Mickey Snow: The Timeline Construction

One really has to wonder what in the hell is going on with respect to the Mortgage Field Services Industry as currently being led by Eric Miller, Executive Director, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). With Mickey Dale Snow demonstrating the fact that the plundering of the Industry is not only possible, but attainable to the tune of at least $25 Million Dollars, we decided to take a good look at Snow Enterprises as well as Tongsua Management, owned by Somporn Tongsua, Snow’s on again off again Thailandese wife.

A North Carolina judge is in hot water for trying to get an FBI agent to do him a solid by snooping on his family members’ text messages in return for a couple of cases of beer. This well-designed plot was crafted by Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II, who apparently is unaware of the standard operating procedure in normal, completely functional families—swipe the person’s phone password and get the text messages yourself. Instead of that DIY solution, Jones got all fancy and came up with this plan of attack (via the News and Observer).

I mean, it has to be in the water down there. Nowhere on the face of the earth are such a cross spectrum of professionals involved in such heinous activity. It is as if Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page took a permanent leave of absence and predators roam, unabated, across Rockingham County. I say this as Mickey Dale Snow lived a stone’s through away from Page.

As early as 20 March 1991, Mickey Dale Snow was gaining notoriety with the local media. This we know for a fact. And we are also able to gauge the community outrage as has been expressed most eloquently by Kathy Witt, a Teacher Assistant at the Rockingham County Schools,

They all make me sick! I think even the devil has a hotter place picked out for child molesters! I hope they all rot in HELL!! The attorneys representing the “accused” are no better than the “accused” either!

Not surprisingly when the Drive By Media begin to understand precisely the length and breadth of the heinous activities ongoing underneath the banner of Snow Enterprises by Snow himself, they decided to up the ante. As early as 12 October 2015, FOUR MONTHS BEFORE any Drive By Media reporter discussed the matter, Foreclosurepedia  released both the age and mental state of the two female rape victims. We felt it was imperative to release this information before the Snow Job came into effect.

Greensboro.com which is the digital flagship of the Greensboro News and Record (N&R)had a pretty terse OpEd, which originated from the N&R Editorial Section, in November, 2015, on the matter. I was surprised as generally the Drive By Media rarely, if ever, will get in the ass of a rapist — no pun intended.

A woman who would do that to her own daughters is beneath contempt. A mother’s responsibility is to protect her children from harm. One who subjects them to exploitation, for financial gain, deserves punishment to the full extent of the law.

The men involved in such a crime are no better. Were they entrapped? Did they not know the ages of the victims? Every defendant is entitled to offer the best defense he can, and the jury can decide the truth. If convicted, these men should be imprisoned and, when released, be registered as sex offenders.

Human trafficking, prostitution and the sexual exploitation of children are well-documented crimes in North Carolina. All must be stamped out.

Fact of the matter is that the Drive By Media, safely ensconced within their Ivory Towers, are following a tradition of painting a liberal picture for their perceived readership. What is mean is that as early as 12 October 2015, Foreclosurepedia had already related the fact that both of Snow’s victims were mentally challenged. Margaret Moffett, writing for Greensboro N&R, must have either realized that reporting may sometimes be best served by actually reporting upon the facts as you observe them — or maybe not. Either way, it took Moffett OVER FOUR MONTHS to print what Foreclosurepedia did in October, 2015, with respect to the mental state of the victims. It is pertinent that this information sees the sterile and cleansing effects of transparency as it is a special circumstance vis-a-vis Snow and his predatory nature.

EDEN — Two mentally disabled girls allegedly sold into prostitution by their mother need long-term medical and psychiatric attention for repeated sexual abuse, according to a civil suit filed on their behalf.

Mickey Dale Snow and three other local men, each charged with paying to perform sex acts on the girls, should have to pay for their care, the suit contends.

The girls’ court-appointed legal representative and a Charlotte attorney filed the suit Dec. 14 in Rockingham County Superior Court.

And just precisely how seriously are the Outsiders, converging in upon Eden, North Carolina, taking the matter? Either we are dealing with the most incompetent law enforcement and judicial personnel ever to see the light of day or this is a classic Snow Job. Here is what I mean,

of Tin, Fulton, Walker & Owen in Charlotte threw his hat in the ring in what may only be called the First Prong of the Snow Job. McGee filed a civil suit on behalf of the two Snow rape victims. He is asking for $25,000 which seems to me a paltry sum. It is especially questionable when we come to find out that only a temporary order, through 29 January 2015, was issued to freeze Snow’s assets.

On 21 December 2015, a Rockingham County Judge temporarily freeze Snow’s assets, which means he can’t cash out. This would be well and good if the judiciary — if anyone for that matter — knew where ALL of his assets were. In light of the nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN BRIBES PAID OUT by Snow on US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts, it will come as no great surprise when the girls get jack shit after the lawyers get their cut and Snow pockets the $25K as a business expense.

When I refer to McGee and when I refer to the first prong of the snow job what I am saying is that McGee has had multiple recoveries in excess of 1 million dollars. in fact he and his partner had a had obtained a 4 million dollar jury verdict recently to see them again does not understand jurisprudence is ignorance is a graduate of Wake Forest University Yale Law School and Gary Spence’s Trial Lawyers College,  McGee is intimately familiar with rape and the damage that it causes not only to the victim not only to the victims family but to the victim’s tertiary environment. McGee appeared in front of the Court of Appeals North Carolina on 18 August 2015, only several months back in Doe 1K v Roman Catholic Diocese Charlotte. I need not expound upon with a Catholic priest with Catholicism what religion in essence has done to this country in the world suffice it to say though that McGee, in my humble opinion, is the quintessential definition of a classic Snow Job. More on point, though, McGee recently flew out to

Sam McGee, who has lectured on Nursing Home litigation to the Southern Trial Lawyers Association and North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers has successfully represented the families of several nursing home residents who died as the result of bed sores, falls, dehydration and malnutrition. These include cases in both North Carolina and Tennessee.

If you sue for $25,000 and remember now, ladies and gentleman, my opinion is and the Greensboro News and Record at Greensboro.com is reporting, the victims were raped for years, it would appear to me that $5,000 per year wouldn’t even cover the paperwork for the medical and psychological treatment necessary. What I am asking is that how can the rough amount Counselor McGee leaves as a tip at Ruth’s Cris on any given year — if he dines there — come close to assisting in the long term rehabilitation of these two female victims society has abandoned?

You know, there is an arcane Latin term in jurisprudence known as res judicata. In essence, it is a rule wherein a final judgment on the merits by a court having jurisdiction is conclusive between the parties to a suit as to all matters that were litigated or that could have been litigated in that suitU.S. courts employ the Rule of Res Judicata to prevent a dissatisfied party from trying to litigate the issue a second time. And therein lies the rub as the bard would say. — We reached out to McGee for comment and none was forthcoming at the time of publication.

Starting this Friday, we begin to roll out the entirety of our files pertaining to Mickey Dale Snow. The interconnections will astound most folks. You don’t want to miss the Who’s Who of Mickey Dale Snow!

Before I leave this evening, I have a salient question to ask of the Honorable Judges presiding over this matter — Did anyone give a damn where the bond money came from?!

Domino, in custody, forced to prove where her bond money originated.

Domino, in custody

WOODSTOCK – A McHenry County judge on Wednesday reduced the bond for a Huntley woman accused in what authorities have described as an extensive family drug enterprise.

Before Rocio Domino, 37, can post the $15,000 to secure her release, she must prove that the source of bail is not from an illegitimate source, McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather said.

The Mickey Dale Snow Timeline — Due To Be Complete By 17JAN16

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