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This entry is part 16 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire
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Mickey Snow Begs For Lower Bond … To Jump Bail?!

This entry is part 16 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire

#OpDeathEaters Is  Snow Enterprises going belly up? Well, Mickey Snow, the Child Rapist Extraordinaire; Snow, the man whom Milan Thompson, CEO of ASONS is Standing By His Man, appears to be there.  Snow’s attorneys requested a reduction in bond from the TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ordered after Mickey Snow and Somporn Tongsua made their International Flight From Justice tour to Thailand, to a paltry One Million Dollars. Here is what Mickey Snow had to say with respect to his Bond Reduction Request,

In stating his case for the reduction, Snow claimed that his company, Snow Enterprises, had laid-off more than 1,000 employees throughout its operations in North Carolina, Florida and Kentucky.

Right about now, Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director must be extremely concerned; Miller’s asshole ought to be puckered up so tight you couldn’t get a stick pin through it! Why, you ask? Well, with NAMFS teetering on financial insolvency, the question presents are they going to be able to continue to protect all of those skeletons in the closet which Snow Enterprises and Tongsua Management — Tongsua Management owned by Somporn and you cannot make a name like that up. More on point, though, Snow, whom ran laborers on behalf of all the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) firms like CWIS — now being investigated by HUD Office of the Inspector General — appears to be lying in open court and calling them employees. Employees? Really, Eric Miller?!

Scandal after scandal seems to be plaguing NAMFS and its Offender Members. And the question presents with John Bravacos, the #OpDeathEaters counsel for ASONS and CWIS, are they ever going to catch a break?

What do you do? I mean Snow sold off all of his real estate assets that were posted as bond. That much we can confirm through the Florida MLS. Eric Miller and Milan Thompson seem to have a huge problem on their hands. More on point, though, the reality is that the House of Cards which have been built upon and around Snow’s ability to lie about Tongsua being the awardee when, in fact, his son Russ and his half baked lying daughter claiming to be a real estate agent cum contributing exorbitantly to the Rockingham County District Attorney, Craig Blitzer’s election campaign fund at 10 times the amount of others, are crashing in!

Foreclosurepedia was the first to report upon the victims being under aged females and handicapped. We reported upon Snow employing the mother whom Russ & Company employed whom traded off the kids into rape for rent; and we were the first to report upon Snow’s felony conviction for arson in a scheme to make money. And where was Eric Miller and his, as I see it, bribery laced Aspen Grove Solutions, background checks? Yeah, out collecting that $120,215 salary while these children were raped — #OpDeathEaters.

More on this fast breaking story tomorrow!

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