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BREAKING NEWS: Pinelands Preservations Ditches Safeguard Properties In TN

Pinelands Preservations (Pinelands), best known for their $15 grass cuts along Craigslist, has severed ties with Safeguard Properties (SGP) at least in Tennessee.  The boilerplate letter read, in part,

This e-mail is to inform you of an important update with Pinelands Preservations and our vendor Safeguard.

Safeguard and Fannie Mae have been performing quality control inspections in Tennessee as well as the other states we have been operating in.  After receiving their reports and going through new negotiations of requirements and contracts, our company has decided to withdraw further work orders at this time.  We will no longer be receiving work orders in all coverage zones of the state of Tennessee. All work that has been completed this pay period and up to 6-14-13 will be processed and invoiced.

Any invoice adjustments, reimbursements and price arrangements will be honored. However at this time I must ask that you submit all work that has been completed immediately...

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