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Foreclosurepedia is rolling out its ISTAR Client – Contractor Database onto Mainline over the next several weeks in anticipation of new Awardees under the US Department of Housing and Urban Developent‘s (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) Sources Sought.  In a nutshell many of the Business as Usual Prime Vendor Awardees such as A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS), Asset Management Specialists, Inc. (AMS), Cityside Management (Cityside) and others have no access to this type of information other than antiquated Contact Sheets and Craigslist replies.

New Awardees and existing Awardees on the HUD M&M; Clients hiring Contractors within the preconveyance market; and Investors and Financial Institutions all have a relevant need for access to Qualified Contractors.  The reality is that the Property Preservation Industry has spent an inordinate amount of time and expense to identify, access and track Real Estate Owned (REO) assets.  What the Industry has not done is compile databases of actual boots on the ground Contractors whom have been vetted for the required Criteria desirable by the very Industry that requires them.

Foreclosurepedia has been at the forefront of Client – Contractor issues since the days of HUD M&M 3.0; we have taken the time to reach out to officials within the US Government, the Financial Institutions, the Prime Vendors, Nationals and Regionals.  All have opined that while Background Checks are good, the reality is that Contractor Dossiers without meaningful data such as a DUNS Number and a SAM Account are useless.  Additionally, the Clients have all agreed that the proposed ISTAR Client – Contractor Database model, which pairs Contractors with ISO Certified Training Programs, will set the bar for the Industry.

Paradoxically, the only two Associations within the Property Preservation Industry seem to neither have the ability or concern to put together databases which present both Client and Contractor Dossiers.  The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) appears to have a Membership Roster with no way to Contact any Member and the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) has nothing.

Foreclosurepedia’s ISTAR Client – Contractor Database is based upon proven Open Source Platforms.  In fact, the same Platform Foreclosurepedia uses, MediaWiki, is the very same Platform the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uses for its database system Intellipedia.  The difference which Foreclosurepedia stands out upon from the traditional Wiki Platforms is our ability to compartmentalize data.  This allows for certain information to be accessed by non registered users such as the generalized wiki information relating to the Industry; restriction of personal and confidential data pertaining to either Clients or Contractors; and the ability to query data sets based upon semantic characteristics and displaying such upon Maps for end users.

The reality is that neither NAMFS nor NPPG have invested into the 21st Century technology necessary for decision making in real time aspects.

To cite a current issue:  Safeguard Properties (SGP) is experiencing difficulties in replacing the Pinelands Preservations (Pinelands) subcontractor work force in the State of Tennessee.  Some figures place the Work Order Volume around 7,000+ per month.  Regardless, SGP would benefit from the ability to access a real time ISTAR Client – Contractor Database.  A SGP Vendor Manager could easily view the Map and know with absolute certainty that the Contractor they were getting ready to contact met all the requirements necessary for SGP.  Gone will be the days of Craigslist Ads; gone will be the days of rolling the proverbial dice as to whether or not a Contractor is qualified; and gone will be the lost time — THE LOST MONEY — because of the inability to meet critical mission evolutions!

The reality is that Foreclosurepedia liaises with both Clients at the C Level and Contractors daily.  Almost all information with respect to the Property Preservation Industry pertaining to Contractor based Mortgage Field Services originates from Foreclosurepedia.  The only Training Option put forth in front of the Insurance Industry Underwriters occurred because of the direct intervention of Foreclosurepedia.  The list goes on and on.

At the end of the day ask yourself this question,

Do you, as a Client, want to hope that NAMFS or NPPG has the ability to provide boots on the ground?  Do you want to report back to the Boardroom that the rural areas of America cannot be covered because it requires some distant Board of Directors from some alphabet soup Association to meet to execute time sensitive decisions? Are you going to stake your career upon whether or not Facebook factions even have a clue about what is actually happening outside their own electronic nirvana?  No.

Do you, as a Contractor, want the fate of whether or not you are going to be working next week left in the hands of people whom benefit from a supply vs. demand formula?  As a Contractor, whom told you FIRST about HUD M&M 3.6?  Where did you FIRST hear about HUD M&M 3.8?  As a Broker where did you FIRST hear about the anticipated winners of HUD M&M 3.5?

Foreclosurepedia is now a household word in the Property Preservation Industry.  The reality is that we are here to stay.  As a Client you want the background information on Contractors which you are NOT going to find on their Applications.  As a Contractor, you want to know whom REALLY is in charge of the Company you work for.  The ISTAR Client – Contractor Database is a cost effective solution for both Client and Contractor.


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