Mickey Snow: Why Worry About Prosecution When You Donated!

Foreclosurepedia recently filed a North Carolina Open Records Request to the Rockingham County Board of Elections Director. What had triggered the filing was both a comment I received and it is part of my genetic makeup to follow the money. Tina Cardwell, the Director, was a most pleasant woman and a breath of fresh air to what is normally a knock down, drag out war. What I mean is that just about anytime I am looking for records or substantiation to a theory, I file what is known as a Freedom of Information Act type of request. This is what it generated at Ms Cardwell’s office,

Mr. Williams

Per our phone conversation earlier, the District Attorney does not file Campaign Finance Reports with the County Board of Elections.  Those reports are filed with the State Board of Elections.  A link to the State Board of Elections Online Report Search and a phone number for the State Board of Elections follow.

Link to Report Search:  http://app.ncsbe.gov/webapps/cf_rpt_search_org/


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Tina Cardwell, Director, Rockingham County Board of Elections

Now, whether knowingly or otherwise, there are some fairly serious questions to be raised with respect to Rockingham County Prosecutor, Craig Mitchell Blitzer. You see, in FY2014, Blitzer was given not One Thousand Dollars, but Two Thousand Dollars. by Mickey Dale Snow and daughter Katrina each donated One Thousand Dollars apiece. Now, to put this into perspective, in Q4 FY2014, the total amounts donated were $100. What we found; what we believe we have uncovered, will forever brand the entire Snow Family as criminals. Let me demonstrate from the records we found. Here we have Mickey Snow parading around like a Florida resident and donating to Blitzer’s campaign. But wait, it gets far better!

Katrina Snow is parading around like a REALATOR [sic] — probably meant Realtor. Only problem is that North Carolina has no record of a Realtor’s license for her; the only REO Realty in North Carolina is THREE HOURS AWAY from the address she listed; and the address is none other than her own personal home.

Mickey and Katrina Snow Pad 20 Times of the Q4 FY2014

Mickey and Katrina Snow Pad 20 Times of the Q4 FY2014 — Snow’s Defense Counsel, Seth Woodall, nearly doubled that Contribution!

Now, there is yet another turn as we begin down the home stretch. I am a man whom observes patterns; I confess, I subscribe to Pythagorean beliefs. Patterns are largely undetectable to the untrained novice. So, let me walk you through the most bizarre part in a way that only a skilled media professional such as myself is capable of doing starting with ERIC.

Mickey Snow took over a firm formerly known as Eastern Realty and Investment Corporation (ERIC). Founded in 1969, ERIC wasn’t too bad off until Snow came in and tossed the entire Board out and placed his personal puppets whom would march to the Snow Drum. In 1991, Snow implemented a shade of Corporate Takeover which reminds many of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street.

Fact of the matter is no one’s really sure precisely what was going on at ERIC during those fateful three years wherein Mickey Snow had his way with the Corporation in not a dissimilar manner to how he has always raped those around him. What we do know, strangely enough, is that this had the hallmark of Hollywood. Enter some very strange bedfellows. One was Richard R Hamlet the other Jane Allison Parker both of Roanoke and where ERIC used to be located. Now, for those of you living under a rock Hamlett was the man whom married movie star Debbie Reynolds back in the early to mid eighties. Reynolds had an incredible 60+ year career.

The New York Post has a GREAT PIECE on the entire mess,

Real-estate developer Richard Hamlett was sexually intoxicating (unlike her other husbands) and a rare combination of “brave, loyal and loving,” she wrote in her 1988 memoir, “Debbie: My Life.”

Early on, she functioned as Hamlett’s own personal bank, providing him with seemingly limitless financial support for his real estate investments. Then, in 1989, she named Hamlett a co-producer on her traveling theatrical production of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” As a thank you, he raised his salary to $20,000 per week.

And Hamlett shows his true Mickey Dale Snow Colors

When Hamlett sauntered in at 4 a.m. reeking of sex, Reynolds confronted him about his philandering and the deed. Suddenly she got caught off guard by a “look in his eyes [that] scared me.”

He began to bizarrely insist that the two continue their conversation out on the apartment’s 12th-floor balcony.

“Why did he seem so intent on getting me out to the balcony, which is only about 3 feet wide — not enough room to have a friendly conversation? Was he thinking about my million-dollar life insurance policy with him as a beneficiary? I could practically see the dollar signs floating above his head,” she writes.

It would appear, though, that neither Hamlett nor Parker were immune from the eventual dose of medicine given to those whom interact with Mickey Dale Snow.

Enter, Guess Who, Ocwen

In early 1998, Appellant-Debtor transferred all his stock in Centurion Investment Corporation (“Centurion”), a corporation wholly owned by Hamlett, to Jane Parker. After Parker acquired the stock, Centurion conveyed five parcels of real property (“the Dalewood Properties”) to Parker. Parker granted deeds of trust on each of the properties to Norwest Bank, Ocwen’s successor. [Color added by Editor] Ocwen subsequently became the owner of the beneficial interest in those deeds of trust. Apparently the loans made to Parker on the deeds of trust on the Dalewood Properties refinanced and paid off loans payable to the Appellant-Debtor. The Appellant-Debtor filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding in July 1998. Upon this filing, the Chapter 7 trustee filed an adversary proceeding against the Appellant-Debtor alleging that Centurion was the alter ego of Hamlett, and that Centurion had fraudulently transferred stock to Jane Parker. A settlement of the adversary proceedings was reached between the trustee and debtor in February 2000. The settlement provided that the transfer of the stock in Centurion was void ab initio under Virginia Code Section 55-80. The Bankruptcy Court’s consent order does not mention either the Dalewood Properties or the Jane Parker deeds of trust thereon.

Look, here’s the reality, there are far too many hands in the Rockingham County Prosecutor’s proverbial cookie jar. What I mean by this is that all roads apparently lead to and from Mickey Dale Snow. This is the classic modus operandi of the Snow Clan — create the environment which is conducive to their desires; find the fall crew; and roll it out. How is it, precisely, that the good citizens of Eden, North Carolina, are to have faith in the very government which by all accounts as I see it is more corrupt than Snow himself? Now, I know there’s going to be a bunch of laissez-faire liberals out there whom believe the Rockingham County government is looking out for them; however, when you go back and read my previous article about Sam McGee the record is pretty clear. McGee of Tin, Fulton, Walker & Owen in Charlotte is the lawyer whom came swooping in to file a case on behalf of the victims.

Enter Seth Matthew Woodall. Woodall is Snow’s defense attorney. Woodall, whom is a partner at Walker, Melvin & Woodall, LLP, also has a soft spot for Rockingham County Prosecutor Craig Blitzer. In fact, during the 2014 money grab — sorry Campaign — Woodall chipped in nearly FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Greensboro.com was the first to report on Woodall’s representation,

Attorney Seth Woodall appeared on behalf of the 75-year-old Snow, who faces six counts each of statutory sex offense and patronizing a prostitute.

Woodall donates nearly Four Thousand to Blitzer. His partner only $250

                 Woodall donates nearly Four Thousand to Blitzer. His partner only $250

Now, even if the work is Pro Bono, McGee is raping these young women all over again. McGee is quoted by Greensboro.com as requesting $25,000. I mean are you fucking shitting me?! Hell, the Mortgage Field Services Industry pays more than that by way of comparison. How $25,000 is going to handle all the medical and psychological counseling I will never know.

Hey Sam, here is some real law practiced by real lawyers whom are not in it for the money nor the protection of rapists,

Some wrongs, such as rape, may be crimes and also form the basis of a tort action. The defendant who made unconsented to contact with the plaintiff may be prosecuted criminally and also be held liable to the plaintiff for the tort. Perhaps more importantly, a defendant may be held liable in tort even if he was not criminally prosecuted or if a criminal prosecution was unsuccessful.

Sexual assault victims can also bring tort actions against people other than the perpetrators; these defendants are known as third parties. Litigation against third parties concerns the responsibilities of those actors who fail to use reasonable care to protect against foreseeable sexual assault. Third party defendants can include businesses, landlords, school administrators, bus drivers, placement agencies, Boy Scout leaders, foster parents, religious institutions, hospitals and treatment centers, among others. Any individual or institution may be named as a third party, unless the party is immune from suit. For example, if a case involves a state actor, governmental immunity may bar a victim from collecting damages from the state. Although each tort case involves particular legal rules, in almost all cases the victim must show that the third party itself committed some wrongful act and that, but-for the third party’s wrongful act, the plaintiff would not have been victimized. — It is worthy to note that it is my opinion that had the US Department of Housing and Urban Development; had Craig Karnes and his team, been properly enforcing the Rule of Law, Snow would have never obtained the financial footing and access he used to rape his victims. Further, it would seem to me that the HUD Prime Vendors whom employed Tongsua Management, a shell which Snow dangled around to obtain preferential status, are liable as well.

It is important to note that while a contrast is sometimes drawn between civil and criminal actions, the category of civil actions that victims can pursue is quite broad. Rape and sexual assault survivors pursue civil remedies in the housing, education, employment, immigration, public benefits and family law arenas. For example, in family law, survivors pursue civil cases involving child custody, paternity, and visitation issues. Parental rights and visitation issues arise in both intimate and non-intimate partner sexual assault cases. Only a minority of states have laws that address a rape victim’s rights when rape results in pregnancy. In terms of education, survivors may file civil suit for an educational accommodation under federal laws such as Title IX, No Child Left Behind, or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. State anti-discrimination and other laws may also provide protections and remedies for sexual assault victims. An increasing number of cities and states have established civil rights actions for sexual assault survivors in the employment, housing and public benefits context.

I mean you just can’t make this shit up. So, my working theory is this: There will be a backroom deal for Mickey Snow based upon his age and I am sure stacks of low numbered non sequential bills. Rockingham County is on trial; simply because Greensboro.com is afraid to ask the tough questions doesn’t mean that Foreclosurepedia is going to give in.

You may view all the PDFs documenting the aforementioned in the Foreclosurepedia Digital Reading Room.

FCPD Editor

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