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Breaking News: A & M Recovery Pulls Out Of TN, NC and SC

A & M Recovery (A&M), of Starke, FL, is reportedly ending field service operations in Tennessee.  Unconfirmed reports point to North Carolina and South Carolina being exited as well.  This is being reported by a long term Industry Contractor in East Tennessee.   A call placed to A&M Recovery for a formal statement only obtained this,

I am sorry, but I am not allowed to release that information.  You will need to call back and speak with the owner [Andrew Strickland] in the morning.

My presumption is that this is predominately a restructuring move on A&M’s part, if confirmed, by Strickland tomorrow.  Regardless, and as we earlier reported, Safeguard Properties (SGP) is dealing with several large Players transitioning out of Tennessee.  If I was a betting man I would place odds on Precision Field Services (PFS) stepping in to fill a good portion of the void.  We will reach out to PFS tomorrow.

Editor’s Note:  A&M’s biggest Clients in TN were MSI, WhiteVan and SGP.

Follow up:  We received an email from a person purporting to be Andrew Strikland, owner of A&M Recovery today.  He requested that we note, “fl, al, ga, nc, sc, tn, ms” are covered by A&M.  We requested the opportunity to expand upon our Article to reflect the position of A&M; to show the Company’s Position with respect to Contractor Claims.  If this is forthcoming, we will be sure to report on it here first!

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