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The GPS Made Me Do It: Ohio Boys Kicking In the Doors Again

It’s a regular defense these days: Wrong address, homeowner’s life destroyed and the banks do not give a shit. This time it gets even better in Ohio — like the States of Ohio and Michigan do not generate enough misery. The bank says that the “GPS Navigator” forced the theft of a homeowner’s belongings and locks being changed! I had to roll into the closest town with signal (I am rehabbing a property for an Investor to flip) to post on this! What we have here is a pattern and practice; we have means, motive and opportunity.

The oh so trustworthy people the bank hired to kick in the right door, but hit the wrong house said they didn’t take all of the homeowner’s listed belongings.  Let me think about this:  Here these [insert here every vulgar word ever uttered in a sailor’s vocabulary] blame their breaking and entering upon the GPS. Wait! We are to trust them, though, about itemizing the belongings taken as well?!  Last time I checked, anything over $300 required an official foreclosure and/or eviction with storage!

We all know the thousands of cases Safeguard Properties‘ Contractors have botched. The only reason I bring them up is because this case originates in Ohio. I have no idea whether or not they are on the hook, but will know by Monday when my girl gets back in the office. Hmnn, or is it a guy?! Or maybe is it the unsecure email traffic? Regardless, First National Bank of Wellston is on the hook for this one; Safeguard Properties is not, which is RARE as banks almost never become involved. Even when we profiled the homeowner whom was robbed — ahem, cleaned out by Safeguard Properties — Huntington wanted nothing to do with it.

Folks, I am really, really confused here. In Tennessee if you kick in my doors and start stealing my property I can put a bullet in your head. So, I am wondering how long it will be until either someone gets killed or organized crime realizes they can simply print up a work order (or hell have a legitimate one) and simply loot the wrong house. This is no more of a civil crime than a pedophile running an ice cream truck is considered a legal vocation.

Stay tuned when I get back to Foreclosurepedia GHQ next week. We are going to roll out the goods on Michigan and Ohio and like I tell folks, “If you really want to make some money, take out life insurance on me because they are going to whack me one day!” Unlike the lame stream media, Foreclosurepedia breaks the important information here first! Always remember, your Subscriptions make it possible!

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