PPMS South: The Update They Don’t Want

1As we promised, we continued digging on PPMS South.  Yeah, everyone remembers these clowns.  We shook the Intelligence grapevine and lo and behold you are going to love what came falling out!  That in a moment; however, I am really, really curious how Foreclosurepedia is able to come up with this kind of information and the Nationals are not.  You know, each and every National demands these rigorous background checks they charge money for.  In the instant case it would appear that the money was lost.

Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis have an infamous past.  I just got off the phone with my fifth source.  Here’s the skinny:  Mathis and Lambert have been hustling their way across the South for quite awhile and leaving a trail of broken promises and bank accounts.  As a matter of fact, there are still staff members whom used to work for the duo whom have not been paid for services rendered while W-2 employee(s).  To date, the State of Georgia does not even have a record of them paying taxes on anyone!

Knock, Knock.  Hey Nationals!  Do you realize the potential liability arising from this fiasco?  This is a classic case-in-point on why you might want to rethink the strategy of Order Milling!  Keep reading, though, as this is just the tip of the iceburg!

lamLambert (pictured left) and Mathis landed in Atlanta awhile back.  Lambert, fresh off his charges of Fraud, Obtaining Property Under False Pretense, Fugitive From Justice and Forgery rampage (Yeah, simply check out BRANDON SCOTT LAMBERT via Elk Park and Raleigh NC for starters), quickly set up shop in a foreclosed home off the Interstate right up from Wendy’s (added this part to telegraph that we know where you were!).   They popped up a crack shack Order Mill out by Atlanta International and after conning the owner of an undisclosed investment company (they have requested their name not be made public) they had enough funds to spin up some Contracts.  See, here’s the deal.  When Nationals employ Order Mills they need to take the time to scrutinize them FAR MORE THAN THE CONTRACTOR!!!  A simple background check and a DUNS search would have shown this was a con from jump!  Lambert has scampered off to his old home turf up in Elizabethton, TN, to hang out with his sister and check kiting hubby.



Enter Jason Mathis (pictured right).  Lambert had been doing petty, two bit work for Safeguard Properties in the past and Mathis decided he and Lambert should enter the Big Leagues.  Now, to date, we have never been able to corner Mathis for some quality one-on-one discussions; however, he was unwilling to even exit his bedroom when we met with Lambert.  Word has it that he and Lambert were housing several Contractors at the Love Shack foreclosure they had to run and do the bullshit inspections required from time-to-time and paid them in um … we’ll call it room and board.  Make no mistake whatsoever, any decent gumshoe working for a National should have been able to peel back the thinly disguised facade that was eroding from jump and realized that this was an appointment with disaster!

To date we are still unearthing a trail of Contractors whom have NEVER been paid by the dynamic duo!  My best guestimate is that the bill will reach far into the tens of thousands of dollars!  How does this translate out to the many Clients PPMS South Order Milled on behalf of?  Well, if their monitoring of PPMS South is any indication, they are not going to do well in either the PR nor Bonus departments.  More importantly, though, the Performance Bonds held on the HUD 3.0 Contracts are probably going to be tapped if they do not bring on some SERIOUS Damage Control and do such yesterday!

The moral of the story is this:  This whole fiasco is a tragedy.  Contractors got burned.  Employees got burned.  Investors got burned.  Nationals on both Coasts are going to have tarnished reputations now.  Why?  Someone was asleep at the wheel.  This train wreck was easily identifiable to the trained eye.  In my humble opinion, the blame lays squarely at the feet of both the Nationals and Regionals whom hired PPMS South as well as PPMS South.  In the rush to pack the treasure chests, all parties involved in hiring PPMS South forgot the most important caveat:  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


2 Responses to "PPMS South: The Update They Don’t Want"

  1. Chris Latham  March 21, 2014 at 01:43

    Can you help me get my cash from these punks? I will help you in any way I can. They swindled me out of $1500.00 for mowing and securing over June and July of 2013. I also sank about $3000.00 into bussiness expenses thinking I was going to mow every foreclosed home in Knoxville. Please feel free to contact me at 865-806-3319

  2. Editor In Chief  March 21, 2014 at 01:47

    Drop me a line at foreclosurepedia@gmail.com

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