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MCS Begins Using NAMFS Banned Words

Boots On The Ground Are Shining As NAMFS Executive Director Miller Cringes

For years, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has had orders from the now deceased founder of Safeguard Properties (SGP) Robert Klein and NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller to never use the term Boots on the Ground. Apparently, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) didn’t get the Memo. Here is a recent advertisement from MCS,

After their recent purchase by Littlejohn, which we covered here, and the removal of Caroline Reaves as CEO, the reality was that the company name simply had far too much baggage and as one of the most corny rebranding campaigns in history — with an untold amount of money spent on it — came Making Communities Shine. I bullshit you not! More on point, though, the reality is that the military term Boots on the Ground rings hollow from a firm that has closed ranks with their fellow NAMFS members in refusing to increase pricing in 30+ years. There is nothing shining at MCS other than the coins stolen from Labor by MCS, by and through chargebacks and pay established before the turn of the century, each and every day!

To that point, I have an excellent rebranding using the acronym MCS, but I will have to save it for this weekend’s Foreclosurepedia Industry Insider Podcast!

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