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Background Checks: Let’s All Get On The Same Page

We have recently been investing some of the Subscription Purchases into Background Checks on National, Regional and Otherwise anonUnspecified Order Mills. Background Checks are a two way street: If I own a Company and am going to do business with someone I damn sure want to be positive their staff do not have civil or criminal convictions as they possess a tremendous amount of personal financial data. Had the Order Mills merely wanted things like a Tax Identification Number or DUNS Number it would be different. These days, Order Mills are wanting copies of Driver’s Licenses, Marriage Certificates … wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing they want is a chattel document.

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

The reality is that for far too long there has been a ONE WAY street of demand after demand after demand. While I appreciate the fact that the Property Preservation Industry is attempting to Clean House, the reality is that it needs to also perform a little bit of introspection. It is not simply my opinion either. Federal law requires that Order Mills be held accountable for the hiring of felons. We also know how the media has been reacting lately. Wouldn’t look too good to have that type of information on heavy spin on the Sunday Talk Shows nor the TV Media Investigative Journalists asking a bunch of silly questions like, “How long has so and so been working for you,” or “What do you mean that the person in charge of performing background checks dropped the ball.”

It is quite astonishing the amount of information 5 bucks will get you about a person.  You can run AFIS, SID, FBI, NCIC and Credit Agency Reports in bulk. Whether we are talking Michigan and Ohio; Texas and Colorado; or Florida, the Who’s Who of Rap Sheets is coming to a Web Page near you soon!

We all remember the PPMS Article documenting how Order Mills hired already convicted felons whom were on the run to handle US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Veterans Affairs Contracts. One would have thought that with all the recent demands upon Contractors to release EVERYTHING about their lives and virtually making them employees, the Order Mills would have checked their own ranks. Maybe they did. Regardless, we now have the Rough Draft for our Article laying out the names, convictions and employers — yeah, that would be Order Mills. The precarious situation is that many of these Order Mills service Federal Contracts and those with records violate federal law when they access US Government databases. The banks? Make no mistake they are going to ask VERY SERIOUS QUESTIONS!

Convictions ranging from domestic abuse to possession of cocaine and DUI/DWI top the lists so far in the criminal category. Bankruptcy and medical topping the civil side.

We wanted to give everyone out there an opportunity to send any information they may have as well. It will all be taken anonymously so no fear of retribution. Think of it much like your Patriotic Duty! Why, what Order Mill could ever be upset about having information like this brought to their attention?! I mean, do we all not want the same thing?

Let’s help the Order Mills out in their Quest to ensure EVERYONE is legal! If you are concerned about your anonymity, simply use a proxy server to send an email. We will do the research and if it is legitimate we will get that information out as quick as we can so that we may ALL be a big, happy, legal family!



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