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Hump Day: What’s in the Kitchen

I have been pretty under the weather over the past couple of days.  The doctors took some samples as they think I probably had some pretty extreme exposure to mold — oh, wait a minute that doesn’t exist in foreclosed homes.  Yeah, anyway.  So, I am having to play Murrowcatch up.  So, we are additionally moving into the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Construction.  The reality is that the Baby Boomers are retiring at about TEN THOUSAND PER DAY FOR THE NEXT 17 YEARS!  This actually began back in 2011.  A good percentage of them have needs for new doors to accommodate access and ramps to get up to the doors.  They have needs for hand rails in tubs and a HUGE assortment of items they always seem to find when they walk along with someone whom has the time to talk to them.  That is the biggest selling point for people; speak to your Client like they are a relative!

Anyway, we are working on a few Priority stories such as our Interview with Inspection Experts, Inc. (IEI).  Here is a gentleman whom came to the United States from Sri Lanka, worked his way to where he is today upon his merits!  A Masters Degree in hand, Sumedha De Silva built his Company from nothing into the Power House it is today!  I think you are going to like this one.

The National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG).  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for these folks.  Here is the classic case-in-point of what Contractors can do if they put their minds to it.  While we have been somewhat critical of the Path they have been upon, it is looking like the Chairman, Thomas Clark, is making good strides with steps they are taking.  We actually spoke with several folks over there and were pretty happy with the answers we got with respect to NPPG getting down to brass tacks.  Our previous story had laid out some concerns about the establishment of what appeared to be an interesting Non Profit Structure in Texas.  They appear to be unfounded.  In the next several weeks we are hoping to have a sit down with several of their Board Members for a candid discussion.  I think Clients and Contractors alike will be happy with their progress.

Contraction of the Industry.  We are working on some stories which are documenting a serious contraction with volume.  The reality is that this Industry was always a Finite Industry.  We are on the down slope of the Bell Shaped Curve.  Companies are shuttering doors every day and others are reorganizing.  Know where they are heading?  Into federal contracting.  We are Consulting to several Regionals right now whom are taking these wise steps.  The great thing is that you DO NOT have to be a million dollar entity to take these steps.  The US Government is ALWAYS looking for Very Small and Small Businesses to do business with because it is required by the law!  If you wake up tomorrow and are tired of making nickles and dimes to pay the dollars in bills, reach out and let us help you in the transition!  The Gold Rush is here; the question is whether you are going to stick it out with nickles and dimes!

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