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The New Abnormal: Spiraling Instability

The unstable equilibrium.  Charlie Rose had a great show tonight.  The burden of private and public debt is really the only thing that has emerged since the Financial Crisis which created the Property Preservation Industry.  Unlike the United States and Japan, the emerging markets have an inability to handle low growth.  Japan has been dealing with zero growth for years and the United States with low growth for roughly the same amount of time.  When we closely examine cyclic cycles; when we closely examine say the Arab Spring what we find is that the revolutions in Egypt, et al., were really triggered by lack of instability and free fall by the Eurozone.  Why? Well, the tourist dollars that were streaming in dried up when the Euro began to crash.

Ultimately, what is good for China is good for the United States.  What am I driving at here?  Well, Treasury purchases need to go by the wayside by foreign nations.  Why?  It makes far more since to begin to invest in our Corporate Infrastructure.  Let’s not bullshit around, the US Government is NOT going to better the ills of the Country.  Private Corporations, right or wrong, are going to be the movers and shakers.

Why am I bringing this up?  Well, the Property Preservation Industry is nearly identical to the Russian Economy.  What?  What the hell are you talking about?!  Well, Vladimir Putin has doubled down on an economy based upon oil and gas.  Corruption and graft has run rampant for decades.  The Property Preservation Industry is the same:  It doubles down on the same corruption and graft which has served it in the hayday; however, in an evolving environment it is unwilling to address the samesaid in an attempt to legitimize an Industry which has really done nothing except transfer toxic properties to unwitting owners and destroy small business.

If the Property Preservation Industry; if the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills ever want to be stake holders, they must step forward and begin to legitimize both rights and responsibilities.  There is no arguing that Company after Company are being exposed for being the incestuous production of their parents.  With no US Government oversight; with absolutely no mainstream media interest, I have come to the conclusion that the Property Preservation Industry is one of the best case studies in federal racketeering ever.  Without a doubt, the Mafia of the ’80s and ’90s can come NOWHERE near the Property Preservation Industry!

There is no challenging the aforementioned.  Do you know why?  Well, not only do the select Companies whom we hold files on know this is the Truth (as do our Sources within the US Government we have provided copies to) and have absolutely no interest in being bogged down in a Court Battle which would legally expose them to time in prison, they really do not care!  They do not care because the same corrupt and inept US Government leadership in Washington, DC, does not care — until now!

Why now?  Well, in addition to both gaining traction and an undercurrent of grassroots movements, the US Government has a little problem called Obamacare!  This is the nightmare legislation which is predominately unfunded.  So, while the US Government may not give TWO SHITS about its own people, they DO care about money!  There are gobs of money up for grabs with fines and penalties upcoming!

Folks, I haven’t been wrong in my predictions to date.  I am telling you that the Property Preservation Industry is a dead end.  Are some things going to change?  Sure.  Here’s the reality:  Inventory is lagging and the Nationals have absolutely no intention of ever paying a fair wage.  They can’t now even if they wanted to!  The Gold Rush came and went and the only Memorial which will ever show that it occurred will be owners whom have bought properties whom became sick and innocent victims whom had their homes vandalized and their personal security violated for life!

Here is a little bit of advice to the Contractors:  Begin to diversify your employment portfolio.  Whether you run it by us here at Foreclosurepedia or others, the writing is on the wall.  To the Nationals:  You need to begin treating your IT Personnel like they are human beings.  While you may be able to monitor all of the Social Media, the IRC# are FAR to numerous for pinheads to navigate let alone understand.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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