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HUD OIG Issues Scathing Report Against Innotion

Here’s the deal:  38 out of 96 properties in a random sample inspected by HUD Office of the Inspector General (OIG) failed!  Do you know what would’ve happened if my work score ranked like that?  Son, I would be unemployed AND then be back billed!  HUD OIG estimates that the take off on these types of deficiencies equate to 1 MILLION Dollars!  By the way, did I fail to mention that Innotion got a raise?  Oh yeah, while the rest of use are being told to suck it up and HUD is dropping the pricing the truth is that the price per property for maintenance rose from $295 per month per property to $303.85 effective 01 June 2012.

Recently, the HUD OIG issued a Report documenting the frailty of the M&M Contract.  2012-LA-1010 stated in pertinent part:

Finding:  Innotion Did Not Always Perform Property Preservation and Protection Services According To Contract Requirements.

Granted, Innotion has the extension of the Contract through May, 2013, that is not very reassuring to the US Taxpayer.  Why?  Al Espinoza, Innotion, when confronted with the issues opted to respond with a Nine (09) Point Counter Offensive which preached everything except responsibility.  Al, just a simple question here:  how do you explain the quasi grass/weeds which look like Firebase Charlie in Viet Nam on 022-203292?  Matter of fact, this was documented TWICE at heights over FOUR FEET!  HUD OIG makes no bones about the fact that the Inspector,

… appeared to have selectively uploaded pictures into HUD’s P260 system which did not show the landscape issues.

Look, the PMP Innotion drafted itemized what they were supposed to have done.  It is quite obvious that someone went out of their way to skew the findings on Innotion’s end.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but are we seeing a trend?  Couple this with the fact that HUD, in its infinite wisdom, has placed an enormous chunk of properties under the command and control of ONE provider:  PK Management!

Business as usual folks.  Make no mistake, though, if your pricing went down and the justification was that HUD was the causation, you very well may have a case for litigation.  As to those whom feel this is the wrong way to go about it:  You give good ‘ol Al a call over at Innotion and tell him to suck it up and return the money to HUD and we will all call it a day!

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