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Create An Email Signature

From time to time, Foreclosurepedia rolls up our sleeves and assist both labor and management in cost effective products and when possible, we roll those out for free — it is the Open Source way of doing things. The term open source refers to something that can be modified and shared because its design is publicly accessible. While it originated in the context of computer software development, today the term “open source” designates a set of values—what we call the open source way. Open source projects, products, or initiatives are those that embrace and celebrate open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community development.

The open source way is about applying the principles of open source software development beyond software. Beyond technology. is about sharing how the open source way can change our world in the same way the open source model has changed software. We can learn more from each other when information is open. A free exchange of ideas is critical to creating an environment where people are allowed to learn and use existing information toward creating new ideas.

What I find is that a lot of folks like the custom email signatures which originate from Industry Professionals; however, they are concerned about the price point and portability. In light of such, Foreclosurepedia releases the following code under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

Setup Instruction

Copy and Paste the html snippet below into a new file — perhaps signature.html — and update your email signature settings to use it. If you are a little bit brave, you can go in and create new icons and simply replace the existing code. As a point of reference, you will need to go in and change the following: [Path to Icons]/icons/xxxxx to where you are going to store or link your icons from. Additionally, the sigName, Title, Email and Mobile need to be changed.

The Source Code

<div id="sig-container" style="margin-top: 15px;padding-top: 6px; border-top: 1px dashed #ddd;"> <div style="float: left; margin: 2px 5px 5px 0px; padding-right: 5px; display: block;" id="photoWrapper"> <img src="" id="sigPhoto" height="65px" width="65px"> </div> <div style="margin-top:0px; margin-left: 74px;" id="sigDetailsWrapper"> <p style="font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 14px; color: #333; margin-top:0; margin-left:0; padding-left:0;"> <strong><span id="sigName">Paul Williams</span></strong> <span id="sigTitle">/ Editor-in-Chief</span><br> <span><a href="" id="sigEmail" style="color:#428BCA;"></a></span> <span id="sigMobile">/ (865) xxx-71xx</span> </p> <p style="font-family: Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 14px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); margin-top: 0px;" id="sigCompanyWrapper"> <strong><span id="sigCompany">Foreclosurepedia</span></strong><br> <span><a href="" id="sigWebsite" style="color:#428BCA;" rel="nofollow"></a></span> <br> <span id="sigAddress" style="font-size: 10px; line-height: 14px; margin: 5px 0; display:block; opacity:0.8;">Tennessee: GHQ           Nevada: Area 51 Western Command</span> </p> <p style="font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 14px; color: #333;"> <span style="display: inline;" id="twitterIcon"><a href=""><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/twitter_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: none;" id="facebookIcon"><a href="#"><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/facebook_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: inline;" id="gplusIcon"><a href=""><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/google_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: inline;" id="linkedinIcon"><a href=""><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/linkedin_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: none;" id="instagramIcon"><a href="#"><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/instagram_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: none;" id="dribbleIcon"><a href="#"><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/dribbble_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: inline;" id="youtubeIcon"><a href=""><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/youtube_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: none;" id="vimeoIcon"><a href="#"><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/vimeo_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: none;" id="githubIcon"><a href="#"><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/github_circle_black-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <span style="display: inline;" id="blogIcon"><a href=""><img src="[Path to Icons]/icons/wordpress_circle_color-20.png" height="20px" width="20px"></a></span> <br> <span style="margin-left: 4px;"><a href="[Path to Campaign]" style="opacity:0.4;color:#333;font-size:9px;">Get your own signature</a></span> </p> </div> </div>

Email Signature

Your result? A self made, quality email signature which will cost you nothing but a few minutes of copy and pasting!

If you are needing additional services, feel free to consult the below table or reach out directly TODAY!

[easy-pricing-table id=”10174″]


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