwed over a bunch of people thousands of dollars, one of my reps did work for them and is now out $13,000, among many others.  They agreed to start making small bi-weekly payments to my rep to pay it back but it will take them forever to get it paid off. Anyways, they re-invented themselves or started using the business name Asset Service Solutions. Once I found out their scam, I called them out on it and demanded they start paying me weekly for work done because I wasn’t going to wait a month. They agreed, first payment was supposed to be a week ago last Friday, when that never happened, I ceased work and told them I was stopping all work until payment was made. Then they said they were going to make payment last Friday, again nothing. They owe me approximately $16,000. I want this story to get out to everyone, so they know who they are doing business with so hopefully no one else gets scammed by these people.  I am attaching both of the LLC documents I found online.  Any information additional you can find would be great. I am still trying to get my money collected and any help in that regards would be very helpful.  Thank you.

While the story is deplorable, the fact of the matter is that Foreclosurepedia has performed ISTAR Background Checks for years. Labor needs to move away from its employee mentality and begin to assume the mantle of responsibility as true, independent contractors. If you are unwilling to perform a due diligence check, it would make far more sense to purchase a financial solubility statement from ISTAR. That Report will, inevitably, save your Company from bankruptcy.

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