The Trump Swamp: First John Bravacos Now Steven Mnuchin

Tiffany Garber Fires HUD Contractor Over Social Media Comments

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With the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) poised to release questions and answers on the Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.10 contract offering later next week, the questions continue to plague the candidates. Questions such as precisely how it is that John Bravacos, lawyer and consultant to Milan Thompson’s ASONS and Dave and Carolyn Ramagos’ CWIS, is capable of being on the Trump HUD Transition team. We put the question to the King of the Swamp, Emperor elect Donald Trump and his oligarch Mike Pence on Twitter. The fact of the matter is I do not object to Trump’s election as President. If people do not like the electoral college then change it. What I object to and what I hope that Congress will, at some point, have the balls to do, is pursue impeachment against this asshole. Why? Trump and Pence both know whom John Bravacos is. Bravacos was not selected in a vacuum. There was a social media background check ran and now there is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed upon his participation within the HUD Transition Team.

All that harms labor is treason to America. No line can be drawn between these two. If any man tells you he loves America yet hates labor, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts America yet fears labor, he is a fool. There is no America without Labor.

To understand precisely the length and breadth of the corruption ongoing with respect Trump’s midnight Twitter Storms, you really need to understand how the Romans read the entrails of birds for determining the best courses of action. Trump is a man whom believes that the First Amendment only applies to he. In fact, while this elderly, fat, white man — and let’s not bullshit around Trump is fucking old — fires off his incoherent, 140 character staccato bursts, he becomes unhinged when someone puts him in his place. And even more ironic is how the fat, old geezer marries an immigrant and yet hates those immigrants here in the United States. It is precisely that kind of duplicity which allowed people like Tiffany Garber to publicly support free speech and condemn BLM Companies to Foreclosurepedia as a Source going all the way back to the REAMS LLC days under Innotion Enterprises. Precisely, I say, as Garber was privately removing contracts from Labor for merely expressing their opinions.

Tiffany Garber is one of those folks whom prove that the way HUD has done business, for years, most assuredly, has not been in the best interests of the US Taxpayer. During the HUD M&M FSM 3.0 offering, Garber worked at Innotion Enterprises and was assigned to REAMS LLC. Garber was one of the principal folks whom helped expose Will Milling, owner of REAMS LLC, and brought confirmation of the cesspool Al Espinosa ran when HUD Office of the Inspector General (OIG) finally came in and shut down Innotion Enterprises’ war room of photoshopping.

And what happened to Espinoza and his foot soldier Tiffany Garber? Nothing. In fact, Innotion got a RAISE! You see, that is the culture wherein HUD Awardees have always lived under. Keep people like John Bravacos in the pocket whom has the ability to influence HUD Atlanta and HQ and you always have a horse in the race. Knowing this, it does not come as any surprise that Tiffany Garber, whom along with many of her colleagues had a waiver issued by HUD to be an Innotion Enterprises employee while working at BLM Companies, determined that she could violate the civil rights of a Syracuse, New York, Contractor. In fact, Tiffany Garber has been taking some extremely questionable actions with respect to the dissemination of information going all the way back to 2013. Or has she? Has Ms Garber simply been going to the Upper French River, in Ontario, Canada, for years and both not advising the HUD Personnel Security Division (PSD) and transferring information to foreign nationals? As I am not sure, it would be a question to pose to HUD PSD Director Kendra Dodson and at minimum should most assuredly be closely monitored as this has been a habitually scheduled trip for years.

Did you post that online? I’m not sure on what reaction you were expecting but what I can tell you is that BLM will no longer be doing ANY business with you! — Garber to Contractor last week.

You see, whether or not Tiffany Garber is involved in treason, is a question left best to those waterboarders in the Beltway. What is a pertinent question is precisely how in the fuck Donald Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, ran OneWest, a California bank from 2009 to 2015, and broke virtually every California foreclosure law known to man. Mnuchin wasn’t simply a piece of shit like Bravacos or a traitor like Garber whom sold out REAMS LLC, Innotion Enterprises, BLM Companies and possibly her country, Mnuchin financially crucified those whom could least afford it. In fact Mnuchin’s bank, OneWest, foreclosed on a family for twenty seven cents in one case and locked another family out in the middle of a Minneapolis blizzard. And it gets better!

The former California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, was sworn in as a US Senator Tuesday. Harris will additionally, now, vote upon Mnuchin’s appointment.

Why did her office close the case, deciding not to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened,” as her own investigators had urged?

As in all things connected to John Bravacos and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), the reality is that there is an Eric Miller connection. Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS whom withheld criminal insurance investigations information from defrauded NAMFS Rank and File for months, also oversaw NAMFS Offender Member Lender Processing Services (LPS). LPS is now commonly known as Black Knight – Service Link depending upon which end of their fraud you are on.

According to their memo, [included below] one subpoena went to Lender Processing Services, a company that assisted with foreclosure operations. LPS produced a random sample of 300 OneWest loan files and agreed to send more, but on February 13, 2012, Jennifer Gray, OneWest’s head of litigation, told the attorney general’s office that “the loan files belonged to OneWest and that LPS could not produce them.”

And how shitty does that swamp get where Trump and his haggard wife live in? Well, there was some litigation filed against OneWest pertaining to their beyond the pale behavior. And Mnuchin did precisely what every criminal Wall Street firm has done since the inception of the Federal Reserve, he hired Brian Brooks, the lead lawyer, in that matter and made him OneWest’s Vice Chairman!

You know, I don’t dislike Trump or Pence because they won the Presidential election. I don’t dislike them because they are elderly, white supremacist neo nazi sacks of shit. I dislike Trump and Pence because they are going to completely gut the United States and destroy what my parents and grandparents stood for. If there ever were a Manchurian Candidate, Trump sure the fuck fits the bill!

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