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George Santos: Emblematic of NAMFS and Congress Itself

George Santos Is the Perfect Representative Smoke Screen

What a crazy ride. Unless you have been under a rock over the several weeks, the seedy underbelly of Congress was put under a microscope. First, Kevin McCarthy was elected House speaker early Saturday morning after a marathon 15 rounds of voting. The reality is that even now we have no idea what McCarthy gave away in concessions in order to get the gavel. What we do know is that a mere 6 votes, originating from the Gang of 20, held the People’s House hostage to fringe demands including House Committee seats. And while this is normal, to a point; while there is not a single American whom believes much at all that any politician says, the reality is that it paints the picture of a Mafia deal haggled out over a dead body in a dark alley. In fact, it sounds similar to how the backroom deals of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) operates.

Under the more than a decade of Executive Director Eric Miller’s Regime at NAMFS, well over One Million Dollars in salary alone have been paid to him. That number climbs to over Two Million Dollars by our calculations when you throw in the perks of travel, hotel stays, and conference junket trips. The reason it has become impossible to track is that NAMFS has refused to submit the legally required nonprofit tax returns of NAMFS for nearly 4 years now according to the IRS. Additionally, NAMFS does not appear on any IRS database revocation list for their 501(c)(6) status as a business league. Finally, as both Eric Miller and NAMFS are willingly refusing to obey federal law and return communications or release copies of their IRS 990 tax return to the public, as they did until 2019, there is no other way to describe their actions other than to state that this is a criminal enterprise in my opinion. Ergo, its membership are involved in the same.

George Santos, though, presents with a most Eric Miller style. For years, Eric Miller defended the now bankrupt Heather Berghorst whom went belly up on hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the US government and nearly One Million Dollars to Labor. A simple search under her name will reveal how both she and NAMFS threatened litigation against Foreclosurepedia. In the case of NAMFS it never came to fruition. In the case of Berghorst, her lawyer was drummed out of his practice. If it was simply one for the Gipper, no party no foul. But Miller began kicking things into high gear with his defense of dozens of firms that today went belly up owing tens of millions of dollars including the Involuntary Bankruptcy of National Field Network headed up by former Safeguard Properties alumni Shari Nott. The crowning jewel was the Joe Hummel appointment that was called off at the last moment due to reporting from Foreclosurepedia.

George Santos has all of those qualities that so eloquently represent the fraud, waste, and corruption that NAMFS members have perfected over the years. Santos lied about where he went to high school and college; he lied about working on Wall Street and for both Goldman Sachs and Citigroup; he lied about where his campaign finance money came from and he lied about starting an animal charity; he lied about his mother dying as a result of 9/11 and he lied about being a Jew; he lied about his grandmother being a Holocaust survivor and having employees die in the Pulse shooting; and well — he is the typical NAMFS member whom has performed chargebacks against Labor with absolutely no authority from HUD for decades.

The reality is that George Santos is EXACTLY what Americans deserve! Any first year journalism student could have found out that his claims were the pure epitome of bullshit. But no one wanted to know. The Nassau County GOP had the ability to have a normal Come To Jesus moment, but they, too, didn’t give a damn. And ultimately you, the ignorant assholes who went to the polls didn’t give a damn. Voting merely gives the illusion that you, the taxpayer matter. You don’t and neither does your vote. No matter what the House Republicans want to do, the reality is that the Senate is controlled by the Democrats. And no matter what the Senate Democrats want to do, the House is controlled by the Republicans. It is even more so at the Presidential level.

For the first time in the history of the United States — even during wartime — over 7 million able bodied men have simply checked out of the workforce. Forget about inflation, the Dow, or any other kind of pseudo-babble that your anchorperson of your choice is spoon feeding you. The proposed solution is to put more people out of work which is a TRUE irony as we now have a Half a Trillion Dollar infrastructure bill passed. But, look, a good chunk of that money will be skimmed off by the very same Republicans and Democrats whom have truly mastered the Art of the Deal.

We all feel that the System is too big to change, but the reality is that WE are the System. When I was told nearly 12 years ago that the System was rigged and that NAMFS would never stand for what I was doing, I began tearing it down brick by brick. And I came to the realization that while the System was rigged, I never needed to function within the System to begin with.

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