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New Year, New Website, and New Opportunities

We start our 11th year in May! We are grateful for those whom bought the ticket and took the ride! As many have started to see, there are huge technological changes afoot. The Newsletter has had a dramatic facelift. And the website, itself? Massive changes have come down the pike. First, we are now protected by Google Project Shield in conjunction with our new https certificates issued by Google.

Project Shield, created by Google Cloud and Jigsaw and powered by Google Cloud Armor, provides free unlimited protection against DDoS attacks, a type of digital attack used to censor information by taking websites offline. Project Shield caches content to strengthen DDoS defenses, improve site performance, and save bandwidth to sites.

Another feature we have added is the ability to Subscribe with Google. It has brought a simplification to the registration process, does away with usernames and passwords, and the best part is that it allows for you to first try out a few articles, free of charge, before you decide to subscribe.

As we go forward, we hope that each and all have a safe and prosperous New Year!

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