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Investor Flip Update

I am mid way through an Investor Property Flip here in Middle Tennessee. I have signal so limited that I am standing on a roof with the satcom antenna crammed in one hand and a roll of foil in the other during a lightning storm hoping to post this!  😉  Anyway, I have a tremendous amount of email that is piling up and just wanted to publish this to advise that I will be back in the office Monday 29JUL13.

To answer the main questions coming in:

  • We are interviewing former Five Brothers Contractors, feel free to reach out if you have issues;
  • Those coming up for the Annual ISTAR Consortium will need to RSVP no later than 1300EST 05AUG13;
  • We did verify that multiple jurisdictions passed legislation that you cannot change locks on a home in bankruptcy and in collections including foreclosure (large Article on this when I get back);
  • We are still working on the SecureView USA – Brooklyn, NY, Article. We broke the warehouse purchase back in April; if you have information, we’d love to chat;
  • We are wanting to interview anyone with information on REAMS LLC to corroborate several aspects for a story we are printing in August. If you are a former employee or contractor we would love to speak with you;
  • We still have two job openings for Coders with Bitcoin Mining Experience;
  • For Contractors still sending photos of properties they have worked on and want to resell the data for 501 Regulation D Investors, INCLUDE your TIN so we are able to send you a check; and
  • The Beta System for the Client – Contractor Database will begin accepting Region 3 – 7 Entries 01AUG13.

Most of my calls are going straight to voice mail out here (I have Verizon and only 1 bar of signal). If you have a VITAL issue, text me and I will call immediately. I have airless spray guns, nail guns, generators and saws running. So, even when I do catch that phantom signal, it’s hard to hear.

With that said, this will come down when I am back in the office.

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