If You Have Subscribed Please Read

We are moving our subscription services over into a Newsletter format.  Our old Subscription Model was good for doing what we needed originally; however, as we are wanting to begin to incorporate some new features and opportunities for our Subscribers, we have opted for a new set up.

What you will never get from us:  You will never get an email or Newsletter hawking products.  Why?  I absolutely detest these kinds of hustles.  They waste my time!  That is why we are setting up multiple sign up areas on the Subscription Page when you sign up.  Some folks want to participate in the Webinars that we put on, so we have a List for that.  Some folks just want a Weekly Briefing on the recent posts which are flowing; we went weekly as a daily shot just kinda grinds on the brain a bit I felt.

We will be transferring all of the original Subscribers, as of the date of this Post, into the Newsletter List.  Now, if you don’t like the new format you can either Unsubscribe or give me a Shout Out using the Contact Us button below and let me know what you feel should change.

I am diversifying many of the Posts as our readership has evolved from simply Contractors to a wide array of folks such as Legislative Members, Nationals and Significant Media Personnel.  At the end of the day, though, our concentration will always be on the Contractor!


Contract Opportunities

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