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Intergalactic Property Preservation

You know, I have been watching the information going back and forth on the Mars One Mission and the eventual colonization of Mars (that’s the fourth rock from the Sun for those out there whom were asleep during Astronomy 101).  With that said, it is not if but when when finally go there.  Mashable has a pretty good article on the latest person to throw their hat in the ring for manned habitation of the red planet.  Make no mistake folks, eviction is not a proverbial life changer up there!

So, being the true business man that I am I figured we are eventually going to have housing there.  Hell, even if it’s a consortium with the Martian Government we encounter, you can guarantee it is going to be FUBAR!  Make no mistake that Washington is ALWAYS going to screw things up!  The way Washington tosses grants around these days we can have an office set up before the first rover lands!

With that said, this is a prime opportunity to get on board way ahead of the others!  Folks, you damn sure don’t want to miss out on this Golden Opportunity!  It promises to have all the Spielberg spin Hollywood has been churning out for decades:  Space Aliens, Corrupt Politicians and Bankers, Misery and Homelessness!  You know what else?  If you think EPA and OSHA is bad here, just wait!

So, forget about the daily crap being thrown around here on mediocre Earth.  Burned out on the Order Mills and non payment in Earth Currency?  Do the mundane Made in China locks pale in comparison to the Air Lock?!  Cast your hopes, dreams and aspirations to the Stars and get in on the ground level now!

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